Hi-ho! I am thernz!

I am thernz. I am 19, male, and very timid at times! I mainly know Archeia and Marimo from here but I like other people here too even if I never actually talked to them ever.

I have a lot of interests. I like sentimental pop ballads, history, wrestling, tokusatsu, male muscle anatomy, and cinematography and color in films. I like that Teresa Teng with that Prokofiev, and that Cactus Jack with that Kamen Rider. I also look at Japanese fashion magazines for women, to laugh at the more unfortunate attempts at fashion. But my sense of women's fashion is pretty bad itself! I mean mutton jackets and shawls aren't THAT great, but I love them more than anything else.

As for RPGs, I can't say I really play them much. Most of my connection with this community is just that years ago, I did a handful of sprites for Advent Cirno, and I also did one animation in Night of Marian but it was terrible and I hope it wasn't used. I also recently animated a character in Anagram. I am trying to make one RPG called Peklo: Grim Synergy. But at the moment, it's essentially vaporware. The other game I have at RMN is Inferno of Anger 2, and it's a sequel to a horrible game from 2007 and please don't play that. But IOA2's not even a RPG! It will probably be some sidescroller with dating sim elements. It is my hopes that my games get known for their swoosh-y coats and dating sim elements.

Basically thernz:
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