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Weird and Unfortunate Th...



Luxaren Allure

It turned out consistent enough. I just assumed that it was a matter of local dialects. Mainlanders pluralize Naga differently, and child-Merel picked up the usage from Heather. I'm reasonably sure that's not something you had in mind but it *does* match the script. :-P

(on the other hand, one irreconcilable error if you're still taking bug reports: Yvian's school's name shows up alternately as "Unwavering Blade" (5 times) and "Unwavering Sword" (4 times). I liked the sound of "Unwavering Blade" better, so I went with that.)

Aaaah yeah I never fixed those! >.<;;; It's supposed to be Unwavering Blade and roughly the first half of the game was written on the fly without me taking notes at all so I kept flip-flopping and I didn't even realize I was doing it! I've really got to go back and fix that!

I usually keep a notes file with anything I think I need to write down. Then when I'm done writing I go through it and apply anything that needs to be consistent. I always miss something, though.

I keep all my notes (and the source text) in a Git repo, because I'm insane (actually originally it was to make myself less afraid to cut things).

Haha, wow, that's pretty hardcore! I can at least learn from your example and take better notes next time!

Aww, that's sweet. You're nicer than me. Usually I'm looking for ways to be more horrible to my characters. Which is the out-of-universe reason for Merel's nightmare, incidentally. I didn't feel right writing a fanfic that didn't have *something* dark as hell in it.

It was that and that her original story never got concluded, so I was like "what the heck, she deserves to exist in something. Though like I said, Merel ended up quite a bit different than her after everything got written XD

I think all authors do this. I certainly do. Chisa didn't come across as a mess to me -- I think the contradictions added depth.

Aww, thank you! I'm so glad :DDD

There's lots of me in my version of Merel -- mostly in her inner monologue, where it wouldn't clash with her in-game personality. Child-Merel's line from the game "But it's TRUE!" was...well, relevant to my interests.

I'm really happy that a character of mine spoke to you so much! That is so cool!!!

That's another aspect I enjoyed, that conversation with Heather at the end. It's something I failed to really capture in the game- Merel isn't an expert, she's someone who fell into this because of her own curiosity and her desire to find the truth.
I'm glad you liked it, that's another section that took a lot of thought and rewrites (mostly to avoid Writer On Board) and had a lot of myself in it.

I don't think you failed to capture Merel's autodidacticism. It came through just fine, or I wouldn't have been able to build off it.

Thanks again! It's easy for me to look back and think of all the things I could have done differently, even though my current goal is always "make the thing as best you can, fix errors and really blatant mistakes, and then move on to the next project."

I like it already. Add the goddess for a quad? Or would that be too much of a...no, I'm not going to make that joke.

Haha, I considered that actually, but I figure writing a relationship with three people is hard enough without throwing a goddess into the mix XD

Since playing LA I've been toying with the idea of trying my own hand at RPGMaker. Probably also with a mostly-gay cast, because why not. I know LA uses custom art, but is it possible to make something reasonably good-looking with RPGMaker's stock art? Game art has always been my sticking point when I've poked around games.

For the most part, yes, absolutely! That's how I got my start, actually, and I eventually went back to older titles when I could kind of draw and replaced stock assets with drawings.

The only downside is that the barrier to entry for RPG Maker is pretty low and its harder to grab potential players if you're using the same stock art as everyone else. You've got to grab the audience in other ways. Thankfully, your writing is really good, and that might just do the trick ^_^

And, back to what I said earlier, it's always possible to eventually replace the stock art with custom assets, especially when it comes to stuff like character art and enemy battler art (tilesets can be a little harder).

If you want to talk to me more here or in PMs about your project, feel free! :D

Holy hell, I know that feeling. I've been feeling it on AD for the last year and it is so relieving to not have to feel it anymore. Good luck! I'll certainly play Weird and Unfortunate when it's done.

Thanks very much! :DDD Just a head's up that Weird and Unfortunate is not actually yuri, even tho two of the characters are gay. I'm really wanting to go back to more yuri after this, tho!

I can't put into words the satisfaction I felt reading this! Thank you so much! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD
This makes it all worthwhile. :-) It's an honor to be read! I don't think I'm likely to have a similar opportunity again.

My pride drive insists I point you to the rest of my work (AO3 work list, my own archive).

Wow, interest stuff here. FFVI, Chrono Trigger and Zelda! I'm not big on reading fanfiction these days (or prose at all as much as it pains me to admit) these days, but I'll definitely keep these in mind!

My self-improvement drive wants to know if there's anything you didn't like in Aletheia's Daughter, or that otherwise seemed off, so that I can take things into account next time.

I can't really think of anything that felt off. Granted, most of what I critique these days are games, so I'm not the best person to ask, but I can't really think of any improvements off the top of my head. I liked the pace, I liked the character writing, I liked how the secrets were revealed, I liked the story overall. I could be pretty biased tho since it was based on my own work XDXD

Trying to amass more followers on my Twitter since Tumblr is a dead website that I can't really use any more for game promotion. Check it out:https://twitter.com/TrashPlanetGame. You follow me, I'll follow you. Cool?

Thanks Marrend :DDD I didn't even notice XD

Trying to amass more followers on my Twitter since Tumblr is a dead website that I can't really use any more for game promotion. Check it out:https://twitter.com/TrashPlanetGame. You follow me, I'll follow you. Cool?

Your link doesn't work for me ;_;

To The Tower's Top Review

Wow, thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed the game! :D I agree with pretty much all of your critisisms, and there are too many statues because I ran out of time to make more background objects so I just overused the statues ^^;;

Thanks again for the review! :DDDDD Hopefully Someoneman will return so he can see it too!

[RMVX ACE] Check if an actor has evaded an attack?

:DDDDDD Wonderful! Congrats!

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Also, Fire Emblem 3 Houses has been getting an incredible amount of praise both here and on Twitter that now I feel peer pressured to save up for a Switch and get it. You all think FE is a system seller or not?

Are you cool with Fire Emblem's gameplay? Also do you have other switch games that are tempting you? If so, I'd get a Switch.

I can't say that FE is a system seller but I was really impressed with it and it's got loads of content so you'll be playing for awhile. The fact that you choose a house means that there are lots of routes to go thru and New Game+ adds a lot. I personally think you'd enjoy it.

Also, I really want Code Vein. I enjoy Bloodborne/Dark Souls games (tho I'm not great at them XDXD) and the anime aesthetics plus the detailed character creator really have me tempted.

[RMVX ACE] Check if an actor has evaded an attack?

When you've got it copied, I'll edit it out so people won't have to scroll forever.

[RMVX ACE] Check if an actor has evaded an attack?

Oh no, the Code option and the Hide option don't work together and now I've flooded the topic with a big script!?

[RMVX ACE] Check if an actor has evaded an attack?

Sure, here's the script! ^_^

*cut for file length*

[RMVX ACE] Check if an actor has evaded an attack?

I don't know a thing about coding, but I have a script Craze made called Regrowth Options that does something like this. It has options for "when a character evades" but it seems to mainly do things like restoring HP, TP, or MP, but maybe it'd give you a clue, if nothing else?

I'd link you to it on his old blog, but it just 404s, so I can paste it here if you like!