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Support RPG Fighter League on Steam Early Access! Thanks for your feedback and support! ^_^
RPG Fighter League
Battle in the Colosseum with the best team of your choices to the Top Fighter League.



RPG Fighter League

The game is now available on Steam Early Access.
Go check this out! I would love to here you're feedback about the game so I can continue to improve every bits to something really great for a RPG Maker game.

RPG Fighter League on Steam Early Access


Thanks for your great feedback! :)
I will try to fix the maximum of these tiny error to help the visual feedback of the skills and the look of the background.


hahahah nice one! It's true that the fight will not be easy to win againts those giants.


Thanks for the feedback, I should update the screenshots of this place.
Chests are not close to the map because I want people to freely navigate around in the room.

RPG Fighter League

Hmm, that NBA-like header is certainly eye-catching. Points for knowing how to attract potential players!

Challenge Leagues would be good to have, if you don't already have them. Basically, they have restrictions, handicaps that force you to remove the crutches you've been used to (your true-and-tried go-to strategy for everything) and find another way around the problem.

Damage Cap: You can only do a certain amount of damage per hit. This is where multi-hitters shine! That'd be a good concept for a boss actually.

No Healing/Diminished Healing/No Items: Self-explanatory.

Start all battles with a debuff or enemies buffed: Self-explanatory.

Normalized: Party's elemental resistance is set to neutral (take normal damage). If you were hoping your immunity to attacks would help you here, think again!

Three Strikes and you're out: Every time one of your teammates is KO-ed, you get a Strike. Get three and you automatically fail! Either it resets at the start of the next battle or it carries over. It that's too tough, you could maybe get a Strike removed whenever you clear like 10 battles or so.

Timed: You only have a certain amount of time to beat this challenge. Pick your moves and equipment wisely!

Guard Limit: Each character can use Guard only a certain amount of times and the enemies can hit hard! Use them wisely!

Golden Trio: You can only choose three characters for this challenge. Pick wisely!

Boss Rush: Face all the bosses one after another only this time they're packing some new tricks up their sleeves...

If you haven't already, making some party members obtainable only if you fulfill certain criteria (beat a challenge league, obtain # fans, beat # leagues).


Hahaha! HikiNeet I think you read in my new files... This is exactly what I'm doing right now with new League but with specific challenge like you said!.

Time Limit battle League: Finish the league within the time limit.

Magic User League: One magic can damage the enemy in this league.

Protect League: Where one of your character is someone you need to protect to win the League, if he die, you need to restart.

And a lot of other great Leagues that will need the people to change there strategy. I only need more time to do all the work I want but, at the end it will the player who will have new challenges to learn and defeat to finally have the chance to meet the Architect.

thx for your support!

Horror Music Pack: "Chelsea"

WOW that really cool thank you! I'm sure I will find them a good use inside my game.
Great stuff ;)

RPG Fighter League

Great game, when will be a update?

I'm working hard on the next update, it will be in about one or two weeks. Be sure to follow up with more contents, leagues, fun & more :D

Looking for testers and help with proofreading and dialog.

HI everyone,

I'm currently working on my game RPG Fighter League.
You can find the link over here: My RPG Fighter League

And I'm looking for testers and people who could help me with proofreading in my game! Because my game is still done in english but its not my first language so it's not perfect. But if someone could help me to look inside the game and tell me where are the errors, it will be a pleasure for me to fix this to improve the quality of my game.

You can find a build of the game on this website : RPG Fighter League
or here in

thank you!

RPG Fighter League

Filled with grammatical errors but other than that its a blast! I like the tone of the game, upbeat and humorous but not juvenile. And the maps I've seen so far look good. I love the treasure chests especially. Hope you get greenlit! I'll vote now.

Thanks! I'm currently searching for people to help me with proofreading my game. Because like I said, english is not my first language so I need help to correct and polish my game. But thanks for your support I hope, I will get the chance to be greenlighted and continue to make a great RPG. :)

RPG Fighter League - Enter the Steam Greenlight program and I need your help! ^_^

I need your help to go through the Steam Greenlight program! Please vote for me and give me the chance to prove you that RPG Fighter League will become a great RPG. Try the demo and give me your feedback about it ;)

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