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The RMN Comic Collaboration!

E3 2010

If that bloody women is there at the Nintendo Keynote I will personally swim over to America and beat her to death with a Wii board

The Dreaded P Word

Nick Simmons loves this shit.

New Pokemon Black & White Info. OH NOES MORE POKEYMANS!

Nazi Pigeon is coming...

E3 2010

Busy on Monday and Tuesday afternoon. Laaame. I'll have to watch and catch up and hope no one spoils it on MSN.

Games and Why You Make Them

1. How long have you been making games?
Since around 2005 I'd assume. Made 1 Horrible Complete RM2k3 game and have many dead projects ever since. Skipped past XP's bloated corpse and went onto designing with VX where I was going to foolishly remake my old RM2k3 game but ended up writing for Grimms.

2. How often do you feel like not making games any more? What makes you keep doing it? (Anecdotes are good.)
I usually have stages when I don't want to physically start a project but I feel like I want to. I have the ideas set out and the design set out but I don't want to start it until I'm sure I could stick through it.

3. What is your motivation for making games? (Do not be facile: You do NOT just do it because it is fun. Lots of other things are fun, and less work, and you could be doing them instead. So fun is part of it, but it's not the whole reason.)
I do it to make games that make people enjoy, most of my games I put in an effort in writing to make the game funny or something like that and I usually make games with the goal at the end of the tunnel as uploading it and getting feedback. Everyone wants that kind of game everyone talks about and that's what a fair few strive for when making these sort of games.

I'm not at that stage where I can release something and expect a thousand people to say this stuff just made us wet. I also have a few friends who play around with RPG Maker and it's always great to work on something close knit with other people.

Brickroad Let's Play Super RMN Bros!

Couldn't you rename it Let's Play BobOmb Battlefield?


Welcome to my world. My early VX games introducing scripts were usually more about fixing problems than actually continuing the game.

You'll bounce back I know you will, you just need to learn a bit more time to learn a few new techniques and it'll all come natural. Hell I've released 1 and a half games in my entire life with RPG makers and I've learnt more from making test games than any full game.

Also the way this was posted it sounds like you weren't enjoying the development of the game, once it becomes more chore than fun there is no point in doing it. Give it a rest or come back with a new idea later on.

Project: Ten-Dollar

DUCKS yes ducks in outer spaaaaace.


I like this tileset. And the font.