Anyone remember me by chance?

Hey there, its been a long, long time, so I don't know if there is anyone around who even still remembers me, but I thought it'd be fun to try and return to the community.

^ I used to post to that thread a long time ago, which was probably my greatest contribution to the website I could manage.

So how are you guys doing? It seems the website has come quite a ways. It really reminds me of gamingw's earlier days when it was still alive. How wondrous :3

Me personally, I've been trying to learn how to program. Some things have happened, mostly sad, but I've been trying to push through all that, try and accomplish what I want to do in live.

I'm currently working on a game actually, targeted for a casual audience on facebook. I doubt anyone would be interested in that, but I thought it'd be worth mentioning.

Anyway yeah, sorry if no one remembers me, just thought I'd stop by.

A Hand from Beyond the Grave


Edit: Also ive editted my game's page with this info as well, since i think its an appropriate presentation.

A Hand from Beyond the Grave… the new topic! This game, set typically in medieval man's time, revolves around the existence and influence of an undead race, known as the Lamor'dae. Unknown of their true origin and true purpose as to why they exist or who they were before they were dead, the Lamor'dae simply try to live out their lives. Formations of religion are common, attempting to try and answer the oh so many unanswered questions, but in truth there are no answers. But, one can commend them for trying to find something to do…

The undead capital, Vlan'taieles, houses several million undead, studying the one thing that just might prove their existence fruitful in this world - Necromancy. The alteration and usage of the state of death and such prove the Lamor'dae to be one of a kind in the world of Nagalia, and it is this art that gives most of them the will to live. Whether it is used to torture humans or further advance undead civilization, necromancy has its uses.

As you'd imagine, in the “undead” perspective, there are several groups of people who have different purposes, beliefs etc and form different organizations. Let me list them now.



Basically a general name used toward any undead being that follows the dark arts. Most undead typically attempt to study the ways of necromancy, although there are a few who chose not to. No one is certain how the undead are born; it simply happened (what with a biblical explanation in the game which I wont waste time with here) and soon undead were rising everywhere. When a human dies, he is buried. Other undead usually go grave robbing to gather human corpses for their experiments, and with uncovering some graves they find that some of the rotted corpses still have life, and can walk, as well as do much anything with free will. So simply, it is assumed that the undead are randomly spawned among dead bodies, albeit not all corpses reanimate.


Your common man. The human is considered ignorant and far below the superiority of an undead being, at least from the eyes of a Lamor'dae. The humans struggle with their own issues; war, resources and the like. Their knowledge of the undead and their abilities and intentions are non-existent, and observation of an undead typically leads the human to think it is only a common monster. Interaction with humans other than harvesting is considered a crime to the undead, as keeping the undead's secrets safe is top priority. The undead don't want to have hordes of humans outside their city the next morning because of some idiot's mistake, and thus political action in terms of crimes as these are high.


Usually when we hear the word “reaper” we think of the one and only Death, but reapers are many in Nagalia, and are as much visible as any other existing being. The reapers are gifted with the powers of guiding souls into the Nether World by order of the “nether demons” (more on them later). When a human dies, his soul, the collection of all his mentality, what makes him who he is, is separated from his body. Reapers have jurisdictions over all matters concerning guiding, uncorrupting, and helping souls. They also search for lost souls; souls ripped from a human body prematurely or if the body is utterly decimated in an instant. Their job might seem easy, but by the strict demand of the nether demons, they are required to search for souls 24/7, and monsters also seem to enjoy gathering around the illustrious illuminations that souls seem to emanate.

Undead Government

The main form of government of all things undead. They manage the main income of human corpses for consumption (yeah I forgot to mention this, the undead require human bodies as food, to continue living) as well as for distributing for necromantic practice. They manage the society's laws and practices, as well as the laws concerning human interaction. Generally the government doesn't have too high or too low of an opinion concerning humans, rather in the middle between love and hate, as they need to gather from the humans for the sake of the undead population.

