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Weird and Unfortunate Th...



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hahaha ooops! XD

Oh crap, you can permanently recruit Ren? I'll have to go back and figure that out! And I only found two cassettes.

Coming soon. Not sure when, but soon.

Thanks so much, everyone! :DDD

Weird And Unfortunate Things are imminent.

(I'm super hoping there's plans to put this on steam or another platform to increase its visibility. This is a really cool game, and I want for more people to have the chance to find out about it and play it.)

Already planned to put it out here and on itch.io, but steam is def a possibility! I wouldn't mind dropping money to put it on there if someone could walk me through how to put up an RPG Maker game on there, and maybe enable some achievements or something ^_^ Game would still be free to play

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I've got 15 werewolf pelts but Twig still won't let me into Elf city, so I guess this is it, for now. Really enjoyed the game BTW. Here are some small bugs:

Text runs over if the party gets an ambush. Not that I'd be surprised to see that in an old NES game or whatever, but still XD

You can walk on tables:

The ore battle in the werewolf cave contains an invisible enemy, and can be repeated indefinitely:

The werewolf area was a pretty nice challenge, I had to run back to the city (or fly back with wings) after party members got killed there.

A Collection of Firsts

The earliest of my games that still exist to play is Chase for Divinity. It's either my second or third game, or something like that. It's hard to say because I worked on it off-and-on for awhile.

My real first game was an RPG Maker 95 disaster that never got finished and starred an overpowered demon. It has been sadly lost to time ;_;

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haha, it's just right for me, TBH! Just enough oldschoolness for the old nostalgia without it being annoying!

I'm just outside the forest where you meet the ranger. Taking a break to do some writing but really enjoying it so far :D

What is GEAS?

Yeah, loved reading this, and can't wait to see how GEAS unfolds :DDD

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Just started this morning! :DDDD I absolutely adore how oldschool everything feels (as well as the bird in the intro XD)


Sounds like a fun time! Is it filmed before a live studio audience? :D


So glad to see this gamepage up, instant sub :DDD

How do you stop going back??

Sgt M said it right. An imperfect completed project beats out a perfect project you never finish. And your skills are going to keep improving, so yeah, making everything before you go back and remake/redraw everything is super solid advice.

There are plenty of things I file away for future projects, too, rather than undoing hours of work to re-implement them in my current project, tho this may just be a "me" thing. For example, finding a slicker way to show when the player has found an item than just the standard text box. Instead of going back and redoing hundreds of item pickups, I just file it away for "this will be cool for my next project" and keep my current method consistent for the current game.