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[RMMZ] MZ Sideview Weapon Problem (Solved)

I'm using custom-sized side-view sprites for my MZ game. But this makes the weapons not go in their hands (as seen above XD)

I thought I could use custom-sized weapon sprites for them as well, but if I resize the Weapons1 in the img/Systems folder, it doesn't seem to work correctly.

Does anyone know a way to fix this? Or a plugin that moves the weapons up or down or left or right would also work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Figured out a solution! :D

Using the VisuStella MZ Battle Core, you can use <Sideview Weapon Offset: +0, +0> and substitute the zeros with numbers (or negative numbers) to move the weapon position around ^_^

[RMMZ] Sideview Battle Help (SOLVED)

I'm using Sideview Battlers on MZ and I don't have any experience with it, so I thought I'd ask.

I'm using "Certain Hit" for healing spells, but the sideview actors do an attack pose for all certain hits. Is there a way to override this for specific abilities (and make it use a casting sideview pose instead?) I could just switch all healing to "Magical Attack" instead of "Certain Hit" (and I may if there is no other solution) but this just seemed like something there'd be a notetag or an option for.

The only plugins I'm using are the Visustealla Yanfly ones, but I'm using a loooot of them XD

Any help would be greatly appreciated :DDD

EDIT: I'm using VisuMZ's battle core, so I think I need to figure out Action Sequences, and that'll get me where I need to be? No idea how to do Action Sequences tho

EDIT 2: I found a thing on how to do action sequences. I may be able to solve this myself XD;;;

EDIT 3: I figured it out! If you're using VisuMZ's battle core, put <Custom Action Sequence> in the skill's notetag, then make a common event (I called my common event "Hero Heal Action"), and use the Plugin Commands from the VisuMZ Battle Core to make an action sequence.

I used ACSET: Setup Action Set, then Motion: Motion Type with "spell" selected, then MECH: Wait for Effect, then ACSET: Each Target Action Set with Perform Action set to false, then ACSET: Finish action.

Then go back to the skill and on the Effects box, select your common event.

There may have been a simpler or more elegant way to get the job done, but this worked for me at least XD

How Has Your Experience with MZ Been?

Hello everyone! I've been trying out RPG Maker MZ, and am very impressed!

I'm considering a purchase, but after MV, I'm a little shy about going for it, so I thought I'd ask: How has it been for everyone else so far?

Any problems? Any lag? Any difficulties? Do the effekseer animations work well? I'll be mostly making my own resources so I don't care as much about the RTP graphics that come with it, one way or another.

My only real frustration is I really want a script to tell when you hit a weakness or resistance, but if I can't find that, I can probably hire someone to make it for me.

New RPG Maker incoming?


Was honestly wondering if we'd get a new one after MV.

With no details yet, it's hard to be excited. Especially after MV underwhelmed me. I'll be waiting on the sidelines to see what they do with this new one, but I can only hope we get a robust, well made engine and that they don't walk back any of the features of previous RPG Makers like they sometimes do.

Has Anyone Used SRPG Studio?

SRPG Studio, an engine that promises to allow you to make Fire Emblem and other tactics type games, has a big sale on Steam that's tempting me, but while the reviews for it are mostly positive, many admit that the English support and documentation for the game are very poor and that you can't make more than a straightforward SRPG with it.

I was wondering if anyone here had purchased it? Was it easy to use? Does it seem like something worth investing in, even at sale price?

An itch.io user keeps wanting to convert my games, kinda weird

A few moments, I got a comment on my game's itch.io page from a user who asks the simple question "Did you make this in RPG Maker VX Ace?"

This wouldn't be a big deal except the same user asked the same question to me on the same page 11 months ago.

This user seemingly goes on to any game page they can find on itch.io and, if it looks like the game was made in VX Ace, they ask if they can convert the game into RPG Maker MV. I said no. However, if you say yes, they want all your files for your game.

If you look at their post history, it certainly tells a story. Pages and pages of asking if this game was made in VX Ace, lots of asking to convert games, only peppered with a handful of any other sort of comment. It almost looks like a bot.

Here are some screenshots.

My question is, am I being silly, or is this an issue? I know you can convert a game from Ace to MV as far as the base files and tilesets go, but it's not so easy to just churn out a conversion, especially if your game uses a lot of scripts that may or may not have an equivalent plugin in MV.

Not to mention that this person seems to be asking multiple people a day for this. They claim they've posted completed conversions on their itch.io page but it looks to me the same as it did a year ago. Feels like it could be some kind of scam, but I really don't understand what the person gains from it aside from your game's files.

I suppose they could dump the game on a storefront or something. Is this even something that I should be reporting to itch.io directly? Or just a weird user I should just be ignoring? XD Any insights would be appreciated.

Weird Stealing on RMW

I'm kinda puzzled by this. Someone named oluis1994o posted Weird and Unfortunate Things as a complete game over on rpgmakerweb.com.

Here's the post, and I'll put a screenshot under a hide-tag under here (as I suspect the thread will be removed), but it's basically just my description of the game copy-pasted.

Apparently I'm not the first, as this person has done the same to Wheelmanzero's Umbral Soul (which has since been removed).

My first thought was "Wow, am I victim of another wave of terrible RPG Maker game theft?" But looking at this closer, the user just links to his blog that links back to the Weird and Unfortunate page here on RMN. What's going on? Does oluis1994o just want more people to go to his blog? I have no idea what the logic is.

A Fond Farewell to Yanfly

Yanfly is retiring, and I just wanted to give him a fond farewell as he leaves the RPG Maker community.

Thank you so much for your many years of service. You've done so much for so many of us and allowed our games to shine even brighter. You've worked tirelessly for years.

Thank you again and again for your dedication to RPG Making and everything you've done. We'll miss you very much.

On a personal note, I want to say that the vast majority of everything I've made since joining RMN has had Yanfly's scripts in them, helping me along the way and making the RPG Maker experience just that much more enjoyable, flexible and nice. So many things I wanted to implement were made possible by his scripts and plugins, and I owe him a big debt of gratitude.

I'm not sure what I can say now that he's retiring, so I'll just say it again: Thank you, Yanfly. We'll miss you.

Avoid purchasing plugins from Foundat.io

A company and some really shady programmers have copied Yanfly's (and Victor's, Galv's, and others) plugins and sold them for money. The tldr version is don't buy anything from the Foundat.io site and show them that we don't take kindly to such blatant theft in the RPG Maker community.

If you want a more in-depth look at what happened, Yanfly is chronicling this debacle.

Read Here:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Stepping Down as a Mod

Hello all.

I'm stepping down as a mod here on RMN due to health issues. I'll still be around, and I'm not going to stop trying to make games, but I'm just not able to continue my mod duties.

Thanks everyone ^_^