Nether Demons(Also known as the Nen'Em Auis)

Only some information is known about the nether demons, at least from the perspective of an undead citizen. The nether demons are like the “2nd layering” of government, in that the undead government must do as they say or else they will kill every undead in the city. Their demands are quite small, although intriguing. They only request that human souls be guided to them. Although, they do request non stop transportation of these souls, but it is still a rather simple request. No one knows for sure just what the nether demons do with or need those souls, but it isn't really a concern for the undead populace. Nether demons typically don't wander around in plain sight either of course, but it's said their monstrous forms are so hideous it can cause any human mind to break upon visualization.

Deathdancers (They also go by several other aliases)

The deathdancers are a secret organization formed despite the hatred and detest of many other citizens. The deathdancers have a strong connection to their past living existence. They have a deep focus to want to aid humans, as well as learn of their own undead pasts, as well as, most importantly, turn themselves back into humans. While its not illegal to have such beliefs and ideals, many citizens detest and hate this form of thinking, as they have grown hatred for humanity and its flaws through their years of unlife. They believe their existence has shown them the true errors of man kind, and that what they currently live as now is man's true, peaceful form.


Warlocks are like an alternate version of necromancers. They utilize necromantic knowledge for usage in their sorcery. Their arts might not rely directly with human parts, or mangling, but it is still a dark evil. Warlocks are despised by many, having a large government and sect; they are despised for their disrespect of the way of necromancy and the immoderate usage of human corpses. It is unlike the traditions of old. They are at war with the undead, trying to acquire their knowledge to further expand their powers. They say the warlocks have become corrupt, and strive only for power and world domination, who knows if this is actually true, but their actions surely show their intentions.

The way of the Necromancer

When an undead devotes himself to the study of "death magic", he must make a pact; an Oath of Shadow. He must follow the laws to conceal his hideous appearance, and act stealth fully within the domain of humans. His unearthing of undead secrets to human eyes could mean the end of the entire undead race. This oath, known as the oath of shadow, is an ancient pact, that all have been demanded to obey.

The oath is cited once the necromancer achieves the rank of acolyte. The studies of the undead consist of 3 basic ranks. 1. Novice, where they are instructed in basic necromancy. This rank usually doesn't take long. 2. Neophyte, where they are instructed in more proficient usage and knowledge. 3. Acolyte, where an undead is taught advanced techniques, and soon goes to major in a separate school of necromancy.


So after hearing all this, just what is the story about then? Well, you play as a fresh undead victim, Malaeus, who is met with two undead acolytes gathering resources for their society. Malaeus is taught the ropes of the undead society, and what he has become. (and thus the player learns at the same pace) Eventually Malaeus starts his necromancy training, and he's become an acolyte before he knows it. Now Malaeus is ready to receive instructions from the government to help further the undead race. While Malaeus may interact with some or all of the factions, there is one thing to realize: the undead are becoming corrupt. No one knows why or perhaps who is behind this brainwashing, but something is definitely amiss, and Malaeus sees to it that justice is sought, whether it is through his large sense of justice, or the fact that he has nothing else to do. (Or maybe because he doesn't want to live in a city that's corrupt, maybe that too, who knows)


The most important aspect of any game, what mayhem you cause and how. The battles in my game use the DBS, albeit I try to make it look a little nice; nothing very custom, but I try. Seeing as the game focuses around necromancy, your characters are mostly intelligence mage types who excel with spells but lack in physical attack power. Malaeus is your main necromancer, whom you will teach new spells and skills to. There are a few other necromancers that you can hire as mercenaries, although you can only hire 1 mercenary at a time. Your main emphasis of physical attack power and variety comes from the necromancer's most noted ability: summoning.


Summoning is your bread and butter skill, albeit lacking in flair. There are numerous amounts of monsters that you can create, and through their creation you can create a scroll or an orb for that respective monster. Scrolls lets you summon that monster in as many battles as you want, but cost a lot to make, and you can only carry a few summoning scrolls with you at once. Orbs let you summon that monster only once, though it costs less to make orbs. Summoned monsters can also be dismissed with their scroll.

