The Arms of Reverie
The world is divided by a great darkness known as the Nebula. The Dark forces, led by an Evil Prince are trying to gain control of an ancient power and finish war that began over a thousand years ago.



Palasiel Quest

Is the title meant to be Palasiel or Palatiel?

Also, the subtitle is really really cheesy.

But I like the look of your maps a lot. As someone who hates mapping, I definitely appreciate when someone puts time into their work.

The Arms of Reverie

Eh, progress has been slow. I've mostly been working on little graphical things and updating scripts to work with ace. Plus I have a lot of 'real life' stuff going on so I haven't been able to do too much on it.

Pirate Rush

Subscribed, this looks like one of the more unique games I've seen on here. I'll have to check it out when I get home!

The Arms of Reverie

It's difficult, but I think in the end it's going to be for the best. It's such a powerful engine, and I think my maps are going to be better off for it!

Also, the title is a reference to the power that dreams can have. It's open to interpretation beyond that. The story is basically an interpretation of it, but what it means to me, might mean something different to someone else.

Eternal – Return of the Void

Played the demo, die in the forest immediately every time. Aside from that the maps are beautiful.

The Hallowed Line

Are your maps parallax? They all look amazing!


Aren't most your tiles in mack anyway, not RTP? I think the mapping was one of the most attractive parts of the game.

Dragon Siege

This reminds me of all the games I played on C64 as a kid, looks pretty cool.

Mapping Contest #1

Really fun map, I felt like I was playing an actual adventure game, not just walking through a town map contest. Awesome.

Really beautiful map, well put together, easily navigable, believable town.

Made me jealous of my lack of mapping skills. Liked the story line behind it, reminded me of Corel Village from FFVII. Tons of passability errors, but otherwise an extremely pretty map.

Huge town, had fun chopping the pots with my sweet martial arts skills. Really immersive, tons of NPC's and things to see. A few bugs, but overall a nice town.

Some nice ideas behind this map, but it was really empty feeling, could have used more variation in the buildings.

Lotus Games:
Really liked the overall 'mood' of this map. You could tell something sinister was brewing somewhere in there. Enjoyed the cutscene, but felt like it dragged on a little too long.

I liked the atmosphere of the town. The whole scene was pretty interesting. I found where the kid was hiding! A few mapping errors that led to some strange stuff but I liked the map.

My vote:SGCN

It was a close one, I really really liked Jude and Melkino's maps too, but SGCN seemed to capture what the contest was about the most while having the least (I didn't notice any), errors. Enjoyed the whole experience though.

Mapping Contest #1

@tpsmall: Ah I see. I'm unfamiliar with VX mapping. Maybe it's possible by using the shift key?

It is, but then you have to change passability settings and have invisible tiles blocking the ledges and I didn't think of doing that until you mentioned it haha. I might redo it since it's going to be a part of my game and see if I can make it look right.
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