Using RPGmaker to teach R.E. to kids

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Why does ice beat fire?

fyi rocks smash the shit out of paper in real life

Uh? Do you guys listen to music?

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melt banana
melt banana indeed

The first and most formative decade of my life spanned 1984-1994 and this shows strongly in my musical tastes, on the whole my tastes are pretty broad but most of my collection is pretty tightly focused :p

Admittedly I wasn't really into music (or anything that wasn't directly related to the beach, my NES, or my A500) when I was really little, the songs I knew by heart were pretty much limited to stuff like itsy bitsy spider and "go for it red, go for it black, GO 4 IT (get off my back!) CONNECT 4!!!!!!!!!"

Then thanks to some way older siblings, these entered my life:

Nirvana - Bleach
Soundgarden - Louder Than Love
Mother Love Bone - Apple
Alice in Chains - Facelift
Meat Puppets - Monsters
Ween - Godweensatan: The Oneness (ok this one doesn't really fit in)
Melvins - Bullhead
Green River - Dry as a Bone/Rehab Doll (compilation)

And through these I eventually learned to appreciate a much wider variety of music, though these and other bands of the time will always be "home".

Before I start sperging out any further here are some examples of these bands (not all from the albums listed)

^^ The thing about this album in particular is that as amazing as their fans generally agree it is, it actually was received really poorly (people expected a followup to Too High to Die, their previous chart-topper, and instead got this album with a rather different sound) and significantly contributed to the Pups falling out of the limelight. Well, that and the fact that their best promoter erased his own face with a shotgun the previous year :v
also I couldn't decide which song off that album to post so alternatively you can enjoy this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qk70garJSRg&fmt=18

So I basically got to enjoy like 5-6 years of joyous synergy with the mainstream before promptly joining the seething mass of cranky, jilted has-been assholes in our mutual fate of cold and lonely irrelevance that fuels an intense, burning resentment of the music industry and those among its consumers that can't tell the difference between their brand new CD and the last identical 500 they bought

blah blah blah flannel and ripped jeans and high tops and hemp necklaces

I know what some of you other 90s babies are thinking, and no, I didn't forget to put Pearl Jam on that list. Even though the bassist/guitarist were in Mother Love Bone and also Green River (two amazing/influential early acts of the era), Eddie Vedder makes my butt puke and should go fuck himself with a rake every day. I'd even filter his voice out of Temple of the Dog if I had the knowhow. That said, there are actually songs where Eddie isn't trying to sound as shitty and contrived as possible and during those songs Pearl Jam can get pretty fucking great

What are you thinking about right now?

Australia Bans small breasts

As a lifelong fan/believer in the "more than a handful's a waste" idiom I was really tempted to be annoyed or at least really amused by this, but then I kept reading and just started feeling bad for those dudes since they have apparently never experienced the miracle of female ejaculation :(

Even assuming that it's always faked in pornography, you'd think a country surrounded by so many species of stinging jellyfish would be more progressive about people peeing on each other

edit: also if i had my way everyone who looks at a minor and thinks "mmmmmmmmm" would be tossed into an active volcano, but it seems like banning a potential molestation-free outlet for these people to indulge their sick desires is a not a good way to deal with the problem

New Year's Resolutions

this is kind of how i feel about relationships as a whore.

New Year's Resolutions

I don't buy into "new years' resolutions" but setting goals is a necessary practice year-round so!

- finish saving up for and purchase laser eyeball surgery (I am super close, but blew a large wad on my own christmas present 2 weeks ago :D)
- beta release of my shit
- quadruple RMN postcount while continuing my complete abstinence from using RM and avoiding participation in constructive, informative forum threads

Love Runner needs pixel art (developed by ex-BioWare designer and Unity vet CJ Currie)

If the aim in this thread was to keep anybody from wanting to post about potentially serious projects on RMN ever again then I think you guys did a great job

Love Runner needs pixel art (developed by ex-BioWare designer and Unity vet CJ Currie)

Yeah I wasn't trying to question your legitimacy :p but freelance artists usually don't have anything but their own gut to rely on to protect themselves from getting screwed, so you have to be sensitive to their natural paranoia when dealing with a new prospective client (especially one that isn't offering regular compensation).

Love Runner needs pixel art (developed by ex-BioWare designer and Unity vet CJ Currie)

Hi there!

http://pixelation.wayofthepixel.net/ is where a lot of professional and amateur pixel artists gather for critique and to look for work (both paid and unpaid). I spent a few years pushing pixels professionally and these guys helped me right from the very beginning in both honing my skill and getting my first few gigs, and while I haven't been active there in years I can vouch for a lot of the vets there. Prominent mobile/handheld game developers headhunt there regularly. If you want a spriter who loves to specifically sprite and knows how to work the pixel medium instead of some digital painter who thinks their skill will perfectly carry over, go to Pixelation.

The harsh reality is that your response is probably going to be very underwhelming unless you have money to spend. There are plenty of pixel artists willing to work on a free project to get experience and portfolio material, but this lack of experience shows. "Profit sharing" is the mantra of flakes and con artists in this particular business and is not likely to get the warmest reception. You might not need to break the bank, since this is a pretty global industry and the USD is still desirable in a lot of countries, ailing as it is :p but you're going to learn very early on the difference between cheap art and good art. Budget for the quality you want, and best of luck!