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[DEMO+YOUTUBE] Cell Chamber

It's like reading the back of the game box lol. I love the screenshots and the characters aswell. I can see you used the dramatic lighting script. I really wanted that script but alas MrMo's ABS had compatibilty issues.

Things We Wish For... Part 1.

It would be uber helpfull if you could edit the game's title and genre after submitting.

Japan Time

I loved fighting without weapons as you focus more on your opponent's moves instead of that capsule that dropped beside you. Though it's also cool to make custom weapon matches like the dreaded Bomb-om match.


I don't think ill be able to do this seeing im in the UK then?

Japan Time

I'm gonna play Melee now. after seeing all the stuff on the site it's got me in the mood.... yeah... oh wait.

Japan Time

I'd own you all with Samus* talking of which... where is Samus? No as in the real Samus

* results may vary.


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The only Onehour I seriously took part in was where we had to make an Atari-style game.

I should've won, but everyone else was a douche. :D

zomg mine was like that too exepct it was a 8 bit theme which meant like pixaltedality.

Japan Time

Sonic would be an amazing edition. Plus the whole plans of making a Mario and Sonic game makes it seem more realistic. Though Viewtiful Joe would be amazing to play as. I'm already leaning towards Pit as my next best character.

Japan Time

The single reason i bought a Wii is for Super Smash Bros. I reeeaaaly want to play it!

The Great Console Count

*Clicks fingers* haha.

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*collapses in pool of sweat and vomit*