Monsters level up normally, and get stronger through them. To add to the importance of monsters, each one has a “Skill Tree”. A Skill Tree consists of several “skills” usable or passive, which can be bought to further upgrade and harden your monster. A Life Essence is required to purchase these skills, which are gotten from battles, as treasures or rewards. Blood is also needed, which is fed to the monster and acts as a prerequisite for some skills. Blood is always obtained through battle or as treasures and such. Each monster is unique and different in many ways, whether they are combat oriented or magic based etc. I try to make every monster useful and make their skills interesting.


Of course, one of the more potentially entertaining things in being a necromancer. Gather your ingredients to make your monster allies. There are four forms of ingredients: Corpses, Primary, Secondary and Life Substances. All are needed to properly create a monster, and work in a certain way. (Which you'll learn) Gathering corpses is probably the more entertaining aspect. Head to a human town and stealth fully kill humans, or go on a rampage and kill everyone. Lure children with candy, or help with a carnival of death.

Healing items are a bit in depth too. Medicine is the cheapest yet most ineffectual form of healing; potions are greater, but more expensive. Corpse items are the greatest form of healing items, but are rare.

Speaking of corpses again, corpses can also be stowed in the freezers, to increase their capability. The better the corpse, the more you can yield from it. If you want the organs within the corpse, you can have it shredded at the City's Tear-O-Matic, which will allow to receive the strong healing items, as well as a few miscellaneous ingredients. Corpses can also be used at the soul trap, where they be used to form a spirit, a very rare item that can permanently increase statistics, give you life essences or be used in strong equipment.


Souls are equippable items of immense power. Sometimes you will receive non specific souls such as: common soul, less common soul, ordinary soul, rare soul, artifact soul, legendary soul. These can be in turned in to the fortune teller to be converted into an actual soul (which can be equipped) of a value equal to its name. Souls are a sort of typical “dungeon treasure” item that is a nice find though not so common.


While most humans do not know the existence of the undead, there are some who do. The ones who do know take it for granted. They try and take advantage of this knowledge and earn themselves some cash. By communicating with these secret, incognito humans, you can spend Honor on weapons, armor, ingredients, and other things. You earn honor by helping humans, instead of hurting them. (Hurting them earns you dread which is used for certain things) But having high honor can be dangerous and can cause necromancers to attack you and the like. If you think your honor is too high, you can present yourself to the leader in the metropolis and have him strip you of all your honor for a modest fee.

Upgrading Malaeus

Malaeus can learn his necromantic skills and spells by purchasing them with dread. The spells and skills require that you have a high enough skill level in that appropriate class, (skill level max is 33) which can be leveled by using a life essence. Whether or not the skill level can be upgraded depends on Malaeus's current level. Every 3 levels, Malaeus can upgrade his skill levels by 1. A higher skill level obviously means you can purchase better spells. Purchasing the actual spell costs dread, which is gotten from killing humans or relinquishing spirits to the great beyond. Higher level skills also sometimes require a certain reputation rank. (which is explained below)

Necromancer's skills are broken down into classes:

-Corpse Art

You can have two classes worth of spells with you at any time. Each class varies in spells, and has different purposes. Find the ones you like and stick with them.

Malaeus upgrades his stats not through leveling but through battles. At the end of every battle, you receive blood. You use this blood to create blood gems, which can be enchanted to hold spells. But, you can further the ability of these blood gems by enchanting them with a life essence. Once they are enchanted, they become “Hearth Blood Gems” which upgrade a statistic of your choice.


The Reputation system is a way of showing how effective you've been to the undead community. The reputation consists of several ranks that you achieve through collecting reputation from doing quests. Reputation is also earned from the total amount of dread you collect. Reputation has many benefits, such as more items being available to shops, being able to enter better dungeons and areas, more quests become available, achieving the next rank nets you a lot of cash, and higher reputation ranks allow you to purchase more and better skills for Malaeus.


As far as dungeons go, I'm trying to experiment with a more randomized creation system that allows dungeons to be more innovative and have more replayable value. No treasure will be in the same place, or be the same item; every puzzle will be slightly different or perhaps be in a different place. I believe the more interesting ideas I have for the dungeons are the implementations of the Spirit Skulls, and Fire Torches.

