I'm totally new

I've been lurking between here and GW (to a much lesser extent lately) for over a year and tonight realized that if I could get that much entertainment without registering, imagine the fun I could have as an active participant!

Seriously though it seemed a bit assy of me to spend as much time soaking up your games and screenshots as I have without at least trying to contribute a bit to the community here. Plus, you guys definitely have something to offer me when it comes to improving my own works and holy crap--a lot of you have actually finished games, and some I've played are damn good.

I'm an art student and broken-down former freelance pixel pusher with a programming background who is taking a masochistic total DIY approach to the first game I have ever been serious about completing (shocking spoiler: it's an RPG)

Other interests include music to a huge degree (both its creation and consumption), playing with my awesome dog, killing paper targets with my slowly expanding gun collection, cooking, reading (which I do more for education than entertainment, I have games for escapism >:D), and abusing parentheses. Favorite pastime though has gotta be hanging out with a handful of really close friends, going round-robin on who puts a CD from their collection in the player, using the best cross-section of our shared musical tastes as the backdrop for a meandering and always interesting conversation that continues until shortly after we run out of beer.

More to the point, hi.
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