The Arms of Reverie
The world is divided by a great darkness known as the Nebula. The Dark forces, led by an Evil Prince are trying to gain control of an ancient power and finish war that began over a thousand years ago.



The Screenshot Topic Returns

Updated Treasure room in the Den of the Baragon

Dumbest Video Game Twists?{Spoilers}

Damn this topic, opening up old wounds. I thought I had gotten over FF8 and MGS2. Anyway, I really despised most of the plot points from the last 5% of Final Fantasy 9. Its a shame because I really liked the game up until then.

Agreed. The end of the game just seemed like a copout. Up until you meet Garland, the game is amazing. If they had done almost anything more with the story, it probably would be my favorite game in the series. I really wish they had developed Vivi's story more.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Also, did you actually test that boulder set? It seems impossible from that side.

It's passable in game, my guess is she just didnt want the actual puzzle in the shot.

Dumbest Video Game Twists?{Spoilers}

the whole Final Fantasy VIII orphanage/GF twist.

There is nothing else ever even remotely close to how stupid that was.

Review Just One Game

Would someone like to review the first 1.5 to 2 hours of my current project? :) Or is too short to review currently?

Here's the link if anyone is interested.

I might do it since my wife has a conference call for work tomorrow night so I can play on my computer all I want, no promises though. I may end up playing DC Universe instead, ha.

Taking Some Time Off For Health Reasons

Having digestive orders of my own, I can definitely sympathise with what you're going through.

I've had multiple colonoscopies, endoscopies and all the other scopies you can think of. I've even woke up during two of the colonoscopies and to be honest, it wasn't that bad. Just a little wierd.

I've also had multiple major surgeries and I too suffer from an anxiety/nervous system disorder (hurray for valium!).

The most important thing is to rest and to remain vigilant in keeping in contact with your doctor. After I had my foot basically rebuilt and my arm put back together, I had a serious withdrawl problem from the pain killers (I'm not supposed to take them to begin with because of my pancreas problems). But by staying in contact with my doctor and doing my best to follow his advice, it all eventually was over.

The best thing you can do though is get rest. I can't stress that enough. Your body may feel like your worst enemy at times, but giving it rest will do it wonders. Keep your head up and get well.

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

what did you use to make this faceset? I need to make some and i suck at drawing

I used Celianna's Faceset Generator. It is a .psd file where you mix and match layers and can edit them in photoshop. I found it works pretty good for making female faces, but the male faces I can never get right.

Animated battlers

Are you making them with the $ in front? Like

$monster.png instead of just monster.png

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

The front hair spikes make her eyes look weird, or are they uneven by default? (her left one is too high)

I didn't mess with the eye or hair positioning (just some recolors on those), but I don't see any uneven-ness. Her head is slightly tilted so maybe that's it? I don't know. They look even to me.

In any case, she's really beautiful, great work.

Thanks! My wife has been begging me to name a character after her, so I went with this one (different hair color, but I think it actually kind of looks like her).

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

The character set is a recolor and edit of a chakshuriken character and the faceset was made in celianna's faceset generator with some item edits and recolors.