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Raiders of the Lost Arcade

Hugo's House. Magnificent.


Really nice facesets.


Random Image win! Turkeys are ugly chickens!

Portal is Free

Portal is scary good, and the commentary is amazing. Some of the people are sort of boring, but the designers who speak are incredibly interesting to listen to. I could literally play through all of HL including Ep 1 and 2 with commentary on non-stop and love every minute of it.

Portal is just... so... so good! It's got that really mysterious "WHAAAA" factor that Lost had when it first came out (before it got REALLY ridiculous and it was clear they weren't going to wrap anything up), like when you find maintenance corridors and stuff with the CRYPTIC MESSAGES.

I played it on my friend's account so now I can get it for myself! Yay!

Just completed it with the commentary. I loved the parts with the Voice of Glados. Everything they do at that game has a reason, there's so much thought behind everything they do.

Out of content - Time to restart, right?

Sounds strange, but if I wanted a player to finish playing I'd rather them finish at 'My Ending' rather than want to just stop when you were bored of the parts at the end.

Generation 5 has already been announced?! o_O (Pokemon)

I really like the animated spires. Wonder if they've animated all of them?

Lets Design a Real World Map! Right Now! WIth VX and Photoshop!

If you want one just made a rough design of what you want in terms of shape, names, roads etc and I can work on it.

Would this annoy you?

I was quite young when I first played Daggerfall which was the earliest Elder Scrolls I played. I remember a lot of the scenery was randomly generated the automap was pretty much the only thing telling you where you were going. The thing about the earlier games If you have a world that big there's no reason not to drop them into it and let them find it out themselves. The fact the game was generated made the game impossible to 100% secure where the quest helpers and starters would be placed except from the major towns.

In which case.. Why would being dropped into a big world be so bad? As long as the narrative game me a reason to want to continue the plot, common sense would send me to the biggest city and or nearest city.

What would you like to see in a player house?

Like in the new fables you should be able to collect notable quest items or Armour and be able to display it in your house.


At first glance I thought it was called Wachatana. As in 'Wachatan' do about it?