I Newb to ....

but trying to fit in? lol 8)

;) from ohio. 21yrs old. interested in this type of things. gunna work my way into college. ill turn 23 when im in college (imma feel outta place, really outta place haha) umm im tryin my best to learn about VX. i really wanna learn it just been watching movies... and ill try and post pics here to hopefully they work? lol
now ya know a tiny bit bout me. got any ?'s im an honet guy, ask away...

and heres my life style.... if ppl havent or was able to guess... lol

VX Tutorials??

Is there a palce to where i can find any tutorials for VX?? All i seem to find is the r2k3 ones or what not.. ??? ??? ??? ??? ???

rpg maker VX

Anyone know if VX Can be make mmorpg's ??? just curious. i know of a few friends who plays a txt based game and i wanna see if i can make a mmorpg myself. thanks to all who reply.

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