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Looking for testers and help with proofreading and dialog.

HI everyone,

I'm currently working on my game RPG Fighter League.
You can find the link over here: My RPG Fighter League

And I'm looking for testers and people who could help me with proofreading in my game! Because my game is still done in english but its not my first language so it's not perfect. But if someone could help me to look inside the game and tell me where are the errors, it will be a pleasure for me to fix this to improve the quality of my game.

You can find a build of the game on this website : RPG Fighter League
or here in

thank you!

Hi everyone!! nice to meet you :D

Hello everyone!

Nice to meet you, I'm kind of new in this place. But what I can see is that we got some great creator around here :)

I'm too working on my own project RPG Fighter League. You can check my dev blog or my profile if you want more info.

But I hope I will get to know you more and I will surely check your project too.

thx in advance and have a nice day!
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