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To make a new page due to port or not?

It's really something I'm just curious about... As some may know, the game I've been working on has been on the site for gosh knows how long, and as such has a single-digit game number. I have this weird kinda pride associated with that for some reason, but that's only slightly tangential.

Due to recently coming into possession of a legal copy of RMVXA, I've decided (mostly so I stop having headaches about workarounds) to port my game from 2k3 into VXA. Now the actual process of doing this is going decently well, besides trying to get a battle system I'm happy with that semi-replicates Gauge-type from 2k3 without reserve party members mucking everything up. But what I'm wondering is whether I should just update the old game page to reflect the porting effort.

My plan was to wrap up what I've done in 2k3 in a nice little package (with a bow on top) and putting it up for download; it's a good hour and a half of gameplay at the beginning of the game. Not great demo material per se, but it's definitely proof of concept for at least SOME of the game, as well as actually being MOSTLY bug-free and also COMPETENTLY WRITTEN for once. There's plenty of unfinished maps, but the item database is fully completely (sans key items) amongst other things.

The only thing I'm wondering is that, after doing that, should I go ahead and designate that page as "Cancelled" - since the 2k3 version IS cancelled for all intents and purposes - or should I just update the page to say it's a VXA game now and upload material accordingly? Really... I don't have NEARLY the material yet to pass muster with a brand new game page in the VXA version since I've just been laying out major systems and porting over the database - so no plot, no maps, no anything that would be considered a "proper" screenshot portfolio in terms of a new game page.

I guess I'm asking for clarification, suggestions, or really just general guidance as to what would be the most proper.

[RM2k3] Stat debuff formulas

So I'm playing around with skills, trying to figure out why a stat debuff isn't working as well as I'd want it to. Basically each of the stat debuffs are using the basic checkbox of "Attack," "Defense," and such on the Skill tab instead of using conditions (because I'd want more than half, plus I wouldn't want the condition to show up when the player targets the enemy). To check to see how much the skill was debuffing, I tied a variable to an enemy's defense, checked the variable at the start of the battle, and then after debuffing.

No matter what "Effect Rating" I put towards the skill, no matter what the Variance, Attack Influence, or Magic Influence was, the stat would ALWAYS be half (from 32 to 16 in this case). I'm just immensely curious whether the reason it's doing that is because the game won't LET it go beyond half or there's something else at play here, like if there's some specific formula towards the effectiveness of the skill, or if Effect Rating has a different function when you're not damaging HP or MP. The only other thing I could think it would be is that the skill is using the Magic damage formula so even if the Magic Influence is 0, the Intelligence of the user and the Intelligence of the target are still in play and are making it so the numbers don't change.

I just want to make it so debuffs are actually WORTH something, 'cause right now it's just giving maybe 5-6 more points of damage at this early stage of the game, and to me, that's not a substantial debuff.

(also when'd we get TWO captchas sheesh)

EDIT: Just did some quick mathing. I'm even more confused now because if it's using the magic damage formula, the end result is either 1 or 2 (I forget if 2k3 rounds up or down). Maybe it being an end result of 2 is what's doing it? Though I doubt it's dividing by 2 to get the debuff amount. I'd put the target's Intelligence at 1, but it's also a spellcaster, so that would make that null and void... This is twisting my noodle so bad.

EDIT2: So just for kicks, I bumped levels up to max to see if it was any better. Even at Level 99, it only drops an enemy's defense by half at max, which translated into 30 more points of damage between having the debuff and not having the debuff, which is again completely not worth it. Gotta be some way to make stat debuffs at least decent...

FSM battle characters

So I went and checked the Resource Museum to see if I could find the battle characters for 2k3 based on the First Seed Material stuff because in my ultimate sagacity, I only downloaded what I thought I needed instead of the whole gosh-darn set. FSM's site itself doesn't have battlers, but I seem to recall a Japanese site having sets for ALL the charasets.

When I checked that superlist of links in the Resource Museum, the "Forever" site totally ran a bell, but now I'm not so sure that's the site I'm looking for. Either way, it's 404'd so I can't look as it is.

Does anyone have either the full set or a link to the website that has them? I'd appreciate it. ^^;

Hm why not.

Thank Liberty in small part for this. .-.

I'm sure most all of you remember me at least somewhat. But I'm back at least in some small part. I don't even remember when I was here last, but I'm now a senior working towards my BS in Film & Media Studies, with the intention of going to graduate school for my PhD in Film & Cinema Studies. So basically I'm someone who writes bushels and bushels of drivel about movies.

