Pass or Fail: Eomnium Project

Creation, sorry you didnt like the game :(

it was an experimental project for us, we're relatively new to this.

here is what ive got to say:

mapping: meant to be empty, she's trapped in an empty "mansion" where the only others are those close to her, and the deadly shadows. also, im the one who designed the dungeons.

faces: im responsible for these, sorry they werent to your liking. but, i do think that they do add to the atmosphere, its distorted, blurry, or whatever...
kinda adds to the surrealism.... a little, and it was for the surrealism contest.

story: SeanGrei is the one behind the games story. he also crafted pretty much the entire thing.

gameplay: its not supposed to be an epic game, just a little thing, maze game that tells a story... i guess.

type-os: unintentional mistakes. but even the best have errors. just google "engrish"...

music: im the one who selected the music, im glad you enjoyed it (or at least liked it) i wanted to choose tracks that were appropriate for the mood. seems i did right by that...

"locked doors": its really very simple - counter clockwise for the most part.

Conclusion: i hope you give it another try and i hope you get at least one of the endings (there are 3 total). i hope youd try to get at least 1. you were about halfway through by the end of the video. as isaid, it was an experiment, and we wouldve like to do more with it, but we were busy in our personal lives and were running out of time. but, we'll definatly take what we've learned from this game and use it to better future games/projects. and will probably do an "overhaul" or something with it in the future... maybe.


a whole lotta white and some fancy font.



mmmm..... dead language.
too bad i took french in school. otherwise i may be able to understand this, prolly sum sorta cheat code or somethin... infinite life, no time limits!?


now all i can do is go to Paris, or somethin....


"Mom, wait! Why's the drawer shining like that!?"



uhhh.... i think youre a very special lady.... that being said, step aside and let a man open it... you obviously cant.

*UGH* (tries to open door)

hmmm.... guess youre right. it wont budge.... hmmm, shall we try another door then?


hmmm.... looking into mirrors makes me feel strange, too. although... it's not so much as if im lookin into myself.... more like.... my pants got smaller.


hehehehehe - the DARK MAN looks like the Mona Lisa...


Whatever you do, DON'T turn around - you won't find a way out that way...
it's not like you'll find a door... you'll just be wasting your time if you do.
I'd suggest maybe going up those stairs. Yeah, I'm sure that's the way out.

Hero's Sword

the reason i think hes waiting for the "milestone" is simply cuz of the flak this originally recieved.... but, it WAS his first game. made in 4 days... (though, longer, counting the edits and patches later). plus, hes also been workin on other titles - it would be kinda like a side project...

that bein said: Boogity Boogity Boogity, Amen.
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