Cut scenes: how long is too long?

I'm at a point in my game where I'm scripting a cut scene event intended to give the player much needed information as well as progress the story with important exposition. The problem is it's getting longer and longer, and I'm starting to wonder how long is too long. I don't want to send the player off on their quest without knowing things they need to know, but I also don't want them tapping their foot, wondering when they'll get back to actually playing the thing.

This is information that can't come at a later time, nor is it something that can come in smaller doses without creating odd gaps in the story. This scene does come after the first dungeon/boss, and after the opening credits, so there's that at least.

Thoughts? Opinions?

Looking for a face set

The face sets I'm using are full profile images that, using common events, I have coming in above the text box. I have a set for each of my main characters, as well as a few for some important NPCs. The ones I don't have are for my villains, and I've looked everywhere. Here is an example of the art style of what I already have:


If anyone could point me in the direction of some evil looking profile images, I would be ever so grateful.

Introducting characters: too soon or too late?

In my game, there are several characters that slowly get added to the party over the course of playing. One of these characters is a black mage, the only one in the game. As things stand now with the story, she won't be joining the party until much later in the game than most of the cast.

Which begs the question: Should I wait such a long time to introduce her, thus depriving the player of a black mage for several hours of play time? Or would it be better to put her in much sooner at the risk of overwhelming the player with too many characters to choose from earlier on?

Seriously, when is the best time to bring in a new character?

Hefty coding question: guards detecting thief

Okay, this is going to take me a bit to explain, so bear with me.

I'm working in RM2k3. In my game, battles exist as monsters that you visibly see on whatever map you're on. But instead of simply making the monster an event that constantly runs at the hero, I coded them as parallel processes that create a sort of zone of detection around themselves of five squares. So the enemies don't "see" you until you're within five squares of them, and then they come after you.

The code for this is below:

Variable oper: <herox> Set hero x coord
Variable oper: <heroy> Set hero y coord
Variable oper: <herotempx> Set hero x coord
Variable oper: <herotempy> Set hero x coord
Variable oper: <detectorx> Set this event x coord
Variable oper: <detectory> Set this event y coord
Variable oper: <herotempx> - this events x coord value (subtract the value from this event's coord value)
Variable oper: <herotempy> - this events y coord value
Branch if Var <herox> is less than
Variable oper: <herotempx> X -1 (multiplied by -1)
Branch if Var <heroy] is less than
Variable oper: <herotempy> X -1
Branch if Var <herotempx> is 5 or less
Branch if Var <herotempy> is 5 or less
Move Event: This event, move toward hero
Wait 0.2 sec
Branch if Var <herotempx> is 1
Branch if Var <herotempy> is 1
Wait 0.1 sec
Enemy Encounter (note: this is where I put in whatever battle group I want)
Victory Handler
Flash Sprite: This event 1.0 sec (wait)
Play Sound: (whatever sound I want of the monster dying)
Change event location: (I move the event to the corner of the map, out of sight, where it can't keep going after the hero)
Escape Handler: This event, wait, wait (this is so if you escape from the battle, you don't end up in the same battle immediately because you're still next to it)

Now, there's a point in the game without battles where you're playing a thief sneaking into a castle's dungeon. You have to get past the guards, and I think I can use this code to make guards that will "see" you if you get too close. The problem is I can't figure out how to code it so they'll only see you if you're in front of them (the code above will detect you if you get too close from any direction).

I want to modify the code so that the guards will only see you if they're facing you, and only if you're within a set number of squares, say ten or so. I also want to be able to make it so they can't see around walls.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Enemy invisibility (rm2k3)

So here's my idea:

I want to have an enemy turn invisible during combat, essentially unattackable. One method I came up with (that I haven't tested yet) is to have it transform into a blank enemy set for a few turns, then transform back. Is this a good idea? Is there an easier way of doing it?


shit what the fuck an empty church van crashed into my yard and no one answers 911 and my neighbors are gone just puddles of clothes where they stood whoa whoa!!!


shit what the fuck an empty church van crashed into my yard and no one answers 911 and my neighbors are gone just puddles of clothes where they stood whoa whoa!!!

Windmill character set or animation

Just looking for a windmill that actually rotates. I'd prefer a large windmill blade. I could use a picture and just make it rotate, if such a picture exists, or I could make a battle animation out of it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Battle animation programming question (rm2k3)

In making my character's ultimate attacks, I realize they will require more frames than the battle animations allow. Is there a way to link two different battle animations so that they play one right after another and it counts as just one attack?

Battle animation request

I am requesting the full animation set of this character. I plan to edit her myself, so it doesn't matter what shape they're in.

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