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Real-Time Strategy RPG Combat

I think it's developed itself has technologies have. Modern games indeed focus alot more on affisiant gameplay. And I know what you mean, all these modern RPG have this kind of non static Real time elements to it. My first experiance much of been Star Ocean for the Snes which had a real time battle system.

As far as gaming is concernd Side View Battles seem very old school now. That's why so many XP game designers (Like me) are shunning Side Static battles as they know how tidious it is and they know that it's below par in terms of having fun while battling. It's more interactie than just pressing a button and watching the attack over and over again.

It also adds more depth and stratagy during battle. Games where it's in an enclosed area it enables players to run behind the opponent and such.

On the subject of learning RGSS

I've learnt the incredible basics by using Universal Menu Scripts and that's about it. I'm not too good with Varibles. I hold an F in Maths GCSEs. ;)


It was Mr.Mo's that was the problem (golden star to Despain) and i got the game back and got the script working. It just seems all the event work i did is gone. The maps and the scripts though are fine... :-\

EDIT: Anyway this gives me a chance to redo the intro as alot of events and scripts messed up my event moving and so far it seems fine.


My game file corrupted and 5+ hours of my work lost! Nothing will open and I'm forced to redo everything! This is so predictable, I get the perfect game engine finally running after tweaking with Mr.Mo's ABS then something like this happens. I also had pages of well written diologe in that game. :-[

Indie games that have impacted you

Naufragar: Crimson - Story was kinda cruddy but well made gameplaywise.

Ara Fell - Stunning Visuals and driving story. Lackbuster gameplay but still worth the play.

The Demon and the Spyglass - Elder Scrolls style free roaming adventure. Brilliant Visuals, sound and diologue.

and that's prety much it. Unless I'm forgetting a few.

I need help.

Should be in the feedback section like I posted. My topic was exacly the same and.... the message was put across better. He's complaining that he is unable to upload his game and as a result can't spell or keep cap lock off. Just give a few hours the site might be backed up like yesterday. If it still a problem contact the site Admin with your problem.

The RMN Epic Forum Story

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Some questions

Most of the stuff you don't need to learn, alot of scrips will involve you simply copy and pasting the script into Ruby. Simply find a good site with some scripts and follow the instructions.

When you put the script into the editor right clicking the side panels and click insert to create a blank page to paste the script into. oooh and also you have to do it just above "Main" which is right at the bottom of the list on the left. I'm a newbie to Ruby < lolz too.