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Date Knights work continues!

Thanks so much for this, Cap_H!!! This is wonderful feedback and I can definitely use this to improve, on both a story and gameplay level! This is fantastic :DDDDDDD

I'm surprised you were able to type this all on your phone! I'm really bad at typing on my phone and would have been much messier XDXD

This is all great food for thought. I'll work on making Jakob more interesting in battle and I like your idea about expanding his relationship with Armen in some way. It'd be cool to add some optional content for people who want more of their relationship!

I completely agree about the enemy battlers' being a bit dark compared to the rest of the art. Given the limited time of the event, I just looked for a monster set that lined up with what I needed and ran with it. XD;;;;;

Luxaren Allure

So, um. Almost exactly three years ago I said I would write the first Luxaren fanfic. I am an absurdly slow writer. But, at last, it is done. Woo!

Chapters will go up Wednesdays and Saturdays for around the next six weeks (except Dragoncon weekend, which I might miss). Everything is finished and polished, so it's not going to disappear into the ether.

...now I'm going to go do something else and try to forget to be nervous about it.

Wow, thank you so much! :DDD This is amazing! I'll take my time and read it all over and let you know what I think ^_^

Date Knights work continues!

Thanks very much, Cap :DDD If you end up having time to give it a play, I'd love to hear what you think ^_^

Is borrowing sprites like this legally okay? :3

It's basically the videogame equivalent to an artist tracing another artist's work, which puts it in a gray area but generally feels kinda shifty.

On one hand, we're on an RPG Maker site, and RPG Maker has a long history of using ripped or traced sprites very liberally. So I think it's fine for a free game (especially if you're upfront about it) but like Darken said, you probably shouldn't sell a game with sprites made like that.

From my own (admittedly quick and limited) research, companies won't often come after people for doing this, but it still feels kinda cheap and crappy, and if your game got big and they did decide to come after you, I think they could get your game taken down pretty easily.

Also, much like tracing art, it can be good for a practice learning exercise, but using something traced or modified is bad for actually growing as a pixel artist. If you're not willing to build something from the ground-up, you'll have to keep relying on using other people's work as a starter, which will limit you in the long run.

Stealth Demo Release!

As someone who got to help playtest this, I highly recommend this demo! :DDD Can't wait to play the full game and I love all of these characters!!!

A Song of Fire & Ice

I really hope you can make it and I'm really cheering for this game. I think out of all of the games on RMN this is one of the best remembered and I'm really really hoping it'll do well once it's released!

Date Knights

Thanks sacred! ^_^ Hopefully I'll have it done before too long.

A Rainbow of Positivity

Hooray! :DDDD!

Olive to Cook Signups

Sure thing! ^_^

KO Cupid

Wonderful! ^_^ I'll be looking forward to more :DDDD