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Broken Items in Video Games that you Wouldn't Expect to Broken

I suppose a good example of this would be X Accuracy in Generation 1 and 2 Pokemon. You'd think this item would merely raise your hit rate, but in actuality it allows your Pokemon to simply bypass accuracy checks which means moves like Fissure, Horn Drill, and Guillotine go from being 30% accurate to instantly being able to destroy entire teams of Pokemon in Generation 1 or 2 if you meet the requirements for the move to hit at all.

Pet Updates

Well my parents are having Rosette put down tomorrow. To be fair, I'm not sure I can call what she has at the moment a life worth living. In her old age she's gone blind, deaf, and has basically lost her sense of smell. You basically have to shove her face into her food bowl in order to get her to eat at this point. And outside of eating she basically spends her time either wandering aimlessly in circles or sleeping in her own bodily waste.

In brighter news my brother got himself a new puppy named Freya.

Freya is a pure-blooded German Shepherd that set him back $1,500. Though, I'm not exactly sure how old she is since my mom said she was six weeks old at one point and another point in the same conversation claimed she was seven weeks old.

I'll admit she was pretty whiny when I saw her yesterday. She really wanted to play with my mom's bunny rabbit.

Oddly enough Roselyn must have some serious rocks since she would basically come up to the edge of her cage in order to sniff Freya and sometimes would just stand there in utter defiance as Freya tried to touch her with her paws. Though, I suppose Roselyn is pretty used to getting her way with dogs since she would jump up to and onto Lacey without a care in the world.

Saturday Sucked

Last Saturday was pretty shitty for me. I got up and went to work on time and then got to learn that one of the managers had passed away Saturday morning and only recently learned she died of a blood clot in her leg. And she was only 27 or 28 at the time.

And it's definitely going to be weird never seeing her there again. We've been working together for several years now and she's suddenly just gone in a flash. It's even weirder for me since I worked with her on Friday and she seemed perfectly fine. Though, I suppose maybe weird is a poor choice of words. Maybe it's more like a hole where something used to be. An absence that has made the store and everyone else's lives more empty.

Suffice to say this has really shaken up her family who've taken at least the next week off. And while I understand and respect their decision it's going to be a bit of a shit show at work this week since her family makes up about 1/6th of the staff at the moment. Thankfully were going to be getting some help from the other stores owned and operated by the same owner. So we'll hopefully get to struggle through their time of mourning with roughly the same number of people we usually have lately.

The Word Filter on Neopets is Crazy

I've been spending a lot more time on Neopets lately since the Altador Cup is currently on and I like to add All-Star trophies to my account, but got hit with multiple warnings about trying to make an inappropriate post since I referred to the objects were kicking into goals as balls. And according to Neopets the term balls is inherently sexual even when it is used in reference to a game about virtual soccer/football.

Sadly, the term balls isn't the only odd word to be banned on the site. You also can't refer to your abilities with a game as skills since it contains the word kill in it.

You also can't post all of the answers for the cliffhanger game on your pet page since one of the answers is "The Pen is Mightier than the Sword" which the site considers inappropriate because it considers pen is as a way to get around the filter for a word for male genitalia.

Jeez, I wouldn't be surprised if they've effectively banned hello at this point because it contains the word hell in it.

Sometimes I wish Youtube Wouldn't Notify me about Comments

Yeah, I really wish youtube didn't update me about every comment I get every now and again. After all, a good chunk of them are spam like this lately.

》》 iPhone Giveaway 《《



來調味食物煮的時候%^%^ 1620844713

Though occasionally I also get comments that only seem to exist to %$#$ me the %$#% off like this as well.

Real gamers knew that she was the goddess as soon as they saw the cover art.

Recently Watched Movies

Strawberry Shortcake: Berry Brick Road

I'll admit upfront that this movie really doesn't have anything for adults or older children to enjoy. So much so, that I could only recommend this film for little kids and even then I'd argue this movie is a disservice to it's source material since it trims "The Wizard of Oz" down to a meager 18 minutes or so.

In fact, this allows the movie enough time to tell a second story in the Land of Oz about protecting the environment as well as turning off your lights when they aren't in use.

All and all, I'd say the most interesting thing about this movie is that the Wizard is voiced by James Street a child voice actor that died during a skateboarding accident on July 4th, 2007. A factoid that's only interesting to me because "Strawberry Shortcake: Berry Brick Road" came out in 2012. And it really doesn't feel like it would take over 5 years to make a 45 minute animated film. Especially one that reuses footage during some of the songs.


Yeah, "Terrordactyl" is a B movie about people getting killed by flying reptiles. Sadly the movie really doesn't contain any particularly likeable characters so your almost rooting for the reptiles to eat everybody.

And like most B movies the backstory for where the pterodactyls came from is really stupid with them surviving in space for millions of years. Apparently they were launched into space by the meteor that killed the dinosaurs and are now coming down as meteors in order to reclaim the planet for themselves.

If anything I'd say the most interesting thing about this film is that the person listed at the top of the IMDB page for this movie isn't even one of the main characters in this movie. Instead it's a lady whose basically a glorified extra since her only job is to serve as a sexy distraction while the male leads do some lawn work for her. So yes, the most famous person in this movie only exists to add some sexiness to the movie by wearing a bikini while she lays about on a floating chair in her pool.

Heavy Metal

"Heavy Metal" feels like a movie that really shouldn't be as long as it is. After all, there really isn't any reason for the Loc-Nar to explain itself to a young girl it's about to kill. A young girl it wants dead since she has the power to destroy him.

