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"- the client does not have the right to use the drawing in a commercial use without separate agreement (exception for projects)"

Really? This is a website for making video games. A person willing to spend money on a commission is likely to want to sell their game.

In my experience getting commissions, its extremely common for artists to have separate rates for free and commercial projects. Given that the majority of the devs here don't go commercial, I don't think this is as big a deal as you're making it.

In other news, today's my brithday!

Happy Birthday :DDDDDD

Where do we go from here?

This speaks to me very much. I have my own struggles with the whole idea of going commercial, as I've wanted to try that route for years. But with recent health problems, I'll probably never be able to handle a commercial release, so I'm probably on the same path, just being a hobbyist and working on games whenever I'm able.

Ultimately, Red's right about not tying your well-being to something mostly out of your control, but it's kinda hard as creators to not get invested in what we make and want it to do well and get recognized.

At any rate, I'm just happy to hear that Crescent Prism will continue. It's worth waiting for, at whatever rate you're able to work on it. :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

author=Sgt M
It was apparent in the months leading up to EX's release that the launch was going to be a quiet one. And somewhere in that time, it became clear that a Dragon Quest-inspired game like Yuusha just didn't have much of an audience.
Or you just haven't found the audience. The main problem with a lot of indie devs trying to get their projects off the ground is that they end up marketing to gamedevs (twitter is mostly full of nitpicky creatives) just because you soared in the #screenshotsaturday metrics isn't going to translate into sales, it just means people liked your screenshot. I say all this because it's really easy to jump to conclusions based on simply your anecdotal experience, and not actually doing the research and finding out if there is or isn't a demand for whatever thing your game offers. It could be that DQ-likes don't have a sizeable audience, but I doubt you even reached the full length to say for certain.

This is the part of things that I'm the absolute worst at. I have no idea how to find an audience. I've got a small audience here on RMN, and I've got Twitter (which, like you said, isn't exactly the best). I'm absolutely clueless at how to reach an audience who might like my stuff.

Critical Hit! (hali's review thread)

Yeah, if I've learned anything from making games (and replaying my old ones), it's that no game is perfect and there'll always be problems and imperfections. If you can't easily fix them (and that's understandable with things like an engine's limitations) just keep them in mind and think of how to correct them in future games you make.


Bought this on Steam before I realized that I shoulda got it on Itch so zDS would get more profit. Ooops XD


Where's the alpaca emoji? XDXD

Reading about the Mary Sue in literature has made me super paranoid about the characters I write.

author=Sgt M
My next protagonist will not only have super saiyan powers and a full team of Level 100 Pokemon but he's also a jerk to everyone and no one criticizes him or his shadow katana.

Yeah, that's the ticket!!! I say embrace the Sue-ness and go all out!

-Rainbow Hair
-One angel wing and one devil wing
-Left eye is red and the right is kaleidoscope
-Buster Sword AND Katana
-Best at Magic AND Swordplay
-Only romances deities
-Everyone worships her but secretly fears her, except for the bad guys who hate her but secretly have a crush on her

Got an idea out of nowhere. As for reviewers, we should have gamerscore as well.

Weird and Unfortunate Things are Happening

Yay! <3 Thanks :DDDD

Weird and Unfortunate Things are Happening

Yay! Thanks Cash :DDD