Project Violet



eyyyy whats good

Heeeyoo welcome to the forums! :D

HI! :D

oh another earthbound fan you'll fit like a glove here, there are lots!

I hope you're not underwhelmed by the low feedback in the forums compared to your fantastic gamepage, but hop on the RMN discord server if you want to know where most of the bumbling went!

It never came out here in the uk, I jumped on the bandwagon about a decade ago when was really big. I was living in a homeless shelter for a bit and my mate gave me a modded PS2 and a disc with a snes emulator and a full rom set, got me through some tough times.

Also thanks! I'm glad you think my games profile is fantastic, hopefully the game reflects that hehehehe

Messy pixel artists are always welcome, so... welcome Tr4shh!^^

Kicking rad! Looking forward to sharing my work here :P

eyyyy whats good

Long time lurker here, got my own project going full speed ahead so I thought it was high time to join you lot.

Haven't really done forums before and my online presence isn't so great so I was a bit apprehensive but in the short time my game profile's been up I've had some great feedback and I'm diggin' the vibes.

I do messy pixel art in ms paint mostly, not so hot at the nitty gritty game dev stuff but I'm getting there. Probably going to end up asking loads of annoying questions but I'll help out where I can.

My favourite games are Pokémon G/S/C, Earthbound, Link's Awakening, Danganronpa 2, Ace Attorney Trials & Tribulations, SSX Tricky, Shin Megami Tensei and Comix Zone.

Peace out rmn xxx
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