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Goku Jrs RPG Adventure
An old fan game made by The1stDragon based on the only DBGT movie.



Recently Watched Movies

Well, I finished off the planned Bargain Bin Saturday episodes for June by taking a look at:

Monster from a Prehistoric Planet
This kaiju film is about some scientist stealing a baby kaiju while looking for rare and unusual specimens in the South Sea for a theme park. As you can expect mommy and daddy kaiju really don't take there son/daughter being kidnapped very well and invade Japan in search of him and proceed to tear the place up and lay waste to airplanes and tanks with energy beams.

Eventually the scientists do the smart thing and return the baby and the family of giant monsters fly off into the sunset to return to their small island home in the South Sea.

The movie also includes a few bits that have only gotten worse with age with our female lead declaring at the end of the movie that she's going to give up her career to become a stay at home mom that washes diapers.

Destroy All Planets
This is the 4th film in the Gamera franchise. Unfortunately the film is also a mixed bag since it features a lot of stock footage. The American version that I have includes even more stock footage in order to pad the run time out to 90 minutes so the film can fill out a two hour TV slot. After all, you also have to factor in commercials.

Suffice to say about a third of the film is reused stock footage from the previous movies which makes this one a bit of a slog to get through at times. After all, who wants to watch old footage in a new movie. To make matters worse some of the recycled footage is in black and white while the bulk of the film is in color.

Recently Watched Movies

King Kong vs Godzilla (1963)
Well I was watching the American version of this film actually managed to fall asleep around the 30 minute mark. Admittedly I didn't get that much sleep the night before because of a migraine, but the amount of time wasted in the first thirty minutes on establishing a pointless UN reporter just utterly murdered the pacing.

Jeez, they wasted the first three minutes of the film on an event that didn't even tie into the rest of the movie.

Reigo: King of the Sea Monsters
A sincere low budget Kaiju movie that is held back by it's PS1 to PS2 era CGI effects. And the final bit where the Yamato gets destroyed is done in a way that is meant to be artsy, but just comes across as confusing in my opinion.

The movie also doesn't do itself any favors when it comes to Reigo's design since it's clearly based on Godzilla. Admittedly that probably shouldn't come as much as a surprise since the person that designed Reigo also designed a version of Godzilla that was based on Godzilla being descended from a species of mosasaur.

Goodwill Finds

Well, I've added several more books and movies to my collection since my last post, but my most recent pick ups include the films "American Graffiti", "King Kong vs. Godzilla", and adaptations of several entries in the Narnia franchise by the BBC that were made back in 1988 to 1990.

I also picked up the first entry in the Young Wizards series. So I now have copies of at least the first three entries.

Out of my Shell by Jenny Goebel
Squad Goals by Erika J. Kendrick

Gnomeo & Juliet
- The Trial
- The Tree House
Mr. Ed
- Ed Gets the Message
- The Wonderful World of Wilbur Pope

Pet Photos

Is it safe!?!

Lap Nap

Monkeying Around

It's MINE!!!


Let's Play Updates (June)

Well, I decided to start working on the stuff for June a bit early. Mostly because I can't seem to get into the swing of any plans I create for recording stuff for May so I decided I might as well wipe the slate clean and move on.

Bargain Bin Saturdays
BBS 328: Sharknado 2
BBS 329: Sharknado 3
BBS 330: King Kong vs Godzilla (American Version)
BBS 331: Reigo - King of the Sea Monsters
BBS 332: Monster from a Prehistoric Planet
BBS 333: Destroy All Planets

Game Boy
Kirby's Dream Land 2: Parts 26 to 29

Game Boy Advance
Dinotopia - The Timestone Pirates: Parts 10 to 13

Digimon World 3: Parts 15 to 18
Project Horned Owl (RV): Normal - Parts 01 to 04

Playstation 2
.hack//Mutation: Parts 06 to 09
Stretch Panic (RV 2.0): Parts 01 to 04 (Finished)

Pokemon Red (Mono Flying): Parts 02 to 11
Pokemon Crystal (Chikorita/Meganium): Parts 24 to 33
Pokemon Gold (Charmander/Charizard): Parts 04 to 13
Pokemon Silver (Squirtle/Blastoise): Parts 09 to 18
Amok - Robot Fight Arena (Finished)
An Exercise in Futility (Finished)
B-14 Bird Fortress (Finished)
Boss Demon: Boss Demon's Bad Curse (Finished)
Castle Oblivion: Parts 07 to 10
Chase for Divinity: Parts 01 to 04
Chii's Challenge (Finished)
Demon Hunter: Parts 15 to 18
Doggy Dinner Time (Finished)
Escape from Classroom (Finished)
Frank Hawk (Finished)
Gift Collecting Simulator 20XX (Finished)
Great-Great-Grandguy Goes Grasshopping (Finished)
Halo's Mixtape (Finished)
Meteo Chronicles: Parts 9 to 12
Northerner (Finished)
Oh No! It's My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend! (Finished)
Puzzle Tower (Finished)
RMN Kitchen (Finished)
Room Escape (Finished)
Steamed Hams, but it's RPGMAKER2003! (Finished)
Sword of Light III: Parts 01 to 04
Tale of the Twin Knights (Finished)
The Gift (Finished)
The Purple Orbs (Finished)
Vampiros: Parts 03 to 05 (Finished)
Villain (Finished)
XRPG: Parts 03 to 05 (Finished)

7K: Ancient Adversaries (Until We Win) - Episode 49 (Parts 01 & 02)
Disgaea 4: Parts 27 to 30

Old/Lost RpgMaker Games - SegNin's Rare/Obscure RM Games Request Topic

Oddly enough I still have version 2.0 floating around in my downloads folder.

