Resonate ~call out my angel~

Looks promising!

The sprite and background in this screenshot look a bit mismatched though (perspective and texture) , unless that was intentional


very good!

Lunar Wish: Orbs of Fate

It took a bit of warming up-to in the beginning, but this game is pretty much perfect for what it does! 10/10 potential

(Possible spoiler text in white between square brackets )

I've become stuck with [robbing the Little Girl's House] sidequest in Arrowseye village though, and not sure if this is a bug or puzzle:

- After getting the key and entering the house, the cutscene shows a bunch of spike traps on the floor
- But using the x-ray specs does nothing to show them

This happens on version 1.05, so just wanted to know if this is a puzzle or fixed bug before having to start all over after upgrading to 1.07 :s

Legend of Amara

This game looks really promising LorSquirrel, haven't checked anything out yet aside from the screenshots

* Character portraits, enemy sprites and font are amazing
* Character sprites are an interesting choice, in comparison with all the chibi sprites out there
* Map design and assets look really enjoyable as well; I see some reused npcs and tile decorations (nothing wrong with that though)
* Battle system looks interesting

Best of luck with development!
(P.S. if you need a proofreader for whatever reason feel free to pm on here)
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