I am Marc, 42, a father of a beautiful daughter of 6, that loves playing RPG's.
My inspiration comes from the final fantasy series, but also legend of legaia, legend of dragoon, and many many more.
I work for Profcore in the netherlands.
Echo of the Universe
Nice fun fast RPG



Scorpion Squad Review

Thanks for the review, but I didn't leave. Currently working on my best project ever.
This time it will be not a demo, but a full game.

Thumbs up!!

Judgement Titans Episode 1

Good luck with that. hope it will work out even better :)


Looks like some kind of portal room. I could be mistaken ofcourse.


Atleast there is a place where you can get beer. :)


Thumb's up !! Looking really good.


Beautiful !!


This is very nicely done :)

Echo of the Universe

Hey djbearo,

Yes, I cancelled this one, cause it was on the shelf for so long.
I did take the best, and only the best over to my new story.
This time even got an ending of the story.
It will be done in about a month or 2 snd will contain the full story.


MF STAT - Humrush

Makes me happy reading a post like this. We're not alone in our fantasy worlds!!


Very nice mapping !!