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Call of Duty: Black Ops

Couldn't care less about the COD series now. It's overpriced and over hyped.

Game Pet Peeves

You know I don't mind 'mindless' NPCs but as you said I like it better when they add something to the player or the world. I find NPCs to be very useful little information carriers. Even if they can hint breaking the 4th wall they can give subtle information and tips to the player while staying in character.

Game Pet Peeves

I agree as long as the intro is interesting there's no reason to skip it.
If it's just drawing out intro credits for 5 minutes there no real reason to sit through it.

Are there really only 5 kinds of quests?

I guess that could be useful for concluding a quest, for example a fetch quest where you're told to find a relic and when you do a monster chases you out. But as a quest on it's own I dunno how it would be set up.

In response for Nullmech I guess you could make an endurance quest like one for a Gladiator/Arena quest where you're graded on how many enemies you dispatch before eventually falling.

Generation 5 has already been announced?! o_O (Pokemon)

Check out these fan made designs. They actually look genuine better than the real things.


Oh goodness me the colors! I'd just use a simple paper or even concrete texture as the background.

my computer crashed

Mash you palm on the keyboard that should sort it out.

Game Pet Peeves

Wild Rose Rebellion is an angry, angry man. Although I wouldn't call the games a waste of disk space, I've actually kept a collection of around 30 or so RPGs good and bad simply for references.

I guess my only peeve would be unnecessarily large mapping for interiors, to which I mean a default large sized map where the room spans the entire map. It comes off looking ugly and usually puts me off a game.

Eden Legacy: A Knight of Eden Review


I wonder if I can make someone cry for my next review..

If they're as badly written as your last two you probably will

Game Gale 2010

I scrapped the comp since my current project is so much more interesting.