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Goku Jrs RPG Adventure
An old fan game made by The1stDragon based on the only DBGT movie.



Kikumaru's Beach Adventure

Well, I've got a Let's Play done for this game and have set the videos to go public on the four Mondays in February.

1) Give the player access to some MP recovery items. This will allow the spellcaster to remain more relevant for softening up targets before the two melee attackers move in to finish them.

2) You really should create more areas where you can choke enemies. As it stands, it can be difficult to get past the final stage unless you manage to luck out against the death knights since there isn't any reliable way to kill them with a single well placed spell and melee attack.

3) I'd also suggest giving the player access to more healing items. As it stands, I had to get through the final area with just a single potion. Add in the fact I only had enough spare MP to cast heal once and you had a final battle that's more dependent on luck than skill.

4) The death knight on the third stage doesn't respond to getting attacked with spells. It just sits there and allows the player to readily take it down over the course of several turns.

5) It's really hard to level up the guy that uses fist based weaponry. This is because his poor accuracy ensures he's more of a meat shield than a heavy damage dealer.


@Fomar0153 - No, I don't have any video of the game crashing. Though, I'm not sure if that's the best description. Basically I was speeding through repeated fights with the Alex fossil in order to quickly level up Liberty in a bid for taking on the Fab Four and the region's champion when the game suddenly closed on me. In fact, I got this happen multiple times, but after the first instance I started saving every couple of levels in order to avoid losing too many levels.

@reggird - "Where do you get Liberty if you chose Karsu?" You need to go back to the lab pick up Liberty after beating the game's version of the elite four as well as the regional champion.


Well, I recently finished the game and managed to find all 41 Hu'Mons. Albeit I wouldn't have any use for a free script/plugin in the first place. So, it's probably for the best that unity picked it up.

I did find a few minor mapping errors during my playthrough. A few of the fences near the entrance for the Fab Four can be passed through in certain areas for some reason.

I also discovered if you repeatedly fight one of the fossil monsters in the lab that the game will sometimes crash as well.

Towerø Review

Your welcome.

Though, I've definitely done reviews that were last then welcome by some people. And, I'm not just referring to the developers of the game either.

What's the Worst RPG Maker Game You've Played and Why

no skills, no items) made me ragequit long before the weird rapiness. Anyway, assuming that game's database simulates its world correctly, Hawkman will be eaten by bats in a cave long before he reaches the surface to begin what can only be described as his genocidal rape crusade.

Hawkman starts out with three skills, aura of terror which is used to prevent random encounters for a time, devour soul which can only be used on enemies with 20% of their HP or less in order to steal points from them to spend on raising your own stats, and regenerate which removes negative status conditions as well as recovers HP and MP.

The goal of the game is to basically drain every enemy you come across for points in order to improve your own Attack, Defense, Magic, and Agility. Though, I'd argue that agility is probably one of the best stats to raise early on. Since the game appears to utilize an active time battle system.

So if you play the game as intended it should be fairly easy to get to the parts where Hawkman begins raping women left and right. At least if you have the patience to do a little grinding.

Bail the Bounty Hunter

Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if this review doesn't get accepted by the site mods. And I really wouldn't blame them if it was shot down. After all, I really don't have any deep insights to offer on "Bail the Bounty Hunter". This isn't because I didn't try to play the game. In fact, I downloaded this game twice in order to see if maybe my initial download had gone bad, but every time I launched this game it simply got stuck on the following load screen.

And while I suppose some would argue I was simply impatient. I'd argue back that it shouldn't take over five minutes for a game this small to load. After all, I was able to start an adventure in "Princess Miyumi and The Necro's Dungeon" in much less time and that game's file size is more then double the size of "Bail the Bounty Hunter". The sadder part is I know a previous download of this game definitely worked. Since there are comments on this game's 2018 IGMC profile about the game and how it works.

And I know other broken entries were simply removed by the judges from the list of entries. So I really don't get how the current download could be broken. Though, I suppose I could just be suffering from a string of bad luck when it comes to this title. As it stands the only thing I can comment on "Bail the Bounty Hunter" is that is has a nice load screen. And a load screen this nice probably means a decent amount of effort went into the rest of the game as well, but I can't be sure about that unless I can get a copy of this game that actually functions.

IGPX (Visual Glitch)

I find that a bit surprising to be honest, but that's probably because I remember Tom from Toonami doing a review of this game.

Timothy and the Tower of Mu (IGMC 2018) Review

Well, I got up to the village, but can't figure out how to advance after that. After all, I can't open the locked chest, budge the block in front of the door, or get to the chest on top of the small buildings in the village.

Never mind, I found a breakable block in one of the buildings, but the lack of an auto save feature really starts to piss you off after that. Since you begin to run into areas where you need to cross multiple rooms and do multiple tricky jumps where there's a good chance you'll slam your head into a platform above you even if you don't appear to touch it.

New Hamster

sorry about your old hampster, bruh. congrats on the new hampster, she's adorbs.

Thank you.

The house I play D&D at, our hosts have a hedgehog named Quilliam. He pointy. Gonna see him today.

My mom used to own a hedgie named Mr. Prickles, but he passed away a few years ago. Sadly, my only photos got destroyed when my old phone slipped off the top of my computer's tower and landed in a cup full of root beer.

Thankfully, my brother still has a couple of photos on his old deviant art account.

He also has a pair of images of our dogs wearing Halloween costumes, but I'll only include a photo of Rosette considering she appears to enjoy being a shark.

Haven't actually touched him once as it seems extremely inadvisable, I was advised to blow on him instead.

My only advice if you trying handling your friend's hedgie is to remember you can't pull your hand away if he/she bites you. If you do your liable to destroy all of his/her teeth in the process.

Let's Play: Phantasia 2 Redux - Parts 07 - 09

The one where that one girl arrives to rescue you in the arena.