How much do y'all like midi?

Since you're using Blitz3D, which seems to have FMOD, you might also be able to use module/tracker files (.mod, .it, etc)

every other computer/laptop has a different sound card and makes midis sound differently, with some computers even lacking a midi driver altogether, making midis go silent.

Depends on the engine and target platform. A lot of more modernish Windows engines, like RMXP~VXAce, or Game Maker 8, render MIDI through DirectX software, so it should sound the same regardless of the soundcard. Others might actually use something like FluidSynth or Timidity to run MIDIs through whatever Soundfont you give it.

but yeah regardless there isn't really a normal use for plain MIDI files anymore

How much do y'all like midi?

Could always just have it as an option. I mean, if its genuine MIDI or Chiptune files, they typically only weigh a few dozen Kilobytes each, so they could be bundled in pretty easy.

How much do y'all like midi?

dead user posting in dead topic here :v

since it was in regards to RMXP then clearly the question is in reality "do you like stock DirectMusic Microsoft Synthesizer GM.dls sound" aka "cut down Roland SC-55 sound"

I actually got into music composition from listening to Mega Man MIDIs :D
something similar to that sound (Edirol Virtual Sound Canvas) was pretty much all I had in those early years, so I have a severe fondness for the soundset these days

on a whim a few months ago I decided to amass a giant pile of "Free Usage MIDI Materials" from various Japanese sites (most pretty old and a few I had to track down in Internet Archive) and have been listening to some of this stuff quite a lot lately. Like, some of this shit is legit better than many actual game soundtracks, and these dudes never made a dime off of it :o
I've also been playing a bit of ghetto JP freeware games lately so its kinda funny when I can play a game and be like "oh hey its GreenTone music this shit is my jam"

ps: while writing this post I've been listening to Cyber-Rainforce's "Past the Fog.mid" for like 10 minutes now


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Jimmy, We Are Go for Launch!

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Congrats man, finishing a whole game ain't no joke!
Looking forward to getting around to this... whenever it is I can get around to this. I think my "stuff to buy" backlog might actually be longer than my "stuff to play" backlog by this point D:

RPG Maker MV

Has the Switch/PS4/XB1 porting of this been mentioned at all around here?

I didn't see it in a quick glance through RMN Twitter or searching this site.


A pickaxe? Is this Tower of Druaga with cats? D:
Game looks cute, tho

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But are ya workin' smarter?

What are you thinking about right now?


deeply saddened by the fact that I'm not gonna have a PC or console that will run this when it comes out D:

I don't know why I worry about "too many" of my ideas being for the same genres/structures when I'm on a website where people generally make 90% RPGs and VNs...

Yeah, the rest is SMBX projects :v