Spirit Skull: Skull of a spirit. When all monsters in the dungeon are dead, and all chests have been opened, this skull will turn into a spirit. (rare)

Fire Torches: When all of these are lit, (a fire is lit by activating things in the dungeon) a chest will be revealed containing decent treasure. (The torches are all gathered in one room) You will also receive a treasure room key, which opens a chest located past the boss of the dungeon to give you one rare item. The key is removed from you when you leave the dungeon.

Also on a random note since I didn't no where else to put this, the battles in my game are touch based, no random battles. You must get close to the monster for them to detect, and once they detect you, they will start to chase you. They will stop chasing you once you leave the map.


This is my favorite screenshot because I made the ground myself. :P

Game Page:

Demo1 download page: Please note that I have a slightly improved demo that is pending right now that also has the rtp with it. Once it is accepted, it will be the only download. Also the demo goes on for about a half an hour if you dont count reading the dialogue. I also forgot to put in the message box that tells you when the demo ends; so i'll tell you that the demo is over once you get past the guy in the undead city asking for a registration card.


In conclusion, this is the only game that I have actually spent quite a lot of devotion to. I've done and thought of other games in the past, but this is the only game I've actually spent a good amount of time on. I think this game has a unique idea, and a concept not yet seen in rpgmaker games. This game was intended to have a dark feel, not necessarily the survival horror scary type feel, but atmospherically. Thus, I intend to maintain that feel through the game, hopefully, while still displaying an interesting story. (I'm not going for any trophies, but I'm hoping the story will interest a few of you) As of now the game is still in early development, but hopefully I'll pick up the pace and the game will continue to grow. Thank you for your support and interest for my game.

RPGMaker 2003 issue

EDIT: Ok my friend has a new issue now that first one was solved. My friend has Vista, and hes trying to use rpgmaker2003. When he makes a map, but then goes to map properties, his map goes back to all being water, like the it was a new map just being made. And when he tests the map, even when theres chips painted on it, the map is still all water. I don't know if hes doing somethign and i dont know about it, or its something with vista.

*Get your "unfinished" games reviewed*


Double post for an update. I will also put this in my first post so others who first visit the thread are aware. I've been doing reviews for a while as most of you know, and i've done quite a lot so far. Its only recently that a friend of mine played my game and encouraged me to work on it more, and i've gained a more interesting thrill to work on my game. Thus sadly, reviews are going to be bogged down a bit. No, i am not closing this thread, i will still accept games to review, and i will try to work out the problems with the current games and review the ones i still have to do, but don't expect the reviews to come as quick as they once did. Thanks.


Not to one up Myersguy or anything, but since i have tons of time, I thought i would consider doing this. Theres tons of games on this site; some are seen, some are played, and yet there is no feedback, no suggestions, no criticism, no compliments. (hardly anyway) I will help this community and all its game makers and offer my time to extensively play your games and offer my opinions, suggestions and comments. (sort of like an extension of the play something day)

The reason i'm doing this is because I love using rpgmaker. When i first got it however many years ago, i would fiddle with it for hours. Rpgmaker is a basic game creation thingy, but has so much potential with little effort to utilize its max effects. So many others have taken a joy to it as well, and i want rpgmaker to continue to thrive. All the game players out there today; it comes across their minds at one point or another: "i wish i could make a game!" Rpgmaker gives them this little wish, although it lacks modern technology and graphics or whatnot, it is still a strong device capable of satiating a person's urge to make their games.

Now I don't really have many "requirements" so to speak, but there are some things I would appreciate you to do/have.

1. Create a game page on and have a download to that game.

2. I would much rather play demos or short games rather than fully completed games; i want to give many people a chance to recieve comments and suggestions, and if the game is huge it will kinda suck a way some time.

3. Most importantly, realize that my opinions are not the word of god. I may have my personal opinions, and my general ideas to what i think might make the game better, but if you dont want to make certain changes, thats alright, its your game. Being able to take criticism and decide what needs to be changed or altered based on feedback is the most important point i think.

Now, once I play your game, i'll be sure to submit a review (hopefully i'll make it more concise and organized than my previous ones) to your game page. I will also link to your game from this thread, and if i want to take it further, i'll probably make a little collab of it with screenshots and whatnot featuring its bright points or whatnot.

