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[RMMV] Help for the stupid

Glad it got fixed. MV is weird.

Critical Hit! (hali's review thread)

The red one is the Scarlet Maid, and it does indeed inflict a status on you known as Heat (which inflicts 9999 damage if you take any action other than Defend with the character).

I'm having a little trouble grasping the thought behind this particular status effect. You need to know that it's on you, and to know that any action other than defending will deal 9999 damage to your character?

So your choice as a player (if you know all that) is either defend every turn (which makes that character pretty useless) or die and have to resurrect that character? Or spend an (I'm guessing expensive) item to cure the status effect before that character accidentally takes an action and dies?

No offense, but that's an overly brutal status effect that seems more fitting for a bonus dungeon from hell or a purposefully trolling-you game.

EDIT: Thinking more on it, I could sorta seeing it work if that's like an enemy's entire gimmick. Like he inflicts it on you and taunts you with "Hahahaha! DEFEND or DIE!" But it'd have to be used very carefully and it'd still feel kinda mean XD

Critical Hit! (hali's review thread)

Ah yes, the Flan. Half damage from elementals, no damage from physicals. BUT weak to Ice, from what the Bestiary document is telling me. And...for some reason absorbs Fire?? I don't understand my reasoning for THAT one. That enemy, alongside the Flan Maid, was one of the last few additions to the game before I released it. ^^;

Usually flan-type enemies are strong against physical but weak against magic, with some elemental exceptions, so that's one difficult flan! Is there any way for the player to know they might need to use ice, or is it just a guessing game? Also fire would probably be my first go-to attempt on them so that wouldn't go well for me XD

Steam vs. Epic Games

Yeah, I've been very unhappy with Steam (even tho I don't even put games on there (yet?)) ever since they tweaked the algorithm to favor bigger devs over smaller ones. (Here's one of many twitter threads about smaller devs getting shafted by the algorithm in case anyone is interested)

Add to that their unwillingness to to curate anything unless it gives them major bad press, not to mention a plethora of other issues (allowing games that don't even run correctly, allowing "asset flips" (where someone purchases assets and uploads pre-made demos that come with the assets as a full game without adding anything of their own), allowing people who have openly stolen other people's work to continue selling, all the things Darken mentioned, and the list goes on and on) and Steam is kinda a garbage dump right now.

Maybe Epic will provide enough competition to Steam to make things better? Like, I know why people don't like it, and being told you need yet another program to run games is an annoyance, especially if devs have told you that you could get it on Steam before Epic paid them the big bucks to go exclusive. But still a shakeup might be good for things overall. Too soon to really tell now, of course, but I can hope!

Corruption of Laetitia

Sounds wonderful! :DDD Thanks for all your hard work ^_^

If it makes you feel any better, that game that I just updated a couple of days ago? I just got a report with more bugs in it XD;; The battle continues

Corruption of Laetitia

I finished the game ^_^ Thank you, that was a lot of fun :DDDDDD

I had a few small issues/bugs while playing. Please ignore them if they've already been fixed. I'll put them under a hide tag here:

Summoning Alrune has the same action text as summoning a harpy (see screenshot below):

Riliane's Flash of Light has no action text, so it just says "Riliane" when cast:

(The part when she gets the ability to become a battle priest and rescue Celeste was super cool tho! Loved that ^_^)

When you throw the Twin Blades of Levanta into the mana pool, instead of removing the Twin Blades from your inventory, it seemed to add another Twin Blades instead.

I really liked the game, though I would have liked more romance between whoever you choose to be with (I chose Riliane :D). I don't mean that the game was lacking in romance, just that I'm one of the few people who always wants more than usual XD Tho I wonder if i missed any scenes with her, as I was dumb and didn't bother giving her flowers until near the end of the game XDXD;;;

I'm adding emojis to the site. Just cos.

Okay, Fine XD

I'm adding emojis to the site. Just cos.

This is the only emoji I need:

Tales of Yuria: The Dragon God

How to do the second bounty

For the second bounty you dont have to wait for night. After finishing the mines and heading for the village, the lord will invite you to a banquet. On your way to the lords house, there will be blood in between some houses to the north. Speaking to the man will cause you to 1v1 a lycanthrope

Oh cool, thanks! I completely missed that!

What do you think of 'Girly Runs' and other such motions?

You seem pretty dead-set on it, and if you think it fits the setting and character, then fair enough. I just find it odd that you made a thread to specifically ask what people thought of this and then dismissed all the replies you got.

Why ask "What are your thoughts on it as a motion?" in the first place if you're going to just tell each person that they're wrong?