Graphic Designer, Artist, Terrible judge of character, can't tell a spoon from a ladle.




Well the VX version is cancelled. Long story short I decided wanted to remake the game later down the line because I didn't feel the game needed any battles or RPG elements to tell the story and present the characters.. To which case it would be more suitable to be remade with Adventure Game Studio.

If you look back at the very start the game was going to use the GTBS Battle System and was intended to be a lot more battle orientated like that of Disgaea.

Reveal your secrets: where did you get your ideas?

The idea of Grimms came from a combination of Grim Fandango and Disgaea.

E3 2010

Gizmodo had some pretty funny pictures from the show floor. And spotted someone having a gander.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Playing Alan Wake. Slow start but pretty good once it gets going, I like the episodic structure.


I always like Compact interiors mapped than large over spacious ones. Looks pretty good.

Project LL - Logo

The lens flare would be cool in an animation overlay but for static logo it looks clustered with a white light over it.

Let's make a Game Logo and Title Screen with Photoshop and Xara3D (Image Heavy)

The reason it was quite small was because I made it intending to include custom Menu graphics overlaying it but I never included them in the end.

E3 2010

EA Media Conference was brilliant excluding the fitness crap. Ubisoft's one was down right hard to watch until the half hour. This Questmania thing sounds intriguing.

E3 2010

Metal Gear Rising Gameplay made me wet.

Video Game Fails

Played Two Worlds and my horse got stuck in a tree.