Whelp, this is it. I hope you'll all be willing to show me your games, i'm just trying my best to keep this community alive. (even though i havent done jack, which helps prove my point of this thread)

How I Review Games

When I submit my review for your game, I will split it into sections; each section that can be "rated" will be rated 1 through 5. The ratings are only for how impressed I was in that section; dont be intimidated if i give you low scores, its just my opinion that you need to improve your game. The following are the factors I use to evaluate your game: (throughout each factor i will state what i thought needed improvements along the way)

Gameplay: The meat of my review. How hard is the game? What are dungeons like? What kind of systems does the game have? What are battles like? Are places in the game dynamic and have things for you to do? Are there lots to do? (If that's the focus of your game) I look to see how fun the game is, and whether the features implemented are fun and creative.

Graphics and Mapping: I'm not very picky with graphics and charsets used because not everyone can make their own. RTP is fine as long as it's utilized to the best of your ability. (You'll learn as you go if you're new) Custom graphics are a bit of a wow, so long as their used properly. Battle animations and animations, character animations etc used in game are also taken into account. For mapping as long as you know how to use the chipsets, and maybe use them in interesting ways.

Music and Sounds: I'm not too picky with music and sounds either since not everyone can make their own. As long as I don't hear final fantasy music, or well known game music, then everything's good. Also, the time and appropriateness of the music for certain places and scenes are also taken into account. Sounds, well they make the game more dynamic. Throw in a few sounds for realism, or throw in some ambience for a better atmosphere.

Atmosphere and Setting: The type of aura that the game gives off during play. Not all games give off a potent atmosphere, and that's all right. Also when and where the game takes place, and how much info was given about it.

Story: How well the story is told as well as the pacing. The revealing of the plot or sequential plots and how sturdy they are. The amount of information given at certain times and foreshadowing is what I look at too, although your game doesn't need to have foreshadowing. (Although most of the time you cant help it) I don't judge a story if its cliché since mostly everything today is cliché, and aside from that I don't know how the story might turn out in the end.

What I liked: Self-explantory

Closing Statements: Self-explantory


COMING UP NEXT: Beloved Rapture
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Castle Quest -

Solar Tear -

Celdran's Curse -

Final Fantasy Empires -

Dragon Fantasy II -

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My Review -

Castle's Quest is an attempt at an old school game! Like the ones from long ago… It is an accurate representation of such a game, and features unique ideas to make gameplay dynamic and interesting. There are puzzles around every corner as you traverse the castle looking for the princess…

Talk to the king for what you should do! He will tell you about what ails the castle.

Fight evil spirits, snakes and skeletons throughout the castle as you search for the princess!

Gather and form a party to help you in battle and provide you with field abilities to help you solve puzzles!

Tons of puzzles around every corner and several characters to help solve them!

Castle's Quest: a unique game for anyone who wants a basic adventure with nothing overly dramatic or complicated. Good for those who want to get right into the action and solve some puzzles.

----SOLAR TEAR----

My Review -

Solar Tear is an epic RPG with a great building story. Traverse this downtrodden world as a hacker with monetary issues. What she happens to think as a normal job eventually entangles her in much more…

There are many choices within the game; go right or go up, confront the gang members or sneak past them. There are several choices with how to deal with situations, and it will be these choices that will make you want to play the game again!

Battle robots and machines in this futuristic world plunged into chaos and crime.

Gaze at the amazing level of detail and grand array of aesthetics.

Lively and unique puzzles that unearth much deeper thinking and resolution.

Solar Tear is an amazing game with a foreboding story and a capturing atmosphere. It is a definite must play, and is a good example of a well-constructed story.


My Review -

If you like fan games, and if you like final fantasy, Final Fantasy Empires is for you! The game has a strong FF type feel with classic final fantasy type sprites, and the classic battle system!

Learn about the world and the warring nations. Learn of the chaos that is about to ensue.

Oggle at custom charactersets and well designed towns and areas!

Learn about a key discovery in the world â€" Orum! Equip orum and use its power to boost your character or cast spells!

