They all piled into the car and Jimmy sat in the back in between his sexy aunt and his beautiful mother. He immediately grabbed Cheryl's right leg and his mom's left leg and draped them over each of his thighs. He then ran his hands up and down their beautiful smooth, tan thighs. He let his hands move all of the way up to their bikini covered bottoms and massaged their pussies through the material https://cumshotgifs.com/ . Both ladies sunk down in their seats and spread their legs wider to give him better access https://handjobgifs.com/ .

Colin looked back and saw the sexy sight of Jimmy fondling both of the beautiful MILFs and realized he was an idiot for wanting to sit up front. Calling 'shotgun' at his age was basically a muscle memory reaction and this time it cost him.

Cheryl had her eyes closed and was enjoying Jimmy's attention on her legs and pussy when she suddenly realized something https://deepthroatgifs.com/ .

"Oh shit, I almost forgot. Eric, stop at the pharmacy! We need to get some things."

The pharmacy was the next block so Eric pulled in.

"Don't park near the entrance...uh....ahhh....mmm.....park...where there aren't any other cars....oh shit," said Connie, whose pussy was now sopping wet thanks to Jimmy's ministrations.

Cheryl forwarded the list to Colin's phone. "Here Colin, run in and grab these items."

Colin read the texts out loud, "Morning after pills, lubricant, enema kits....enema kits??? Holy shit! Am I even allowed to buy this stuff? And baby oil. Goddamn."

"You're eighteen baby, you'll be fine....oh fuck that's good," said Cheryl, who had her hands on Jimmy's hand and was grinding her crotch into his four fingers that he was plunging in and out of her box.