A Rogue's Tale
Skies of Arcadia + Indiana Jones + Teen Angst



A Rogue's Tale

The demo of A Rogue's Tale is available for download now! Enjoy the first hour of gameplay. Any feedback is welcomed and certainly appreciated.

Stay tuned, as development for the full game is close to completion.

Archmage Adventure

Loving the pixel art in your game! Very vibrant!

Thank you, AGGroAzteca! All credit goes to the great artists I found assets from on itch.io. The credits page in the game has more information about them.

Archmage Adventure

Hi Firefly84, thanks for playing and for the very helpful feedback. I'm sorry to hear about the memory leak issues, I've googled some tips on how to help with that and will try to implement into a new build. I'll also fix those bugs you mentioned.

The level should be capped at 10 and there are no more skills to learn after that.

I've read through your guide (very well done) and so far it looks like you have found everything! Nice job finding the secret items. Once you finish the game I'll read over the rest of the guide.

Thanks again for playing!
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