But otherwise I basically just sit around playing JRPGs constantly. When I'm not doing that, I'm surfing the internet - whether it's the LP Archive, random gaming streams, or Twitter - or hanging out with my significant other.

Not sure what else to put other than... hi? :x

Also, I can assume we had a massive spat of spambotting if there's two CAPCHAS now.

Perfect Works scanlation

I know all of us dreaded Xenogears. And we all know and love the craziness that is Xenocutscenesaga. But, of course, the creator of Xenogears had a master document for the whole damn thing. And that master document is the Perfect Works. Up until now, the book has been only in Japanese. But, it was brought to my attention that someone had taken the time to translate scans of the ENTIRE book that was released to the public.

So, for those who'd like to see it/download it/laugh at it, all 305 pages of it:

This can also be a discussion thread about the Xeno series in general, and if you want, how it applies to the Perfect Works -- even discussion of what might've happened if Monolith Soft hadn't fizzled out and finished the Xenosaga series as they had originally intended.

Did I not stick around?

So I'm posting while my HDD is defragmenting. Thank the defragmenter for bringing me here, since I would've restarted by now to get Royale Noir to work, but instead have been randomly doing things. What's the only thing keeping me? Not from restarting, from posting. Mainly people knowing me. But that's neither here nor there, right? Hola to all. Guten abend, moshi moshi, greetings, and whatever other language I can't think of right now.

I'm back, much to everyone's chagrin.

Pokémon Diamond/Pearl/etc. Discussion Thread

The guy who posted the last topic gave me the idea, though, no offense to him, I'd rather there not be a shitty topic for it, because it really is something that has merit of discussion. There are a number of people playing, iirc (or it might just be Shadowtext and myself; no way to tell).

So, this thread is to talk about anything dealing with the Pokémon series, from what you're doing in your game to talk about what's coming up. And don't limit yourself to the main games. I know the rest of them are kind of crappy (save Mystery Dungeon, which has its merits), but they're there, so...

Who's looking forward to Platinum? IMO, they could've picked a better title, like "Opal," since a giratine (the namesake of Giratina, the game legendary) is a type of opal. I've heard people say the use of the word "platinum" hints towards a GSC remake, but I'm doubtful (no matter how much I'd love to see a remake on the DS).

What are your haunts?

So, what places do you, the general populace of RMN, hang out most on the Interwebz? In other words, what do you have on your tabs most often, or tune your homepage(s) to? Or even click most in your bookmarks? Oh, and don't forget to link us. Make sure you label more saucy links and such.

Gaia Online - Call me a Gaiafag or whatever have you; it's the only way I can actively talk to the people I know at school (namely, friends), since I can't exactly call their houses at 12 midnight. I don't actually do anything there, except talk to my friends through PMs and participate in the annual Otakon thread (of who's posters I've met in real life).
RMN - Duh.
Hive Pokemon League - They're not really doing much yet, but I'm hoping that eventually Despain can get this thing off the ground. The forum stats are wrong, though - I've been logged in there for three days. Yay for epic fail.
RMchan - My own personal site, with tutorials. Still doing stuff with it, though. Namely adding content. I stay on there all the time, though, just to check if anyone's stupid enough to comment.
Gmail - My email. Duh. But everyone should get it. Because it is awesome.
LastFM - I gave into the pressure about two months ago. Now I've got about 16,000 tracks listened. I don't really do anything, though, except check and see what my listening habits are like, since they're so wonky.
4chan /c/ Board - Check this place every day. Because you can never have enough cute. I also browse around the Anime/Wallpaper board, just to see if there's anything particularly nice. Usually it ends up being a bunch of ecchi and panty shots. No gracias.
Serebii - Just to check up on updates. I do a bit of research for my Pearl game when I'm bored. That's the major extent, though. It's mainly out of habit that I go there.
Smash DOJO - Uh, why wouldn't I go there? Daily weekdays updates? Hello?
The Spriter's Resource - I check here for updates as well, seeing if I get any more inspiration to work on that old webcomic idea I had. Also, you can always modify the spritesheets to your own game uses. -nudge-
Eternal Sphere - Main site to the Star Ocean games. With the release of Star Ocean: First Departure coming up, I check to see if there's anything new. Now, I'm not going to import it (especially not having a PSP), but hey, it's great to see what they're doing to an old game in modern times. I'm also waiting for SO4 info. ><
Anime News Network - Just to see what's going on in the anime/manga community. There are some pretty hilarious stories sometimes as well. Like that one military academy student who got suspended for having a Death Note (with names written in it). Oh, and Answerman's bunnies for the Flakes.

