Whoops. Missed this. Hi everyone!

This is where my first post should have gone. I used to play around with RPG Tsukuru 2000/3 WAAAAAY back in the day. I recently saw it on steam/finally finished my degree/am a generally a lonely individual, so I decided to start playing around again in the RM universe. I like good bourbon, writing, rock-climbing, biking, etc etc. So, I hope I'm welcome, I can make some games you like, and I get to enjoy all of your games. Have a peaceful day/night everyone! :D

[RM2K3] Can you port your old RPG Tsukuru 03' stuff into the new RM2k3?

Just as the subject reads. I recently noticed the new(er) version of Rm2k3. I appreciate the fact that this has probably been asked many times, but I couldn't find any info on it and wanted to be certain before I took a journey down this old, nostalgic road and purchased it on steam.
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