I really enjoy playing games but I always got this urge to make my own.
Ever since I was a highschool student I always get this random ideas just pop out in my head. Funny thing is that i pretty much remember alot of the game ideas than our lessons in class. Even tho I always get alot of game ideas. I don't usually make them because of lack of motivation. Even money won't motivate me.

My favorite games are the ones who let you create your own game like LBP 1 and 2. Even my laptop got alot of installed games that have a create mode like CryEngine 3,Unreal Engine, Arma II, Left 4 dead' Authoring Tools, Warcraft III's World Editor and RPG Maker 2003.

I'm not just into games. I also like watching anime. Not just a guy who watch Naruto or Dragonballs but I'm more like into more realistic slice of life anime so expect to see alot of my stuff will be Slice of Life than fantasy games or futuristic robots. I might even put myself as a character in the story and you will see what kind a person I am.
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