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Eden Legacy: The Trilogy Collection Editions

You should try and upload the Novel into a PDF so I can read it on my touch pad. :B


Looks great to me.

Ah I see it. Yeah change that. Nothing big.


Think they're all hiding behind the words 'Work in Progress'.

Amerk's EL1 Novel is now being posted here!

When is the feature film coming out?

New Year's Resolutions

I shall Quit drinking so many darn energy drinks they're not good for you kids. I'll try and get a diet going, I'm not fat by all means it's just one day I'm scared it'll catch up or my insides will surrender.

Pre-Order BONUS

They're in it for the pretty pictures.

Pre-Order BONUS

Why not simply stick it at the end of the demo...

But yeah whatever count me in this game looks interesting.

Sup, folks.

What kind of voice acting are you dabbling in may I ask?


The font needs to be patched or simply added to your fonts folder due to the odd spacing between some letters.


Reminds me of the Fable 3 loading screens awesome job.