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Goku Jrs RPG Adventure
An old fan game made by The1stDragon based on the only DBGT movie.


Bad Animal Jokes

What did the butterfly say to the king?

I'm your monarch!

Whats the difference between a weasel and a rat?

One will try to weasel his way out of trouble, and the other one will rat you out to the cops.

A cop was visiting a farmer and told him he saw a murder on the way over. The farmer asked if he had arrested anyone over it.

The cop responded he didn't realize it was possible to arrest a group of crows.

Pointless Pokemon Glory

This has to be the greatest/most pointless take down of Whitney I ever did. After all, who brings a baby puff ball to take on a massive cow?

Dungeon of the Gods

"Dungeon of the Gods" was an entry in the 2018 Indie Game Maker contest that might be the worst hack and slash game I've ever played. This is because the game has controls that are sloppily designed in my opinion. After all, this game requires you to sometimes execute a kick attack to defeat certain enemies and this requires you to push the attack button twice in rapid succession to execute, but sometimes the game doesn't properly register a double tap of the attack button. As a result, you'll sometimes miss bees that you should have hit and end up losing about a third of your health in the process. To make matters worse the game's first boss takes in excess of 20 minutes to beat. In fact, this issue is made even worse when you realize the boss sometimes glitches out and sends a wave of vines at the player that are impossible to dodge. As a result, your probably going to die well before you beat the game's first boss.

I suppose some would argue this is old news, but I seriously felt the need to vent about this one.

Soul Crystals Review


Soul Crystals was the last game developed and published by RedWall10 and represents a slight change in pace from his previous works. Unlike the OutCast series or even his Phantasy Star fan game this project isn't a turn-based RPG, but a simple action RPG. This switch could have been to RedWall10's benefit in my opinion since it would have allowed him to focus more on gameplay while lessening the amount of weight that the story would need to carry since the player could more easily immerse themselves into combat. Unfortunately Soul Crystals is a rather weak game. It suffers from rather frequent crashing issues during boss fights, has a weak villain that makes the game unappealing, and has story elements that come out of nowhere. Though, before I can into discussing any of those topics I need to discuss another issue with this game.

Is this Game Even Legal?

RedWall10 utilizes images, face sets, and music from various professionally developed games as assets for Soul Crystals. Normally, I wouldn't find this to be to big of an issue, but RedWall10 doesn't list any of the original developers of that material in his credits. While, I'm not a legal expert, I'd imagine there would already be legal issues with utilizing the previously mentioned assets without express permission, but by not even crediting the owners of these materials RedWall10 has committed blatant theft in my opinion. Since he is implicitly claiming ownership of any material that he doesn't accredit to someone else.

A few examples of the materials utilized without giving proper credit includes the bulk of the face sets used in this game which come from Hero's Saga - Laevatein Tactics a turn-based grid-based tactical RPG developed by GungHo Works. Another example would be the song that plays during the opening prologue which comes from the Ys series. And, these are only examples that I'm personally aware of. I imagine several other assets utilized in this game also belong to professional studios even if I can't name or place them.

Spelling, Grammar, and Word Usage

RedWall10's issue with the English language continue in this game. You don't even have to get past the first text box in the game to spot a spelling mistake, multiple grammar issues, and the utilization of the incorrect word in a sentence. I realize that RedWall10 claims to be a non-native English speaker, but considering he was willing to fake his own death on I'm starting to wonder if all these issues aren't simply an act to get attention. Regardless, I'll try not to hold RedWall10's apparent inability to spell daughter correctly after the game's prologue against him.


The basic gist of the plot can be summed up in a single sentence. You play as a band of heroes that are on a mission to stop the forces of darkness from reeking havoc at the request of the King and Queen of your small town. Sadly, this simple story is marred by a whole slew of issues which range from the prolgoue at the beginning of the game all the way down to the epilogue at the end of the game. It's hard to imagine how someone could take such a simple concept and manage to bungle the story so badly.


