Master of the Wind

Anyone has a walkthrough arc 4-7?

The Longing Ribbon

Well, I have to agree, this game is really hard. I mean, uhh... First, i was so frustrated, couldnt get past the first bat battles. Then i had enugh, cheated with the help of the almighty Readme, and beat the game.

Then i read a walkthrough, and it said, like "get the advanced attacks and it will be so good for you...", but the sad thing is, when you actually use them, your mp runs out, and you are f*cked. So i invented an ultimate walkthrough, and it is absolute, 100 %, working, the game will be very easy and fully enjoyable.

While i was cheating, i realized, my hero can avoid hell of a lot attacks with agility maxed. So i tried it out.

1; When you start playing, get your AGI maxed right away. With only 5 sinks, its gonna be childplay. If you do that, you can avoid a really lot of attacks, preserving your hp.

2; After that, max out DEF, so if you do get hit, it will only cost you only 50% of your hp, so it is also a great advantage.

3; After those, you have to max out ATT. Yes, another 5 sinks, but your attacks will be 2X strong.

And thats it, when you done with these 15 sinks, you are actually at the really end of the game.
But why is this good? We wont have any advanced attacks, nor unheal and any other thingy.
The answer is simple.

You wont get hit at least half ot the times when you should.
Even if you do, your hp is still safe.
With your 200% ATT, you can beat any enemy, any boss, without any problem.
The game gets really easy and really enjoyable, no more frustration, no more swearing. Just the pure enjoyment. Because this game ROCKS =)
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