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Avoid purchasing plugins from Foundat.io

A company and some really shady programmers have copied Yanfly's (and Victor's, Galv's, and others) plugins and sold them for money. The tldr version is don't buy anything from the Foundat.io site and show them that we don't take kindly to such blatant theft in the RPG Maker community.

If you want a more in-depth look at what happened, Yanfly is chronicling this debacle.

Read Here:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Stepping Down as a Mod

Hello all.

I'm stepping down as a mod here on RMN due to health issues. I'll still be around, and I'm not going to stop trying to make games, but I'm just not able to continue my mod duties.

Thanks everyone ^_^

[RMMV] MV Windowskin Question

Been playing with MV more, but I ran into something weird when putting together windowskins.

The background seems to seep out of the edges. It's hard to see, but look at the bottom corners.

Is there something I'm doing wrong? I mean, I could move the window out one pixel in the graphic file, but I thought the program would keep this from happening. Any insight would be appreciated ^_^

[RMMV] Reducing the party's TP by a percentage

Hello ^_^

Got a project in MV where I want to cut all party members' TP in half after each battle. Got a Common Event set up that runs after battles, but the engine will only allow me to reduce TP by a set number and not a percentage.

How would you use a script command to do this? I know I could in Ace but I assume the language is different in MV and it would be an MV specific one.

Any help is greatly appreciated ^_^

[RMVX ACE] Way to check if Player is On a Boat/Ship?

The situation I am working on: You have, say, a boat that looks like a surfboard, and when you get on that surfboard, the surfboard's sprite transforms to a sprite of the hero riding the surfboard, and when you get off, the surfboard goes back to having a sprite of an empty surfboard.

I know how to change the ship/boat's graphic via an event, and I thought that maybe I could pull it off if I made every bit of water a certain region, and had a parallel process that checks if you're on that region, and if you are, changes the ship/boat sprite to look like you're riding the surfboard, and if you're not, changes the ship/boat to look like an empty surfboard.

My question is, is this the best way to do this? Is there an easier way to do this? Is there a script call that could make this easier (like something that checks if you're on the ship/boat? I'm not very experienced with conditional script calling like that) or some other way to do this that I'm missing?

Thanks a lot! ^_^

Console RPG Makers (RPG Maker Fes)

Just saw a tweet about NIS America taking preorders for RPG Maker Fes, and I'd figured now was as good a time as any to ask anyone who has experience with them about console RPG Makers. Namely, how do you share your games you make with them, and do you find them limiting to work with?

My only experience was with one of the PS2 ones and I never got far with it ^^;;

[RMVX ACE] Releasing Your Game, EXE vs ZIP

When it comes to VX Ace games and the executable file that Ace creates when compressing your game, Windows has the tendency to stop it from opening on some computers, saying that it stopped you from running something dangerous.

Because of this, I'm thinking of changing my downloads from EXEs to just zipping the file. As far as I know, this should work, right? Is there anything I need to know about distributing them as ZIP files aside from remembering to delete the save files first?

"Did I accidentally just go commercial?" (A Patreon Conundrum)

Over at the rpgmakerweb forums, an interesting question was asked: "Does patreon make a game become commercial?" By that, they mean, if you are making a free-to-play game but you get money from Patreon, is your game actually commercial, and must you pay commercial fees and get commercial licenses (and avoid using "non-commercial only" scripts or resources).

The answer over there seems to range from "It depends on who you ask, so you need to contact everyone and make sure they are cool with it" to "You've made money via Patreon, so your game is automatically commercial."

Me, I have a Patreon. I make $12 a month from a couple of nice people's donations. That's it. So if these assertions are true, despite me releasing everything for free, I'm actually making things as a commercial enterprise and I didn't even realize it.

If this is true, then perhaps I should consider shutting down my patreon account. $12 a month isn't worth having to contact everyone and potentially pay commercial fees for games that I'm releasing for free.

What does everyone think? I'm curious about others' takes (or especially if anyone who knows about the legal side of all of this).

[RMVX ACE] Is it possible to stop Ace from Resizing text?

When you put text in a field for the menu or in battle, VX Ace will shrink it if it thinks it won't fit in the box. But I'm using a custom font and VX Ace is resizing things even when there's plenty of room.

Is there a script or a way to stop Ace from resizing things at all? That would be a huge help, if it's at all possible.

Thanks a ton! ^_^

The Bonus Dungeon is the Final Dungeon?

I've been pondering this for a while about bonus dungeons that are often included as Post-Game content. I don't like them from a narrative standpoint. As people on this site have stated, it feels a bit off to have a bonus dungeon that's harder than the final dungeon and a boss at the end of the bonus dungeon that's harder than the last boss, as the payoff of the game and the big ending is locked behind the final dungeon, which either means you beat the game and come back to play the bonus dungeon, or you grind to beat the bonus dungeon and then sweep through the final dungeon and the last boss with little to no difficulty.

On the other hand, the bonus dungeon is appealing to me as a developer. It turns out when I go all out and make a big dungeon, I make a giant labyrinth that is too much for the average player. Which means, if I want to let loose and make a huge dungeon, it'd need to be a bonus dungeon.

So, my pondering has been "How can I be able to have a bonus dungeon without the narrative stuff that's so bothersome?" If you go through the Bonus dungeon, that's the hardest, most dire part of the game, and it seems like the game should end after that.

So I got an idea. What if the Final Dungeon and the Bonus Dungeon are one in the same? Hear me out: After going through say the first floor of the Final Dungeon, there would be two paths. You would be warned that one path is much harder than the other. The hard path would look like it's the same place as the easier path, but it would have visual cues that this is A Very Bad Place and just look wrong somehow.

The easier path wouldn't be easy; it would be regular Final Dungeon difficulty. It's just that the harder path can go crazy with Bonus Dungeon-like length and difficulty.

For what happens after you beat either version, I'd say that both should end with the Last Boss, but the Bonus Dungeon path's version of the last boss is much much harder, possibly even with an extra form that the regular last boss doesn't have.

Not sure if the endings should be different, but it feels like the bonus boss maybe should have something extra in the ending, if only as a reward to people who toughed out the harder version.

What do you all think about this idea? Would you be interested in playing a game that operated like this? Are there problems with this idea? I'm curious about how it sounds ^_^