Graphic Designer, Artist, Terrible judge of character, can't tell a spoon from a ladle.



MCM Expo

My friends went this year. I couldn't go since I was restricted with work. Possibly if all goes right I can attend the one in October.

Youtube Copyright Problems

Who the hell are GoDigital? And what have they got to do with game design? I assume you weren't using any licensed music or art.

The Last Guardian

Its been a whole year so I'm hoping for a gameplay trailer at E3.

Any good music sites?

This site has a vast collection of music which sounds a lot like the RTP. I downloaded a fair few songs and they're really good.

How'd you decide on a game title?

I'd rather go for quick snappy names rather than Legend Of The Crystal Retarded Sandwich Making Sword.
This is actually the best game title.

edit: oh wait there are already like 4 posts addressing this

Next Community game i think we have a title. ;B

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Replaying Eternal Sonata. Ultimate Umbrella combat Action!

I'm fucking Screwed

Old Man what is you testimony?

- Ehhh!? I'm Old.


What is Edifice?

I can't even begin to fathom how exactly you develop games on the spot so darn quickly. I love roguelikes and the thought of giving it a sub genre approach is defiantly interesting.

Generation 5 has already been announced?! o_O (Pokemon)

Best legendary EVAR!!11!!11one!1

Dey see me rolling..