Old/Lost RpgMaker Games - SegNin's Rare/Obscure RM Games Request Topic

The main problem is I don't know how to effectively share what I do have. The last time I shared a game it was by placing it in my locker and some of the stuff I have takes up 430 MB which is about all the room I have left.

Oddly enough the only entry in the Sword of Light series by Gamer91112 that I'm missing at the moment is Sword of Light II (Sequel) Mini-RPG.

Old/Lost RpgMaker Games - SegNin's Rare/Obscure RM Games Request Topic

Okay. Well apparently I still have a few things floating around in my downloads and Current Let's Play target folders that have been either removed from the site or hidden.

Heroes Saga (Demo)
Jack's Magic Beans (Unpolished/Potentially Incomplete Version)
Life of a Peasant (2015 Indie Game Maker Contest Entry)
Lunar Quest (Without RTP)
This is a Game (2015 Indie Game Maker Contest Entry)
Uzi's Drugged Adventure Lite
Inuyasha Tamashi (English v1.1)

Redwall10 Games
NightMare School
Outcasts (Final Run)
Outcasts (Remastered)
Phantasy Star Gems
Phantasy Star Beneath A New Light
Soul Crystals
The OutCast's
The OutCast's (Remake)
The OutCast's 2

I also have a copy of Ruin, but I'm not sure if I should share that one since the developer pulled the game from the site in order to release it on Steam with the goal of getting paid for their efforts.

Side Note: The Phantasy Star Games by Redwall10 appear to be the same game. Since they have the same opening text crawl and opening dialogue. It just looks like one was cleaned up a bit with some spelling and grammar corrections.

Additional Side Note: This isn't everything I have. Just the stuff that's easiest to find since some of the games I have are still floating around in my downloads folder and are still in either zippped or rar fils. The ones mentioned above are currently unzipped.

Additional Side Note 2: There does appear to be a working download for the Inuyasha game on gamejolt. Albeit that appears to be version 1.2. So I have an older version of the game if someone wants it.

Additional Side Note 3: And you can probably still get the games from the 2015 Indie Game Maker Contest over at

My Dad's New Baby

Well my dad decided to get a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy and named her after a song by his favorite band Poco. As a result she ended up with the overly lengthy name of Rosecimarron in honor of the song "Rose of Cimarron".

Though I suppose it fits considering Maggie's actual name is Magnolia which is the name of another song by Poco.

Unfortunately my new phone is being a pain in my backside when it comes to transferring photos to my computer. So, I don't have any photos of decent quality to share at the moment. After all, the only work around I could come up with was to put my phone up to my webcam and then take a screen capture of the video footage from the webcam.

Thankfully she and Maggie seem to be getting along, but I'd say Rose is kind of crazy since she'll run up to Maggie and steal her toys from her.

Admittedly she does succeed on occasion, but I think that's because Maggie lets her win every now and again. After all, Maggie really does enjoy playing tug of war with people. So it really shouldn't surprise me she likes playing it with the puppy as well.

Let's Play Updates for May

Game Boy
Kirby's Dream Land 2: Parts 22 to 25

Game Boy Advance
Breath of Fire: Parts 20 to 22
Breath of Fire II (RV): Parts 18 & 19
Golden Sun: Parts 05 to 07
Riviera - The Promised Land: Parts 09 & 10
Sigma Star Saga: Parts 31 & 32

Nintendo DS
7th Dragon (RV): Parts 82 & 83
7th Dragon (4P): Part 13
Etrian Odyssey (RV) - Parts 02 & 03
Etrian Odyssey II - Part 21
Etrian Odyssey III - Parts 15 & 16

Playstation 1
Threads of Fate: Parts 17 to 24

Playstation 2
.hack//Mutation: Parts 02 to 05
Ar Tonelico: Melody of Elemia - Parts 24 to 27
Eureka Seven: Volume 2 - The New Vision (RV): Parts 14 to 17 (Finished)

Pokémon Crystal - Chikorita/Meganium: Parts 14 to 23
Pokémon Gold: Cyndaquil/Typhlosion - Parts 33 to 39 (Finished)
Pokémon Gold: Charmander/Charizard - Parts 01 to 03
Pokémon Emerald: Mono Dark - Part 28

RPG Maker
Castle Oblivion: Parts 05 & 06 (Hiatus over after 5 years)
Demon Hunter: Parts 11 to 14
Demon Legacy: Parts 12 & 13
Meteo Chronicles: Part 05 to 08
Sword of Light Mini-RPG (Finished)
Thou Art Hero
Vampiros: Parts 01 & 02
XRPG: Parts 01 & 02

7K: Ancient Adversaries (Until We Win) - Episode 48 (Parts 01 to 04)
Dalruan - World of Magic: Parts 06 & 07
Operation Abyss - New Tokyo Legacy: Parts 04 & 05
Sakura Dungeon: Part 09 & 10