Graphic Designer, Artist, Terrible judge of character, can't tell a spoon from a ladle.



RGSS Script battle systems.. just don't seem work.

Subsequently the man who wrote that blog has been fired. I'm pretty 80% sure he meant January.

Demo is so close to finishing I really wanna make sure it caps around an hour of gameplay to make it worth the time of downloading and to get into the story enough for the player to make a grunt of approval.

SCREENSHOTS- 525,600 Chipsets

Have an old man.

What are you working on now?

Eventing responses to barrels and boxes *hammers fist on table crying*

SCREENSHOTS- 525,600 Chipsets

Yeah, so I've never played Diablo II.

I played it back when it was popular online. Do LAN time to time but not recently.

Finished Games 2009

Oh wow.. Erm..

Fallout 3 1000/1000 until the cursed DLC came out.
Finished Resident Evil 5 on BLOODY veteran
I actually finished MGS4 in 2009 as i played it.. left it then came back to it and finished the bugger.
I finished Persona 4 after months and months
I re-completed Ape Escape for the reason being it is the best game ever made.
I also got my R4 card and as such completed Pokemon Platinum.
Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires I got 1000/1000 and yes I love the Dynasty Warriors series.
I finally FINALLY completed the campaigns of Disgaea 3 on PS3 and now doing the 2nd play through.
come to think of it I also completed Makai Kingdom's campaign as well on PS2.

nonamericans: im calling you out

Apparently not. They still think Joseph Stalin is still alive.

I'm going to be an assassin when I grow up.

I love blood. And I like blades. And I am probably the ninja on my street.

"Selling Feature" of your game

Mine being one of the very few comedy games with a real storyline?