I'm a douche who made multiple alt accounts to hype my shitty games



love you guys feedback

Since you're at it, I'd like to ask to make field maps smaller and more consistent with door-type points (that huge swamp/desert/something place in the second character's story where we get a kid and his sister has large, very large maps which make enjoying the game pain in the ass; and by "consistent door-type points" I mean that you go to the right edge of map and suddenly end up facing up and it really confuses).

Also, battle balance is hella bad, like no matter the character role, all characters have similar max HP at all levels, but other stats appear to be better balanced. Also, MP costs for some skills are just way too high: you're doing the MP costs as you feel like forced to give these 9999 max MP to the party, but it's just plain stupid. And then there's this "Self-Heal" skill which IMO is completely unnecessary and you could just have Heal skill which the player would use to heal any party member they desire to heal. And monsters feel really unbalanced; like the boss in the desert thing with the siblings and you pretty much waste your resources (MP and items) to keep yourself alive.

If you're working alone, I advise you to get some help as there's so much potential here, but numerous grammatical errors and lack of combat balance will certainly not earn you a lot of fans and recognition.

yeah I'm working completely alone, but thanks to your feed back all those issues are being tackled as we speak. I tried to make combat challenging think I went over board and I have removed the enormous mapping scale I had made it more compact.
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