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Ideas for Battle Cards

Depends if the card system is an actual battle system or it's something like Skills and Spells are translated through battle cards or.. something.


But yeah~ I understand what you mean by "if i had the money" since I'm feeling that empty pocket syndrome already...Thanks though!

Tell me about it I'm a student, you don't get much poorer than that. Though if I were you I'd dare to make some facesets and have a resource site. Then when your batch basic freebies is circulated you can make more of a name for yourself and a bigger audience of potential customers.

Depends on your situation but that's just my two cents if I were in your shoes.

Mikemc's Let's Try thread

Watching the video it didn't seem like you really knew... what you were doing... I'd pick a game at least in english first and show some actual critique when playing it.


Those a some brilliant peices there. If I had the money or the project or the efficiency or the money or the money I would totally do whatever I was getting at.

But seriously that's a pretty cool idea. Prices seem alright I guess. Would you actually do clean ingame bust shots or more promotional / Concept art.

Castle Chase

I can't belive this game passed me, I downloaded it and I'm stunned at how incredibly well polished the whole game is. This game is awesomely good fun and very addictive to get all the correct endings.

Will be looking forward to the sequal.

How to write a villain.

Cape + Moustache + Laugh = Timeless Villain.

See I could do this shit too.

Deckiller's Let's Try Thread

Deckiller likes a bit of youngwood.

Mikemc's Let's Try thread

Everyone and their mother is doing one of these. And that's a good thing more videos for me to watch!

Deckiller's Let's Try Thread

Soon enough this place will be supporting video as well as text reviews. They're incredibly effective. Great work Deckiller these videos are really interesting to watch.

Deckiller's Let's Try Thread

Are the LTs restricted to 2003? There's a host of VX games that would awesome to watch.