Graphic Designer, Artist, Terrible judge of character, can't tell a spoon from a ladle.



Music selection so far.

Nice to see Lost Odyssey in that list. Underrated Soundtrack that game has.


Love big maps like this. Even better is when you can pick out all the places you can visit.

Legend of Denadel 2k3

Looks very interesting, as soon as a demo comes out I'll certainly be reviewing it.

Eden Legacy: A Knight of Eden Review

To be honest I think you should scrap making a deluxe version and move onto the second. Make a fresh start. An Idea I had was to be able to train in tall grass just outside the town just to level up at least once, gain some mission money, grab a shield and an extra potion or two and then move on to the actual test, the first dungeon.

Eden Legacy: A Knight of Eden Review

I'm not personally attacking your efforts, I was merely skeptical at the review. If it makes it fair I'm going to write a review which adds a bit more critical insight.

Eden Legacy: A Knight of Eden Review

Hmmm.. I question the validity of reviewers very recently joining to suddenly throw a 5 star rating out like that.

Just saying.

Game Gale 2010

I have time to waste and I've been meaning to do something on RPG Maker.

Grabbin' a paddle bat.

The RMN Mini Comic Collaboration!

Done and Sent to Tardis.

The RMN Mini Comic Collaboration!

ME!!! Add MEEE!

Your Top 5

5 Starcraft
4 Metal Gear Solid 2
3 Ape Escape
2 Elder Scrolls Oblivion
1 Dynasty Warriors 3