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I'm digging the mapping. You're vastly improving.

The RMN Comic Collaboration - Act 2

Okay, Nines ignore everything I explicitly sent you.

A fond farewell.

Take some time off, you'll be back.

Marvel Brothel MADNESS!

Peh, Sounds like a peter molyneux wannabe teacher. It's making it sound like it was your intention to make some underlining stereotypical meaning to your game.

Still, good to see this game is still making waves.

Marvel Brothel MADNESS!

The feminist article made me chuckle. The writer's beef was more with the theme of Brothels than the game itself.

Marvel Brothel MADNESS!

Nah, Marvel shouldn't really care about this unless you were for example making money off the game which you are not, this is just huge word of mouth and I'm really happy to see more RPG Maker games break grounds like that, congratulations again!

The RMN Comic Collaboration - Act 2

Sent to Rei.

Marvel Brothel

Congrats on the Destructoid Feature dude!

The RMN Comic Collaboration - Act 2

Got it, I'm working on it now hopefully I'll be able to scan it in this weekend. Just to make sure, who am I sending this to when I'm done?

Love Runner needs pixel art (developed by ex-BioWare designer and Unity vet CJ Currie)

Why did I look at the game's title and the need for pixel artists and think bit.trip runner?