The battles have a classic RPG type feel with Final Fantasy type spells and items. Use orum to unleash spells or skills to kill your enemies!

Explore a vast world, with several places to explore, with a world map to guide you!

Final Fantasy Empires, an interesting story that any FF fan should play.


My Review -

Celdran's Curse; an epic story about a horrible fate… live your life as two brave children who have been inflicted with this curse!

Say farewell to your home, your family; as you start your journey into a whole new land.

Do several quests and reap the rewards!

Learn of the children's epic adventures and see the lands where they are swept to!

Fight many horrible creatures that seem to lumber after you from your horrible fate.

Learn the story, love it, and question it; live the children's lives as things fester behind you in the shadows…

Celdran's Curse; a game worth playing if not for the story alone.


My Review -

Dragon Fantasy II, a mix of final fantasy and dragon warrior into one game! If you like Dragon warrior, final fantasy, and a simple game with emphasis on gameplay, then this game is for you.

Choose from a variety of classes. There are several to choose from, which can also create replayability value.

Explore many interesting areas, expanding from undergrounds caves, to poison swamp tunnels to towers!

Talk to the king and find out what has caused the chaos in the land!

Battle your way through several enemies on your journey to rid the world of darkness.

Dragon Fantasy II, a great game with the classic retro RPG atmosphere that anyone who loves classics should play! (or anyone else for that matter)


My Review -

Reality: Path to a Shattered World is an epic story with much to unfold. Play as Leo and company as they complete their last mission as a team.

Fight against the Empire and their machines!

Fight difficult bosses that make you think more strategically!

Work with your friends as you fight and battle through your missions.

Learn of Leo and his team, and the many questions that need answers…

Reality: A Path to a Shattered World seems to have very “magical” things working on in the background; this game is worth a play-through by any rpgmaker fan.


My Review -

Vanity Satan's Wish is a very atmospheric game with dynamic cutscenes and several choices in dialogue. The gameplay is mostly balanced and allows for a very interesting story experience.

Learn of your special powers, and how can help destroy the world… or save it.

Use your powers during combat for high damage.

The game features touch based encounters that could ignore; no more random encounters!

Enjoy dynamic cutscenes consisting of several “facesets” and backgrounds for the most accurate feel of the scene.

Vanity Satan's Wish definitely brings story telling to a different perspective, which is definitely worth a play through.


My Review -

Phantom Legacy is a very professional made game, containing great visuals, audio and gameplay of a real game.

Learn of the ambitions of someone lurking in the shadows…

Solve puzzles expanding through large areas!

Progress through the game and fell hideous monstrosities!

Cast spells and use swordplay, with amazing aesthetic visuals.

Phantom Legacy; another great game worth a try. Anybody who appreciates rpgmaker should see the hard work put into this great game.

A Hand From Beyond the Grave

A Hand From Beyond the Grave. Despite the long title, it is a story that I hope most will be interested in. In a world where the dead rise from the recently deceased, we come to learn of an art that has long been acknowledged yet never really delved in in terms of understanding; necromancy. Of course, all in its "sacred book" type of archetechture, it is called by another foreign name, with several terms coinsiding with that topic.

As a recently born undead, you come to practice this vile, mysterious art. And soon you will learn how you died and why. But in the end will you truly know what happened? Only one way to find out.


-Create your own summon monsters and teach them skills
-Stealthily apprehend bodies from villages for use in making monsters
-Lure children with candy, create a carnival of death, or go on a killing spree to gather corpses
-Immense dungeon roaming with random treasures and items
-Several arts of necromancy to specialize in
-Many items to collect

The following is just a portion of what I have written on my game's page. Things said in my thread here are possibly subject to change.


