I am Marc, 47, a father of a beautiful daughter of 10, that loves playing RPG's.
My inspiration comes from the final fantasy series, but also legend of legaia, legend of dragoon, and many many more.
In my free time I make games, like RPG's. It's what I love the most.
Might not be the best creator, but I do put a lot of effort in it.
A Thief's Voyage
Linear 6-10 hour RPG




Not bad. Could use some flowers.

DutchPowerCreations plays A Thief's Voyage.

And the final part of the game:

DutchPowerCreations plays A Thief's Voyage.

And here is part 2.

A Thief's Voyage

The game is complete.

Spend some time fishing out the last few minor bugs, smallest details that needed tweaking,

and I'm very proud to say that it's done.

It's ready to be launched.

The date will be:

Thursday November 18th @17:00 hours CET on Itch.io

I'm so excited.

Hope to see you then.

Bloodstained Hands

This game looks really beautiful, the mapping is really well done. I love it.
The fighting....I miss the battle music to go with it.
Maybe this can be added to the game later?

Keep up this well polished game.



This is MV with 3D ?


I really like this. Well done.

A Thief's Voyage

Today the final Demo was released.
Game is about 90% finished.

Download it here.


I really like the concept of this game. Never seen it before.

A Thief's Voyage

Thank you for your playthrough of the beginning of the game.