Opinions on Equip Options (w/ regards to skill system)

I've been having a little bit of trouble trying to balance weapons and still be able to make this one skill system I have work correctly. Here's a bit of background.

I have a skill system called Scrolls, which are items that allow any character to learn a skill. However, the skill learned can only be used if the character has the weapon associated with it equipped. For example, if a Scroll was for a Sword Attack skill, then the character would have to have a Sword equipped in order for s/he to use the skill.

Previously, I had it that everyone can equip everything, and that after finding a certain prerequisite, they would be able to equip two weapons. Also, you would be unable to buy weapons of a certain type until you met the character that used that weapon as their preferred weapon. Now that I've changed the story some, this makes sense practically, but it isn't very realistic. Plus, there's also the dilemma of what to do when introducing new weapons - there are some that you don't find till half-way through the game, yet I still have the same amount as all the other subsections (16 individual weapons per subsection).

So, I've thought up of a few things, but I'm not sure what one will work, or if any of them will work.

Option 1.)
- Each character can only equip their preferred weapon until they meet the prerequisite to equip another weapon. The prerequisite will instead make it so that the character can equip any weapon. The extra slot reserved for a second weapon will be used as a new armor type slot.
Problem: This makes Scrolls pretty much impossible to use, and therefore unimportant and expendable, since you wouldn't be able to use them with character whose prerequisites are difficult to achieve. It also makes life difficult for those who want to use multiple types of Scroll skills during battle.

Option 2.)
- Make all weapon types available at the beginning of the game. The second weapon slot would be used as normal (only able to equip a weapon there after meeting prerequisite).
Problem: Realism. But whoever heard of realism in a video game. Honestly. Though, this also makes things very open-ended from the outset. Most jRPG players are used to having one character equip one type of weapon. Having one character being able to equip ten different types of weapons can be a little harsh from the beginning. Also, there are some weapons that just aren't made for early-game, like Axes (which have a very rough Speed detriment).

Option 3.)
- Have each character only be able to equip their preferred weapon. The extra slot for a second weapon will be used as a new armor type slot. Get rid of the Scroll skill system.
Problem: Can anyone say "character customization out the window?" That's pretty much why the system is in place: so that the characters aren't all cookie-cutter. And also so that the player has at least SOME control over the style of play s/he wants, instead of just *boom* there's your character, deal with it.

That's really the only things I can think off the top of my head. I'd appreciate any ideas, suggestions, or additions to any of the options I've presented here.

Music Titles

In the vein of the Game Titles topic...

Though most people could care less while they're playing a game, or even looking at one, those who appreciate the music contained within like to acclimate themselves with the titles of the tracks. Many of us remember "One Winged Angel," "Confidence in the Domination," and "Mission to the Deep Space." Still others of us remember "Melkaba" and "To Far Away Times." Though we may remember them because of the actual music itself, without titles, we wouldn't be able to communicate (effectively) the tracks that we so enjoy.

So, how much thought do you put into your music tracks? Do you just slap titles like "Battle" and "Cave" on them, or do you come up with original titles?

On that note, the original imputus for making this topic was not only the fact that I've been making up titles non-stop, but also the fact that I'm hoping to get some feedback on thus said titles. Though, I'm not sure if the actual music is needed or not. As such, I'll just post the titles. The inspiration is Tales/SO-style Sakuraba. Also, I like lots of battle themes. :P

"When Sword is Drawn" - first battle theme
"The Glint in Their Eyes" - second battle theme
"Fighting for Never Again" - third battle theme
"Blaze Against Shadow" - boss theme
"Victim of Adversity" - challenge boss theme
"find your sacred calling" - special boss theme
"Fight what was once holy" - special boss theme
"that which is called judgment" - special boss theme
"Take Up Your Lance" - fights against dragon bosses (as part of a sidequest)
"stand fast before promised fate" - first final boss theme
"time of final resurrection" - second final boss theme
"a pure light gleams strong still" - optional boss theme
* * *
"Whispered Wind of Angels" - titlescreen

So yeah. Comment if thoust so wishes. And, of course, discuss the topic at hand (dur).
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