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New Steam Sale will make you wet youself.

I was tempted with L4D2 but I've played it to death on 360. Hopefully the only thing else I'd get is Dragon Age DLC if they come up on offer.

Quick & Different, Every Time (Game Concept)

As long as you give the player a reason to retry with different characters than yeah that would be interesting to play.

New Steam Sale will make you wet youself.

Lead and Gold also seems tempting. I usually spend 3 quid after work just getting some food.

How do you purchase VX?

I bought my copy ages ago and I remember it being a pain back then and me not being sure if anything went through or if they were sending me codes or what.

Don't go for IG Maker. It's the most unnecessarily cluttered program. It's also unnecessarily expensive.

I'll be climbing your living room walls

The introduction of Knuckles... The moment at which Sonic's decline started.

Don't y'all be dissing mah main man Knuckles. Word.


Switches, Pushable Rocks and Snowmen.. I'm in way over my head lol.

New Steam Sale will make you wet youself.

Seriously I just walked off with the THQ pack for 26 quid. The 40k series is worth that let alone some of the other games in there. The prices at the moment are incredible.

I also bought the Overlord Pack as well just for the hell of it.

New Pokemon Black & White Info. OH NOES MORE POKEYMANS!

And I'd guess starting from a small town is always the tradition of being a small time boy born in raised in south Detroi- Woh... Weird.

GameNameGame - The generic fantasy game name generator

This generator is where me and my friend first heard of the game knows as 'The Appropriate Pink Scorpion'