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Goku Jrs RPG Adventure
An old fan game made by The1stDragon based on the only DBGT movie.



Got Two More Mice

maybe it's time to get a cat?

Why would I do that? I keep them as pets. I decided to name the newest two Midnight and Shadow. As for why I chose those names. Well, Midnight is a mouse whose fur is entirely black and Shadow has two black spots of fur around her eyes.

Okiku, Star Apprentice Review

I'm against the "Uses default assets" as a negative, 'cause those are pretty high quality assets, it's just that they've become standard, since they're default?

The problem with using the default assets isn't that their low quality. It's that their are so many games that have used them that your game really doesn't stand out from the dozens upon dozens of other games that have used them.

Hmm... What level did you end at?

I was level 100 when I took on the final boss.

Let's Play: Okiku, Star Apprentice (RV)

Wait, no, you don't regenerate mana that way, I forgot... Huh.

It's been a while since I played this one and didn't help that I didn't really read through most of the skills. Plus, it's pretty easy to farm cash in this game so I didn't start bothering with mana regeneration until much later on. And by that point I probably could have gotten away without using it at all.

Okiku, Star Apprentice

Well, I actually put in a review for this game after my most recent Let's Play.

Let's Play: El Arte

Now if only some of those games I was working on didn't utterly suck.

Let's Play: El Arte

I wasn't aware that I stopped. I suppose I did slow down my pace for a while though.

Let's Play: Okiku, Star Apprentice (RV)

Note: The final part of this Let's Play won't be available for playback until April 14, 2019 at 4:30 PM Central Standard Time.

Let's Play: El Arte

The sad part is I have a few series I still need to finish up from months ago. And, I lost my appetite for finishing up a few updates tonight after trying to finish up "Faint Dawn".

I'm seriously starting to hate that game at this point. The developer isn't wrong in saying it will take around five hours to beat, but it will only take that long because the developer designed the game to require in excess of four hours of grinding in order to beat it. In other words, the game only contains about an hours worth of story content. And to make matters worse most of that content boils down to go here and kill this monster.

Jeez. If your going to go that route at least have the common courtesy to make your game short like "Okiku, Star Apprentice". Though, I suppose that game's saving grace is that it tries to do my job for me by having a sassy main character. Sadly, she's not as sassy as Sassy, my pet hamster.

My old games have been re-released! But…

My only question is do these re-releases actually work or is the game just as buggy as before?

Dungeon of the Gods

"Dungeon of the Gods" was an entry in the 2018 Indie Game Maker contest that might be the worst hack and slash game I've ever played. This is because the game has controls that are sloppily designed in my opinion. After all, this game requires you to sometimes execute a kick attack to defeat certain enemies and this requires you to push the attack button twice in rapid succession to execute, but sometimes the game doesn't properly register a double tap of the attack button. As a result, you'll sometimes miss bees that you should have hit and end up losing about a third of your health in the process. To make matters worse the game's first boss takes in excess of 20 minutes to beat. In fact, this issue is made even worse when you realize the boss sometimes glitches out and sends a wave of vines at the player that are impossible to dodge. As a result, your probably going to die well before you beat the game's first boss.

I suppose some would argue this is old news, but I seriously felt the need to vent about this one.