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The RMN Comic Collaboration!

Aha! Seems to be running a bit smoother now. I'm going to make some toast.

The RMN Comic Collaboration!

A Clever Idea would be while the top goes down the list the bottom goes up the list making a mini series just to kill the time.

True Story

Cool story bro.

The RMN Comic Collaboration!

*Looks at assigned page number*
*Waits for May* XD

Hmp, you think that's bad?

My Happy Day!

This blog title wins due to me reading it like it was Engrish.

I propse an Amusing Image thread

Winners don't do drugs.

2 versions of the game

Why not have it all in colour and have an option to edit the tone.

Diablocide X

Diablocide! You've come back to me!


What's with the hate? I would kill to have a Raft store.

Beyond the Labyrinth Review

That was an odd review haha. If I knew we could review Demos I would of posted my gargantuan text of me playing it here. Either way I didn't take too much notice of the music. To be honest I made a diverse party at first and then realized I was getting nowhere fast so I made a team of all Warriors and beat them.. all to death.

In the long run (The full game) I'd be more inclined to build up a party primary to build up a good mage and healer.