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Goku Jrs RPG Adventure
An old fan game made by The1stDragon based on the only DBGT movie.



Micro Quest: Blackstone Mine

I've also got a Let's Play in the queue, but that doesn't start going public until February.

Micro Quest: Blackstone Mine

Well, I'm having that trouble with out games now as well. So, I'm guessing my anti-virus software is getting in the way. It used to stop me from unpacking games on this site to scan the executable for viruses, but has apparently been upgraded to just block executables from unknown developers.

Edit: I tracked down the thief in version 1.0.2 and the same game breaking bug not_cocapoda discovered occurred as well. I beat the thief and when I tried to leave the room after collecting the treasures the game soft locked after the thief took a couple of steps.

Micro Quest: Blackstone Mine

Jeez, every time I tried double clicking on your exe file to extract the game it failed. Regardless if I used the v1.0.1 or v1.0.2.

Thankfully, I was eventually able to get around this problem by having winrar extract the game files.

New Hamster

Why xHamster?

New Hamster

Well that's not hamster in that final photo, but a gerbil. I had thought about getting her a companion while purchasing Sol, but ultimately decided against it. After all, if that meeting didn't go well I would have to go back to the store and purchase a tank cover for my 20 Gallon Long as well as a new water bottle. In my opinion, the risks simply out weighed the potential rewards.

Of course, hamsters like to dig as well. I probably should put some more bedding in Sol and Sakura's tanks next time I clean them out. Though, I'm usually a bit hesitant to do that with Sakura since she's a budding escape artist that likes to try and use her water bottle as a potential escape route.

New Hamster

I'll admit getting a photo of Sol was a pain in the backside. Of course, it probably didn't help that I was trying to take a photo of her while she was exploring her new home.

For the curious I went with the name Sol since Petco was calling her a sunfire djungarian hamster. Though that decision seem largely motivated on her having red eyes which is why I bought her in the first place. After all, those eyes are kind of creepy in a way.

On a sadder note it appears that Roselyn isn't doing very well and had to be left at the Vet over night. Hopefully she'll be back to her usual self pretty soon. Of course her usual self is getting increasingly moody.

Though, I suppose we should try to end on a happier note so I also decided to share these photos. In the first pair of photos we see a before and after comparison. The first photo shows what Snowball's cage looked like right after I just got done cleaning it and putting her back in. The second photo shows how much she had wrecked the place after a single day. And the third photo shows a mouse sleeping in a chew ball. And if you look carefully you can see Sploth's nose sticking out of the plastic tree stump. And the final photo shows Snowball in between a pair of egg cartons.


Well after taking a look at the properties on the "Saves" folder it was apparently changed to Read-Only for some reason.

New Gerbil

Oh no, I'm so sorry! That's just awful. :(

It is, but time drowns all of your sorrows eventually. Though, it's going to take a while to get used to coming home and not seeing 50 pounds of affection waiting for you. Sadly, the only photo I readily have access to of Lacey at the moment is an old picture on my brother's old deviant art account.

Admittedly this probably isn't the best photo to show. After all, Lacey's look just says it all. Why are you humans punishing me with this stupid outfit!?! If I remember correctly we put the shark outfit around her neck as a joke while we were waiting for trick-or-treaters to stop by. We were also playing the My Little Pony: Collectible Card Game while we waited as well. And my brother had one of his friends over who was willing to play me over and over again. Even if meant suffering a near endless string of defeats in the process.

And yeah that's the same outfit seen in this picture with Rosette.

Though, I'm guessing she was a bit more chill with wearing clothes because it was something Lacey wouldn't steal from her. Seeing as how she had stolen all of her dog toys over the years due to jealousy.

;-; Dang, that really sucks. If you still have your old phone is might be possible to retrieve the data on it, but it might be an involved process.

I honestly have no idea where my old phone is. And I probably only had a couple of pictures of Lacey on there anyway. Though, I'm pretty sure I had photo of her with a Santa hat on.

Side Note: Roselyn's been acting weird today.

New Gerbil

Hmm, not sure if you have access to fresh dandelion greens or hay, but apparently they love it.

It's a bit late in the year to get fresh dandelions where I'm at. I know I can get some dried ones at Wal-Mart if I get one of those salad bags they sell in the pet section. I've bought those a time or two before in order to give them to my mice as a special treat when I clean their cage out on a weekly basis. Though, I suppose I could try offering Frank a small amount to see if he likes it. I know he's taken to dry hay in the past. So much so that he ignored his regular feed for a while.

And, I'll admit it's been a while since I've really updated my gerbil/hamster food supply. I tend to use a mixture of a treat mix with a few different kinds of gerbil/hamster feed that can be found at my local Wal-Mart. I figured it was a decent way to vary things up without getting to crazy, but I could buy some more Kaytee options next time I go to Petco. After all, they tend to be one of the few stores I'm aware of that regular carries various Kaytee products.

And I actually do have some Keytee Timothy Biscuits on hand. Though, I think mine our apple flavored. So, I'm not sure if the gerbil would really appreciate them. I know the hamsters tend to ignore them. And my mice will usually only go after them after they've eaten all of the "good" stuff in their food bowls.

So, it's been rather slow going to get rid of them.

Side Note: Frank's previous own was feeding him mouse food for some strange reason. Even though the brand of food she was buying has a feed specifically for gerbils.

Depressing Side Note: Ahsoka and Lacey, one of the family dogs who was a black lab/blue heeler mix, passed away tonight. To make matters worse I really don't have any good photos of Lacey to share at the moment. I never took any photos of her with my new phone and my old phone got absolutely wrecked when it took a nose dive off the top of my computer tower and feel into a cup of ice cold root beer.

you are stuck in a videogame for 1 week

I suppose the real question is how are we defining a week and how would you keep track of the time spent. After all, I've played games like 7th Dragon where its possible to avoid staying at inns through the use of passive healing skills. And the game only really acknowledges a day passing if you stay at an inn. So I basically did the bulk of the game over the course of one really long day from an in-universe perspective.

And how would this translate for games like Rome: Total War where each turn is meant to represent six months worth of actions?

How do you translate this week long process into a game like Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries where 30 minutes of game time translates to potentially years of time within the confines of the game itself?

Though, I suppose people could argue I'm thinking about this topic way too hard.