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bug In accursed catacombs in St Ambrose tomb the spirit has a ? but doesnt react. I am stucked,If ireturn there are more revenants.
bug In accursed catacombs in St Ambrose tomb the spirit has a ? but doesnt react. I am stucked,If ireturn there are more revenants.

I've checked the event and it went all right. If you can't see the witch below the (?) balloon icon maybe the variable error happened somewhere else. Just send the stuck save game to our email evernade63-at-gmail-dot-com and we'll try to correct the variable value error and send the savegame back to you.


Help please with switches in the water tower in Lu Vazr.Thanks
bug: i can walk over the walls

I've fixed the bugs but make sure the player gets down from the wall first and goto the center of the map before you save the game.
I appreciate your feedback.


The bugs are just fixed. You can reinstall the game but make sure you copy all your saved games in another folder first just in case, and you can copy them back later on.

Maven Cutscene Game Videos!

Ok got it.


A self beta playtest is underway to find and fix bugs. Stay tuned for updates!

Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright :: 2022 Gammak Challenge!

Great idea! I'll just work out this phrase: "There can't be two male tigers on one mount."

EVERNA FireHeart Legacy MV

This looks really interesting, i subscribed! I'll wait until it's fully complete tho, so i experience the game in one go.

Well, it's actually completed. You don't have to finish this game to play the second part. Thanks for your feedback.

EVERNA FireHeart Legacy VX

As per Bicfarmer's review, we've corrected some logic in the game and updated the download file. You can download and reinstall the game, but copy the savegame files to another place first before copying them back to the game folder.

- Before taking on every mine cart ride, make sure your entire party HP's are full. If all HPs are O, it's game over even when they "survived" from the leap.
- The Frei Val'shka battle in Emole Grad seems to be in order. But if it's not much trouble, send us the file of the saved game prior to that event to evernasaga-at-gmail-dot-com, and we'll work out the bug ASAP.
- Most of the illogical things are fixed.

EVERNA FireHeart Legacy VX

This RPG is extremely broken.

I get stuck/unable to progress/mess up the game logic several times while playing. One major problem is the fast travel system. Often times, I end up in the fast travel selection room and was unable to return to where I previously was, and it also has a tendency to open up warps to areas that I have not visited yet. In fact my first death was when stumbling into the fast travel access from the beggining town of the game, where I went to some other town to die to the first random encounter that was several levels above me. Anyway, I was playing along being amused by pretty much everything in this game, but in the battle with the ice lady at the dwarven throne room, the game froze at the start of battle. That's as far as I got.

There are also several times where an NPC wanders into a chokepoint causing me to get stuck and have to reset the game. I admit I've seen this problem only once in another game but never have I seen it happen this many times in a single game. Impressive.

In general, the game logic is very confused. Here's some examples:
- some NPC's point at someone in the room who's not there (but will appear there later)
- A mandatory scene where you need to cook something to progress but you aren't told what the recipe is
- about half the shops in the game sell weaker or obsolete gear
- There is no apparent logic for who can equip what weapons (other than the girl using staves)
- when i got on the boat near Alceste, the boat instead starts at West Arcadia and circumnavigates the world to get to somewhere else.
- Ridding a minekart where we jump out as it crashes into a chasm, our characters comment on how we survived and have to walk the rest of the way, followed by a game over screen
- The BGM all but disappears at some point in chapter 5
- one of the houses in alceste is a debug room that you can casually wander into

Here's some fun game design choices in this game I have never seen before:
- bandit enemies that steal your gold then immediately end the battle.
- some towns have pickpockets that steal your money if you walk near them (you dont know how much money they took)
- a timed shooting minigame where some targets go invisible
- a horse racing minigame that is completely dependent on dice rolls
- a flashback where a guy rides a horse thru enemy territory for about five real time minutes
- an area filled with invisible traps that cause anything from random status effects to outright KO to one character. When i leave the area and come back, the traps get reactivated. This also happens with several other minor events throughout the game.
- This game has a recurring theme with runaway kids. Several main/side quests involve some runaway kid or another.

If you want to see a fun game that defies logic, by all means try this game.

Thank you for your detailed review. We'll fix the game as soon as possible.
The runaway kids quests are purely side-quests, though to add fun to the main story.

EVERNA FireHeart Legacy VX

Right, we've uploaded the latest bug-fixed version, mod date Jul 7, 2018.
You can download the new installer with the same download button above. (

Anyone with a bug or "weighty dwarf" problem can use the old savegames you've copied to another directory. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience.

If the problem persists, you can use the F9 key (debug menu).
For instance, before the Emole Grad sequence, in the front of Ylbarra Citadel, to prevent freezing make sure Variable #22: Hermit of Grad is 26 or more. Hope it helps. Rgds, the dev.