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Madness Fantasy
Five friends leave for a crazy weekend, but end up arrested. Will you succeed in take them out of this mess?



Madness Fantasy

Full game is now finally available on Steam! ^-^

Madness Fantasy

Thanks to everyone who has played!
The demo will be removed in the next few days to make room for the full game, I will update you as soon as it is available! Thank you very much!

Madness Fantasy

Wait what? You can use any car/bike on the map??? This is amazing!

Yeah, you can use whetever vehicle you want ^-^

Loved the demo!

Noticed something. (Spoilers)

First mission:
Poop into a handbag.

Second mission:
Steal handbags.

Third mission:
Retrieve handbag from river of poop.

Got kind of a theme going there. :-)

Yeah I know it's kinda monothematic in this first phase XD But forward in the story things will be different :P

Thank you all for your feedbacks! The full game will be available in few days! ^-^

Madness Fantasy

Oh, this is weird, it's just the game executable it shouldn't appear like a virus ^^'
Did you use the Maniac's Patch at all?

There's been a problem with anti-virus software and false positives lately.

I just used the licensed rpgmaker2003 software 1.10a, no patches or else ^^'

Madness Fantasy

Oh, this is weird, it's just the game executable it shouldn't appear like a virus ^^'

Madness Fantasy

Loving this setting and aesthetic! Very excited to see how the game plays out!

Thank you! The download of the DEMO is now available! You can now try the game! :D
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