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Goku Jrs RPG Adventure
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Work Based Pet Peeves

What are those niggling little things that just really get under your skin at work?

One of the things that really gets under my skin is when people ask for black coffee at my work place and then ask for sugar and cream to be put in it.

Another thing that really gets my goat is people that leave empty boxes in the freezer.

And I really can't stand it when people throw trash into the recycling container. Jeez, last week I had to climb into the damn thing in order to pull out 20 bags of trash someone had stuffed in there. And for the curious, the recycling container has cardboard only printed on it in big block letters on the front. So there really isn't a good excuse for anyone to be throwing bags of trash in it.

And finally I really can't stand people that frequently call off. Especially those that make a habit out of calling off sick on the weekend. And, yeah someone's been scratching that itch lately by calling off for 5 of their last six weekend shifts.

Rome: Total War

Yeah, I've only had to deal with a couple of large armies so far in my capmaign. One of them I bribed, one I managed to basically crush by tricking it into getting to close to my wall defenses, and two or three I managed to crush in the field with large numbers of cavalry.

Which I guess is the opposite problem of what it used to be when the AI would just have a bunch of one-unit armies running around the map

I haven't seen the AI moving around too many super small armies with only one or two units in them. Instead the standard size in the field tends to be closer to ten units. Instead the AI tends to leave a lot of cities with only one or two units inside of them which leaves the AI highly vulnerable to attacks. This is why I've been able to readily reduce the Egyptian empire from 12 cities to 6 in a matter of turns. In fact, the five biggest factions if you exclude me are the Julii with 14 cities, the Scipii with 7 cities, Parthia with 6 cities, Brittania with 6 cities, and Egypt with 6 cities.

In fact, I currently control 36 cities. So I have almost as much territory as the next five biggest nations combined. And if your wondering why the Scipii are so small. It's because I captured Syracuse and Carthage before the AI could do it. in effect I heavily stymied their growth since they didn't know where to go next with those cities under my control. I suppose the Julii should be a bit thankful for that. After all, they managed to beat me to Patavium because I was distracted by wars with the Greek Cities, Carthage, and Macedonian to focus on capturing the place. As a result the Julii were able to grow large enough to be considered a notable power. Albeit the bulk of the territory they hold is comprised of rather small towns.

Though it does look like the Scipii are planning to invade Iberia at this point.

Altador Cup (Neopets)

Honestly, I'm kind of surprised Neopets is still around at this point, but the Altador Cup is about to kick off. So if you want to play a bunch of rounds of virtual soccer for some nostalgic reasons. I'd say now is a good time to setup an account.

Though, I find the limitations on what you can write on neopets to be rather taxing. Like you can't even use the word skill on the site on the grounds that it contains the word kill in it.

I'm honestly surprised they haven't blocked the word Hello at this point. After all, it does contain the word hell within itself.


I decided to side with team Shenkuu for the 10th year running. And yes, I'm well aware we don't stand a chance at winning the cup.

Bleach the 3rd Phantom

I'm currently working on a Let's Play for "Bleach the 3rd Phantom" and find myself wanting to rail a bit about how broken healers are in the game. In most games healers aren't exactly your damage dealers, but in "Bleach the 3rd Phantom" it's pretty easy for characters like Rukia, Momo, Nemu, Hanataro, Orihime and Izuru to become your main fighting force. This is because healers gain 31 exp. points for every character they heal. And the target of this spell doesn't even have to recover any HP for this work. In fact, the healer can even cast their heal spells on themselves and still get points for it.

Add in the fact certain characters can heal up to 3 or 5 characters at a time and it becomes pretty easy to speed level your healers to level 99 if you have the patience for it. Add in how powerful kido is during the game's main story mode and your able to turn characters like Rukia and Momo into characters that can readily wipe away entire groups of enemies with a single spray of Sōkatsui.

