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the Little Music Box and the Daemon Review

To be fair, at least this game is readily beatable unlike a few other games I've tried my hand at over the years.

the Little Music Box and the Daemon Review

If anything my biggest gripe with the early part of the game is just how boring it is. Since, you'll need to go into the sewers multiple times in order to gain the levels as well as equipment you'll need to advance to the next part of the game. And this is a process that takes quite a while to achieve.

the Little Music Box and the Daemon Review

You do realize you can actually return to inn in order to rest right? And that resting at the inn only costs 30 gold pieces for two people.

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Then you definitely didn't get far enough. After all, the bug I'm talking about is that he allowed one of the characters to learn a spell at max level that they weren't only supposed to be able to learn during a cut scene event. As a result I supposedly learned the same spell twice.

Edit: After reading your review my only recommendation is you should of asked me for advice. After all, I've already beaten that game once. And the only update was to fix a bug that I discovered.

Unless you're some kind of RPG super wizard god, you're not getting through this dungeon.

I suppose I'll thank you for the compliment though. Even if your opinion is only the result of you not realizing you can rest at the inn in the starting town as many times as you want.

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I've already played it. Though, I assume the developer fixed the bug I found during my Let's Play.

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Well, I've got my 25th review in the queue at this point.

Ranma 1/2 RPG DX Review

Wait...RankoChan123 is supposed to be banned. She was the one that was stealing a bunch of games from RMN and putting them on

This is project she was working on before she was banned. After all, it's not like your posts and game pages are automatically deleted when you get banned from the site.

Ranma 1/2 RPG DX Review

Wait, is this a game taken from another RPG Maker dev and remade/ported by someone else? Because we don't allow that without the original owners permission.

This game wasn't taken from another RPG Maker dev, but is meant to be a port of SNES game made by Atelier Double, the Japanese studio that was behind "Lufia: The Ruins of Lore".

Sammy in Opaland Review

That's pretty shitty.

You'd also think the developer would try to draw attention to this fact before people wasted their time downloading a file in excess of 400 MBs.

Ranma 1/2 RPG DX Review

It hasn't, but I'd argue that this project definitely goes beyond the usual concerns developers might have with a fan game. After all, this is an attempt to port a game without the original developer's permission.

Though, I'm not sure Atelier Double even exists anymore. After all, links to their official website just leads me to site trying to sell coats and purses.