In the common medieval world, the people of Nagalia live a life of strife, brought about with wars of differing sects and groups. (trust me the game focuses practically nothing on the silly war stuff; its mostly about the necromancers) Struggles with power and understanding truth of existence plagues the minds of man. But deep in the shadows, beyond which cannot be seen, lie the undead hearts of the necromancers; known in their tongue, as Daenai Lamori, (dye an eye lem more ee) or the lamor'dae for short. The lamor'dae creep behind the scenes of man, never too far behind his blind spot, to impale his body and reap the juicy rewards left in his rotting corpse. These undead beings strive to apprehend human bodies for their dark, horrid studies. Whether it is by offering candy to children, to setting up carnivals of hellish death to cultivate bodies of the harvest. (which you can do; you have to purchase death equipment and attractions for people to come view, and there are increased chances of acquiring bodies. But the more bodies you acquire in one visit, people will not appear there for some time. But anyway) They even acquire the corpses of animals, as well as monsters to create their own hellish creations. Stealthfully, the lamor'dae creep around towns, seeking possible bodies for their growing legions of the dead...

There have been some supposed "wars" with the humans by the undead, but the humans, ignorant as they are, saw it nothing more than a simple monster invasion. As humans venture the woods, they see random zombies and skeletons anywhere, and assume they are natural wildlife as one would percieve of a field mouse or roaming boar. In truth, the humans know hardly anything of the lamor'dae...

Why do the lamor'dae do this? Well this answer is not known. Eventually the lamor'dae came to exist through the natural death of man kind; and with their birth, the unbirth of the rest of man is lusted after by these grey beings. The ultimate goal of the lamor'dae is to seek out the meaning of their existence; why they kill man and use their corpses for sustenance, (they use the corpses's organs for their own bodily use, as well as eating them with unending appetite) why they came into being, and what they're goals in existence of undeath is. Eventually this goal swayed, with some necromancers lusting with the joy that death brings to them, wanting to kill humans for pleasure and seeing what they can use their mutilated corpses for. Some necromancers seek world domination, whatever the reason; there are still sects of biased undead perceptions.


So, after all this reading, what is the actual story about? Well what i can say is rather minimal, but it may be tantalizing none the less. You play the role of Malaeus, (Ma lay us) a freshly born corpse for the ever growing army of the undead. He is found in his grave as some undead are robbing a graveyard near a human town, and he is let out and basically instructed of their heritage. He is told to follow them back to the undead metropolis, (Vlan'teilies, its basically the huge city of the undead where they all gather and interact.) where you'll fight some basic battles. Malaeus is led to the metropolis, and he gets his license and registration and the works, and starts to practice the art of necromancy. As time passes on he starts to realize the coldness of unlife, how sorrow seems to creep over you, aching everytime you breathe...

Basically after that you'll start to go on a mission for the government (as many other necromancers are commanded of) which will lead to Malaeus's thoughts of his past life. He cant seem to remember much of it, (which isnt uncommon with most undead) but some events will start to happen with the reapers and nether demons and the government; truths leaked, secrets told, incentives sought and much chaos to unfold! Blasphemy and havoc ensue, and in the end, will all of their actions really be justified?



The battles in my game use the DBS, albeit I try to make it look a little nice; nothing very custom, but I try. Seeing as the game focuses around necromancy, your characters are mostly intelligence mage types who excel with spells but lack in physical attack power. Malaeus is your main necromancer, whom you will teach new spells and skills to. There are a few other necromancers that you can hire as mercenaries, although you can only hire 1 mercenary at a time. Your main emphasis of physical attack power and variety comes from the necromancer's most noted ability: summoning.


Summoning is your bread and butter skill, albeit lacking in flair. There are numerous amounts of monsters that you can create, and through their creation you can create a scroll or an orb for that respective monster. Scrolls lets you summon that monster in as many battles as you want, but cost a lot to make, and you can only carry 5 summoning scrolls with you at once. Orbs let you summon that monster only once, though it costs less to make orbs. Summoned monsters can also be dismissed with their scroll.

Monsters level up normally, and get stronger through them. You can give a monster a rare item called a life essence, which can be used to buy them a skill along their skill tree. You can buy more skills for a monster or upgrade old skills by giving more life essences, but it requires that monster have been given a certain amount of blood first.