And while Orihime's special skills are largely useless in my opinion considering they require a percentage of Orihime's health in order to cast instead of a set amount. You can use the points you gained for acquiring new skills to boosting her stat points. So you can basically jack up her evasion and attack stats from extremely low to pretty powerful if you spend them wisely.

Though, I suppose Bleach the 3rd Phantom isn't the only game where characters with healing skills can speed level.

Rome: Total War

I've been working on a Let's Play for Rome: Total War the past couple of months and find myself having a decent time. Though the AI's decision making process on medium sometimes leaves me scratching my head. For one thing the AI tends to leave a lot of their cities rather under protected. So much so that I was able to swoop in and claim all of Egypt's cities along the Nile River in a couple of turns. The AI had merely left a couple of units in each of those cities. They did a similar thing at several other points within their territory as well which allowed me to claim about half of it in under five years.

On the other hand, the AI also seems to hesitate when it comes to attacking the player on this setting as well. One of the stronger military powers left outside of my Roman allies at this point are the armies of Thrace and most of their armies are simply standing around on their cities on their southern border with my kingdom. For some reason they are unwilling to devote themselves to sending one or more of their armies on the offensive. At the same time they've left on their port cities on the Black Sea wide open to invasion.

Though I do find myself pondering if I should begin waging war on the other Roman factions at this point. After all, I'm in a good position to cripple one of the families and the other has spent the bulk of it's time laying claim to worthless cities in France and Germany.

My experiences aside I was wondering if anyone else has played this game and run into similar issues with the AI on lower difficulty settings.

Probably Should Have Picked a Different Word

I recently picked up some magic tattoos, the kind you apply to yourself with water, and found one that was sort of funny. If only because the choice in word selection was rather poor.

Obviously the word next to Rainbow Dash is meant to be Oh..., but it appears backwards before it's applied. So when you put it on the skin it will look like the image below.

Though my favorite tattoo in the pack is probably this one. Which I've rotated to show how it will read on the skin.

[Poll] Funny?

I recently picked up a bunch of those magic tattoos you can apply to yourself with the aid of water and noticed that one seems to be unintentionally funny.

Obviously, the text is mirrored before it's applied. So, the word is actually meant to be Oh..., but it's hard not to read it as ho before it's applied.

New Hamster

Well, I recently took in one of my co-workers Gerbils. On the plus side they also included the cage in the deal. On the downside, I've been told Frank is a biter who likes to be left alone. He's also rather camera shy. So, I don't have any good photos of him in all of his glory.

Yeah, the cage she gave me opens from the top and the front. If I ever put a mouse in here I'll probably need to invest in a lock in order to make sure the front doors stay closed. I've seen mice get pretty creative when it comes to escaping from a cage from time to time.

It also doesn't help that the cage is in the corner of my room on the grounds that the mouse cage has a sliding top while the Gerbil's cage can be popped off by pulling it upwards after moving a few latches to the side.

Worst Unit Type

I'm not even sure what game that character is from. I want to say "Dankest Dungeon" for some reason, but I've only ever watched a few videos of people playing that while talking to my youngest brother.

Worst Unit Type

In my experience the worst unit in any given RPG is almost always the generalist. For some reason being the jack of all trades while being a master of none is almost always a detriment in my experiment. After all, if your character is really, really, good at something you can usually setup situations where they can come into their own.

While a generalist just falls to the wayside since they lack the HP and DEF/RES to tank. They lack the hitting power to blow through walls and they lack the MP and INT/WIS to be an effective mage. And while I suppose they are a slightly less squishy form of a healer. They usually don't get access to the best healing spells either in my experience.

As far as prime examples of why being a generalist is less than ideal I'd point to Pokemon like Pidgeot or Kite from the original series of .hack games. And while you can fix Kite with some stat books in the last game. The amount of time you'd need to dedicate to making him an effective tank against the various elemental attacks is way to time consuming. And I'm the kind of person that is willing to dump hours of my life into getting characters up to level 99 at the halfway point of a game. Even if it means spending hours battling the same set of enemies over and over and over again.