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Edifice: The Old, Decrepit Version

It makes me mad.

Super Mario Galaxy PC

Played a bit of the demo and It's a lot of fun. The jumping and mouse controls are really good. There are a couple of points I got to where it glitches in the world selection area where a red bar appaeared over the passages and when i fell into a black hole the game just stuck with mario standing on it and not moving.

The engine though is really a great job. Potentially an awesome game.

Castle Chase

I can't belive this game passed me, I downloaded it and I'm stunned at how incredibly well polished the whole game is. This game is awesomely good fun and very addictive to get all the correct endings.

Will be looking forward to the sequal.


Subscribed. Looks great.


Well the VX version is cancelled. Long story short I decided wanted to remake the game later down the line because I didn't feel the game needed any battles or RPG elements to tell the story and present the characters.. To which case it would be more suitable to be remade with Adventure Game Studio.

If you look back at the very start the game was going to use the GTBS Battle System and was intended to be a lot more battle orientated like that of Disgaea.

Eden Legacy III: The Fall of Eden

Wait... Three!? Is two done.

Eden Legacy: A Knight of Eden DELUXE Edition

The Game Crashed When I tried to enter the very 1st Dungeon.

'Cannot open file Object2'

Tales of the Drunken Paladin: Version 3

Huzaah, One of my all time favorites.

Open Sandbox Engine

Looks very, very interesting. I'm subscribing to stay updated on this and looking forward to some more screenshots.