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Project: Ten-Dollar

That was a long and oddly angry read. I didn't really understand the relevance of intellectual property. When you get DLC it's accessible to only your account so It's there forever, like that of Steam. If you get rid of it you can always download it again.

Brickroad Let's Play Super RMN Bros!

Really good watches. It was also really interesting talking about the actual level design.


Is there anyway to actually turn off those turn indicators in the script?

Eden Legacy III: The Fall of Eden

Wait... Three!? Is two done.


She's come back to finish to the job, quick someone toss me out the window!

Here is an animated gif. Could someone tell me what it means?

I believe the boy in red is doing some kind of ritual mating dance mainly seen in modern drinking establishments.


Those numbers are wacky.

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Man I need to make a Portfolio Website sometime.

Welcome also! Good to see more Graphic Designers.

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Interesting! I will be watching your lets play Secret of Evermore.


I have now! I'll give more word if I find anything else. At the moment my only tripe is that there's not enough items to discover around the castle, you've got a lot of rooms filled with Boxes and Jars and some could contain small bits of Gold or Potions etc. Just to give more incentive to explore everything.