Project Violet



Project Violet

Is this game still being worked on? It's been ages...

Is this game still being worked on? It's been ages...
It's dead, Jim...

I'M ALIVE I SWEAR! Life's been a wild ride, was homeless for a little while there lol. Projects seen a bit of an overhaul since I last posted here, hoping to update this page in the next few weeks! Massive apologies for the inactivity!

Here's some stuff

Would love to see a comic out of this art style. Do you have a link to some more of your art?

Hey! I'm working on an online portfolio and a site for my comic at the moment, I've always been rubbish at sharing my art. I have an instagram (tr4shh) but it's just a personal one with shitty photos of stuff and the occasional comic page thrown in.

I also have a tumblr but it's not been updated in 2 years and I'm not all that happy with the art thats on there. if you're curious. Stay tuned and soon I'll have a place you can check out my recent comics and stuff soon enough. :D


Woahh, pretty!

I really like that dialogue box.

Lockheart Indigo

My jaw actually dropped when I saw this. As someone who grew up reading Raymond Chandler novels and playing game boy rpgs, this is like some insane dream mix I never knew I needed.

eyyyy whats good

Heeeyoo welcome to the forums! :D

HI! :D

oh another earthbound fan you'll fit like a glove here, there are lots!

I hope you're not underwhelmed by the low feedback in the forums compared to your fantastic gamepage, but hop on the RMN discord server if you want to know where most of the bumbling went!

It never came out here in the uk, I jumped on the bandwagon about a decade ago when was really big. I was living in a homeless shelter for a bit and my mate gave me a modded PS2 and a disc with a snes emulator and a full rom set, got me through some tough times.

Also thanks! I'm glad you think my games profile is fantastic, hopefully the game reflects that hehehehe

Messy pixel artists are always welcome, so... welcome Tr4shh!^^

Kicking rad! Looking forward to sharing my work here :P

eyyyy whats good

Long time lurker here, got my own project going full speed ahead so I thought it was high time to join you lot.

Haven't really done forums before and my online presence isn't so great so I was a bit apprehensive but in the short time my game profile's been up I've had some great feedback and I'm diggin' the vibes.

I do messy pixel art in ms paint mostly, not so hot at the nitty gritty game dev stuff but I'm getting there. Probably going to end up asking loads of annoying questions but I'll help out where I can.

My favourite games are Pokémon G/S/C, Earthbound, Link's Awakening, Danganronpa 2, Ace Attorney Trials & Tribulations, SSX Tricky, Shin Megami Tensei and Comix Zone.

Peace out rmn xxx


Yeah, there's some houses lazily slapped on in the outer tree areas to give the illusion the town is bigger than it actually is, gonna work on making them fit better or work out another way to achieve that, consider it a placeholder for now. Thanks for the support guys!

Project Violet

Been working super hard, gonna update this profile to reflect that soon! Thanks for all the love guys! Had some great positive feedback and constructive criticism so I'm more pumped than ever to get this shit done.

This looks really cool! Let me know if you ever need help with anything. I can help with mapping and coding events and you can always bounce ideas off of me.

You and some others have offered help which I'm absolutely thrilled about. I'd like to get as much done as possible by myself but I am a bit of an airhead and I find event stuff pretty difficult so don't be surprised if I take you up on that. :P I could do some pixel art in return for anybody who does contribute, I'd hate to ask people to help me for free.


Tile based at the moment, it's been a while since I've touched it so I'm gonna have to take a look first. I'll let you know if I need some suggestions, I really appreciate the offer.


Took your advice and it looks so much better, thanks a lot! Gonna update the screenshot once I've sorted out the NPC sprites.
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