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Steam RPGMaker Scene

jumping on to this thread (hope you don’t mind) but I would also love to see more RPG Maker developers I know / serious RPG Maker developers on RMN put their completed games up on steam, so long as they don’t mind paying the $100 entry fee.

most of this thread discusses putting up a commercial game on steam (which is understandable, since that’s what OP was originally discussing) and why going commercial on steam is hard (it is). but for people who still want to be able to share their game to more people (and potentially gain back that $100, or not lose it entirely) there’s also the option of putting up a free game on steam and offering paid dlc, such as a soundtrack, artbook, or even just a simple “thank you” donation page like Relic Hunters Zero.

i also want to stress that, once you’ve paid the $100 entry free, it’s ridiculously easy to put your game up on steam (and a dlc, whilst we're at it). it took me about 2 weekends to set up my first one overall (and that’s partially because since i wasn’t familiar with the documentation at all when I started, so it took longer). if anyone wants me to discuss the steam process more, pls lmk I’ll be happy to.

Now this is an angle I hadn't considered before. This sounds like a really cool idea! :DDD

Maybe I should do a video of everything that's available in the Steamworks partner site??? But It's not really that hard to use, inmo. I think you'll need to be familiar with some additional tools as well, such as Gimp (or Photoshop) and some video recording program (use a free trial of Camtasia Studio.)

The hardest part for me was uploading my game using the SDK, which I have a written tutorial on. (Steam actually has a direct download option now for files below a certain size, so there's a way to even bypass this.)

For whatever reason, the video part of this feels the most daunting to me for some reason. I guess I need to look into how to do that someday.

Steam RPGMaker Scene

I can only speak from my own experience, but I assume it might be because the skillsets needed to complete a game and the skillsets needed to market and sell a game are so very different. From personal experience, I have exactly one game on Steam (a team effort with Red Nova and Sooz), and even with a company's involvement in publishing it, it did very very poorly.

I think a lot of us here want to spend our time making the best games we can, but might not have the means, experience, or skillsets to promote our games on a platform like Steam. Personally, I want to spend my time making stuff, not figuring out to sell it, and with the crowded nature of the indie market I doubt I'd be able to break through regardless.

On the other hand, last I heard, the barrier to entry on Steam is still very low, and its not hard to just about anyone with the money needed for the Steam fee to churn out a sub-par RPG (often just using RTP, and, if you're lucky, maybe some custom face or bust art).

I want to stress that I'm not demeaning any dev who wants to earn money for their work or goes the commercial route. There are great RPG Maker games for purchase, my favorite of which is probably Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass. I have often thought of going the Steam route myself, but the older I get, the more it seems unlikely unless something changes with my situation.

But I feel like regardless of where you look, there's a glut of mediocre indie RPGs. Here, at least, you generally don't have to buy them, and can weed out ones you aren't enjoying pretty quickly. It's generally not that easy on Steam.

Just my take on the situation.

What time is it? It's Valentine's!

Thanks for the feedback, Valentine's well-wishes, and all of the cheering me on, everyone! :D

My thoughts are to do whatever you think will help you finish. Wrangling volunteers may help your work load, but then you kinda also have to “manage them” and make sure you get the stuff you need? If that makes sense?

I guess what I’m trying to say that it just gives you another extra layer to worry about? Something to consider :)

Then the people that help you out are super talented and helpful and friendly so, that may be a moot point. Either way, it’s going to be awesome, my excitement can’t be contained and Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Thanks! I think, in the end, it might still be easier for me to ask for help, but if I do, I'll probably just contact known tileset artists and ask for a little help.

Maybe I'm thinking way too much on this, but, one thing to consider might be how turning in tickets for rewards work. I'm thinking specifically of what Illusion of Gaia did with the Jeweler Gem. In this instance, the mini-game would contain a limited number of tickets, and the challenge would be in finding them all. Of course, players would still be able to turn in tickets for whatever reward they currently qualify for which may or may not be needed to find other tickets.

It's... something like that? You'll have to play the final thing to see, but it's similar :D

Opening it up sounds great, but I probably would release after the game itself as a community dlc (because some of these might mess with your visual style).

And congrats on progress. Keep it up.

Thanks! Actually, this minigame is somewhat important, as the last dungeon is very spare on healing items, and this allows you to get your hands on some if you need any, and it can make up for players who missed fortune tickets in previous levels.

That said, your idea is still a good one, though the after-release content could be the Hell Dungeon instead, as it can't be accessed anyway until you beat the normal game.

Is Dottie with you in the final dungeon? I don't see her in the sneak peeks

She could be. Maybe, hypothetically, I could have been over-worrying about spoiling things. In this hypothetical, I could have possibly edited out the sprite of a fourth team member in a vain hope of not giving anything away XD


I love it! A gif nicely captures how alive and awesome these worlds look! :D It wouldn't be the same with just a static image.

[Poll] That Romance Thing (Vote)

If I don't see at LEAST 14 games, I'm gonna kick all yo asses.


Don't blame me, I voted for Card XD

MISAO 2019 Results!

Congratulations, everyone! So many great games on this list, and I haven't played nearly enough of them! I'll try to fix that this year because these games look amazing! :DDD