Blood is a constant necessity resource. (It is a variable. Can carry 999 blood max) You use it to create summons, as well as use it to create Blood Gems which can hold a spell. (Scroll) Blood can also be used to feed to your summons to increase their experience. Mercenaries can be taken with you on journeys who are necromancers of varying unchangeable schools. They level up regularly, and receive skills as they level. Giving them 50 blood allows them to increase a stat of choice by 1. Blood can be gotten from killing monsters, in chests, as quest rewards etc.

Some skills also require the monster be a higher rank, which is like making another summon creature, but only of a higher level and same type. When a summoned monster is of a higher rank, his level drops to one, but his stats are the same as his level 99 stats of his previous rank. All monsters have 4 ranks. There are also monster trainers around the world who sell skills in exchange for Dread. (Dread is obtained by screwing with the humans mind or screwing with the Nether Demons)


There are several items used in creating necromantic items and summonses. The most common resource is the corpse. Dog corpses and animal corpses are used, but human corpses are the most sought after, as well as rarest type of corpse. Human bodies are used for the best summons, and can also be used to find healing items. You have a chance to rend a human body at the tear-o-matic in the Metropolis to receive 1 organ, 1 bone, skin, blood, a chance for a soul, a chance for a life essence and a chance for a spirit. Humans can also be preserved, to increase their ability as a whole. There are 3 ranks of corpses:

Preserved Corpse (P)
Perfectly Preserved Corpse (PP)

The better the corpse is ranked, the more items you can get for it at the tear-o-matic; also some summonses require preserved corpses.


In terms of items for healing, medicine is the most common form; it's cheap but it's not very effective. Potions are better, although a little expensive. Human organs and parts are considered the best recovery items. Though, they are rare to find, they are definitely worth looking for.


Souls are equippable items of immense power. Sometimes you will receive non specific souls such as: common soul, less common soul, ordinary soul, rare soul, artifact soul, legendary soul. These can be in turned in to a nethermancer to be converted into an actual soul (which can be equipped) of a value equal to its name. These souls are also needed to be given to nether demon summons for them to fight for you. Souls are a sort of typical “dungeon treasure” item that is a nice find though not so common.


By communicating with secret, incognito humans who know of necromancers, you can spend Honor on weapons, armor, ingredients, among other things. You earn honor by helping humans and the like, but having high honor can be dangerous and can cause necromancers to attack you and the like. If you think your honor is too high, you can present yourself to the high lord in the metropolis (yet to be named remember?) and have him strip you of all your honor for a modest fee. The incognito humans vow not to speak of the necromancers to the other humans because they believe they understand their plight. Still they cannot be trusted.

-Main Character

Your main character can learn skills by purchasing them with dread. (And sometimes require a few ingredients) Skills require that you have a high enough skill level in that class, (skill level max is 25) which can be leveled by using life essence and a spirit. (A spirit can be generated by putting 100 corpses through the Soul Trap at the Metropolis. Spirits can also be found through quests and finding rare monsters. Spirits are also instant use items that permanently increase stats) You can also use spirits to create necromantic artifacts and aids (charms) that you can equip to give you good increases to your attributes.

You can also increase your characters stats by creating blood gems and enchanting them with non specific souls. These hearth blood gems can then increase a stat of your choosing by spending dread.

Necromancer's skills are broken down into classes:

-Assassination (Mostly physical attacks)
-Summoning/Affliction (Summoning and status effects mostly)
-Curses (mostly status effects and damage spells… yeah I haven't really planned these out yet)
-Insectism (concerns insects; you know with rotting corpses and stuff)
-Corpse Art (has to do with corpses)
-Seals (supportive spells and healing)
-Sorcery (warlock arts of elemental spell casting)
-Nether (Nether spells….)
-Imitation (the abilities of man as well as physical attacks etc)


Some graves.

Rolling Grasses.

Undead Lands.

Link to download section of my page:

Link to the RTP in case you don't have it:

I hope you guys try out my game and give me your opinions and criticism.

"Panoromic" pictures?

I believe I saw this somewhere, but I just cant seem to remember. But is it possible to have pictures scroll across the screen like a panorama backround, and then repeat when it reaches the edge of the panorama? I doubt it's possible. :\ I'm trying to make fog move across my screen in my game to make things look cool, but I need help. Thank you.
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