I'm a douche who made multiple alt accounts to hype my shitty games



Eternal Odyssey

Your game's screenshots do look a lot better. I'm glad you can accept criticism!

hope your still here demo out now

Eternal Odyssey

Wow, 428Mb for a demo? How long does it last?
Wow, 428Mb for a demo? How long does it last?

Yea that was the test demo I had forgot to click for testers only official demo will be released next week it the demo will have 3-4 hours of gameplay.

Eternal Odyssey

Your game description gives a definite "too long, didn't read" feel to it. You might want to try any or all of the following:

1) Start with a simple sentence that sums up the game and why the person looking at the page should play it. Ex: "Welcome to Name of Game, a thirty-hour story-driven RPG with complex characters and where your choices actually matter."

2) Paragraph breaks would definitely make for easier reading.

3) Bullet-points or lists work well for telling us the games features.

4) We don't necessarily need all this plot information going in. You might consider trimming it or putting it on its own page if you feel its absolutely necessary.

Hope that helps ^_^

Thanks alot


Pretty cool. I like the font.

Thanks I picked it out of like 40 fonts I kept changing the font till I found this one.


I knew this map looked familiar, you just used the one from Moghunter's Weather script demo. At least edit it so that it doesn't look identical if you're going to try using someone elses map as your own. :p

True but I just needed a small spot for a flash back I figured it would be ok.

Lethrface's Splash Screens

sicksinz what they are reporting is correct. I implemented your script into my game nothing but black screens so I went to an example project with no additional scripts and still the same error. I am extremely grateful for your hard work as I have been looking for a Logo script for a long time for Ace since converting my original project from VX to Ace.


Eternal Odyssey

This game as plenty of problems. I will write up a short review tomorrow.

Hey been a minute I just wanted to thank you for your painfully honest but helping review I've converted most of the game into VX Ace form a demo will be available soon but I want to make sure you are the first to test it. Can't wait till you see it

Eternal Odyssey Review

Most folks around here don't like it when you official ratings for demos.

Jesus! I really appreciate your review I will take this down asap and begin immediately reconstructing.

Eternal Odyssey

I keep getting this message everytime I try to run this game:

"RPGVX RTP is not found"

you need to install rpg maker vx on your computer