The prologue in this game much like The OutCast Rebellion is almost entirely pointless. Almost all of the information found in the prologue is either useless information like the year or is information that is going to be repeated in the first cut scene of the game. Seriously, RedWall10! What is the point of having a prologue if all of the relevant information is going to be rehashed by some character as part of the opening cut scene? Though to make matters even worse the prologue also contains a vapid throw away line about how this game is just like Zelda.

Pointless Scene

One of my biggest gripes with the story of this game is that it includes a conversation about racism that comes completely out of left field. And before I continue with my rant I'd like to point out that I'm not trying to say that video games can't be utilized as means of serious expression, but those expressions need to fit into the context of the narrative. The discussion on racism in this game obviously doesn't! There isn't any scene or conversation with a NPC in this game that even hints at racism being an issue in this game's universe. And, if RedWall10 really wanted to discuss the issue on a serious level then it would also help to clean up his writing when it comes to spelling and grammar issues.

It also makes me wonder if the original design of this game was going to include yet another racist white villain as the main antagonist. I'm not trying to say that its wrong to depict white people as racists or even as hostile enemies in a game, but it does seem rather peculiar to me that RedWall10 almost always uses villains that fit that criteria.

Why does this game have a 4th Party Member?

Normally I wouldn't ask why a game includes an additional party member or even a few extra party members, but the final party member in this game joins your ranks for all of two screens. I just don't understand the point of including a character that will barely get used unless the player spends a bunch of time on backtracking in order to grind for levels. It just blows my mind that anyone would make a decision this poor in terms of design without it being on purpose.


Even the epilogue for this game couldn't escape from having a few issues. The biggest problem though is that a random good angel of the lord just magically pops up and cures one of your allies of a curse for no apparent reason. I'm not trying to say breaking the curse wasn't a good idea, but it would have made more sense to have the player do it as part of the main game instead of tacing it on to the end of the game as if it was an after thought.


On the gameplay side of things the game is highly flawed in my opinion. For starters the archer in the game is almost completely useless. She burns through arrows like they were going out of style. You'll easily spend more money on arrows then you will on your main characters armor. Thankfully, the game was updated to fix this, but seeing as how the game was pulled down and RedWall10 banned from the site. I'll never have access to a version with arrows that don't cost an arm and a leg. To make matters worse the archer is only able to damage enemies if she has an arrow. While the game does include a secondary weapon for the archer in the form of a knife. Unfortunately, Redwall10 botches the implementation of this weapon by not allowing the player to purchase it before they get to just before the final dungeon of the game. A dungeon where you'll only have access to the archer for a whopping two screens.

Another issue with game is that all of the bosses can only attack from a single direction. This means boss battles are rather easy since all you need to do is get away from the door into the area and then come into contact with the enemy on one of their other sides. As long as you are in contact with the enemy they won't move which means you'll be able to attack them freely until they die. This makes the final boss battle of the game an absolute joke since the dark knight is completely powerful before you as soon as you begin attacking him from the right or left flanks.

Though for the piece de résistance the game is highly prone to crashing during boss fights if you try to access the menu. This is a major issue since even though you can hotkey the use of certain items you have no ability to choose who the target of those items is without utilizing the menu. And while the party member you control probably won't get hurt during a boss fight. Your two allies will be far less fortunate seeing as how they are rock stupid.


Soul Crystals was a chance for RedWall10 to broaden his horizons and delve into a genre of games that might have better fit his limited language skills since they could have afforded to be more gameplay driven. Instead RedWal10 dials up all of the issues with his writing to 11 and leaves a lot of the same issues with his gameplay intact. As you can imagine I don't recommend this game and would actively encourage people to avoid it if it was still publicly accessible.


Well, I was looking at his profile today because his games had disappeared off site again and I had been planning to put together a review for Soul Crystals and found this message on his profile.

"Red wall 10 has passed away last night."

I don't wish to sound jaded, but if that message is true it's rather depressing.
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