Seriously the whole setup for the stories reminds me of the scene in Outlaw Star where Aisha prevents Iraga from crushing her skull in with a leg lock and then gives the following lecture:

You talk to much, you know that. You shouldn't say anything when your about to finish someone off.

I suppose if we put aside my issues with the main villain going into an absolutely unnecessary monologue to tell stories about it's various victories and failures over the course of its existence. The stories themselves really vary in terms of quality with some of the stories being pretty good while others are so poorly paced you'd think you were watching paint dry.

Heavy Metal 2000

I'll admit this film is both better and worse. On the plus side it only tells a single story about a girl seeking revenge on a guy for murdering her people. On the other hand, the story is highly predictable and approaches sex in a far more juvenile way than the last film. Which is quite the accomplishment considering the last movie had women throwing themselves at guys and robots they just met.

As for how it manages to be more juvenile. It's because it treats the topic like a joke. Like your supposed to laugh at the fact the main character has to lock in her approach to the spaceport at A.N.U.S. 6370.

And, I'm not even sure I'm allowed to discuss the scenes with the sex robot, but even if I wouldn't get in trouble for going into details about that. I really don't want to.

Seven Kingdoms (Exploits)

Well, I found a rather crazy pair of exploits in Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries.

Admittedly these exploits can't be used 100% of the time, but when you can apply them against a bunch of AI opponents it's a thing of beauty. Albeit, I only utilize the tricks against a single AI opponent in the video in order to just show how they work, but you can utilize them against multiple opponents depending on the map.

The maxim number I've managed to exploit with these tricks so far is four other AI kingdoms which is just two short of the actual maxim of six.

Odd Map

I'll admit this map probably wouldn't seem all that odd for someone unfamiliar with Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries, but this map is definitely weird. For starters this map lacks any independent villages if your going up against the maximum number of AI opponents. And while maps with landmasses set to small usually have less towns than maps set to medium or large in terms of landmass. The complete lack of any independent villages is extremely unusually. Especially when you've got the box for many independent villages selected.

To make things weirder this map lacks any fryhtan lairs. These lairs are home to various monster races that are unplayable in this game. Though you can use them in the sequel. Though, I'll admit I'm not particularly a big fan of their mechanics. Regardless their should be a couple of lairs on this map since I set the campaign to include offensive fryhtans (this means the monsters will sometimes launch raids on the human kingdoms), but the main reason I would want these guys around is because I can farm them for money and scrolls of power. And I need the scrolls in order to build temples to various gods/goddesses. And these gods/goddesses can turn your people's prayers at these temples into power. And the one for the Egyptians would be especially useful on this map since Isis allows you to spend 100 prayer points for a village population boost of 5 on the village you targeted with her blessing. Of course, her inability to hold more than 400 prayer points at a time means you can only use her blessing 3 times before you need to let her rest again. Since she'll use up some prayer points just by moving to the village you've targeted, but a gain of 15 villagers would be huge on a map like this. After all, the key to success in this game is auto-taxes and you can generate a lot more money through them if your population is high.

On the plus side, this map does allow you to play a much slower campaign. Though, you'll probably want to relocate to the uninhabited island in the corner as soon as possible. And once there you'll want to develop your ballista tech to level 2, then develop cannons to level 1, and then proceed to research weapon wielding boats like the fast caravel in order to dominate the sea. And by dominate the sea I mean reign cannonballs on the harbors of every other kingdom in order to ensure that your the only one who can move units from one island to another. After all, your going to need to focus on increasing your population as quickly as possible on this map. And your villages gain new members faster if their are more people in them.


I suppose I'll start with shameless plug by admitting that I've started a Let's Play for Pikmin.

I'll admit Day 01 probably isn't the best episode simply because I exploited the infinite nature of the first day to let some of my red Pikmin flower in order to get an edge on my enemies for Day 02.

Overall, I'd say I've been doing an okay job at the game seeing as how I'm on day 14 and already have 17 parts to my name. On the other hand, I kind of wish I had used my time a bit better in certain sections of the game. And it's probably going to be a pain in the %$# to get the final part in the first area you unlock at this point since I haven't visited that place in days. So I'm guessing all of the old wildlife has returned with a vengeance by now.

As for the game itself. I'm not entirely sure what I want to feel about it. On one hand, it's a nice break from my usual content which helps the game feel a bit refreshing in ways. On the other hand, the AI for the Pikmin when it comes to following Olmar is a bit iffy at times. This has resulted in me losing a couple of red Pikmin in the past. Especially when I tried getting the part from those weird worm/bird hybrids in the second area. At the same time I never actually managed to finish this game as a kid. I'd usually lose interest around the point I'm currently at.

Outside of trying to shamelessly plug my own content I was also curious what other people thought about this game in particular or the franchise as a whole.

New Hamster

I'll admit getting a photo of Sol was a pain in the backside. Of course, it probably didn't help that I was trying to take a photo of her while she was exploring her new home.

For the curious I went with the name Sol since Petco was calling her a sunfire djungarian hamster. Though that decision seem largely motivated on her having red eyes which is why I bought her in the first place. After all, those eyes are kind of creepy in a way.

On a sadder note it appears that Roselyn isn't doing very well and had to be left at the Vet over night. Hopefully she'll be back to her usual self pretty soon. Of course her usual self is getting increasingly moody.

Though, I suppose we should try to end on a happier note so I also decided to share these photos. In the first pair of photos we see a before and after comparison. The first photo shows what Snowball's cage looked like right after I just got done cleaning it and putting her back in. The second photo shows how much she had wrecked the place after a single day. And the third photo shows a mouse sleeping in a chew ball. And if you look carefully you can see Sploth's nose sticking out of the plastic tree stump. And the final photo shows Snowball in between a pair of egg cartons.

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