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Like design of this heroine?

So we're working on a sci-fi metroidvania game. Here's the current design for our heroine Athena, who is a "Combat Coder". I'm kinda on the fence about this design, so I'm asking for opinions from you guys. What do you think? Do you like it? Do we need to have her redesigned?

Help with name for Valkyrie game.

I'm making a valkyrie game with working title of Valkyrie Tower. I hate that name and need a much better name. I also have two other ideas "Valkyrie Rising" and "Valkyrie Ascension". Not too happy with those either.

So. Any ideas appreciated. If your idea is used you will be credited under Special Thanks and get a free copy of the game. Only these few simple restrictions:

1. The name must have the word "Valkyrie" in it somewhere.
2. It could be short or long. e.g. "Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume" is fine.

Game Summary:
An action game where you play one of five valkyries fighting waves of enemies in an arena. Sometimes the Asgard gods show up to you give you boons.

What do you like or dislike about RM Horror games?

So I'm working on a horror game but am writer blocked. So I was wondering what you guys like about the RM horror games such as IB, Corpse Party, or Pocket Mirror? It'll give me some inspiration on how next to proceed.

Are you looking for a scare? Just like the puzzles? Or maybe you just like the story?

Free mobile RPG for testers!

<Commercial games are not allowed> rule, uh I understand this applies to the game forum and not this one? Anyway, we're just looking for beta testers and testers get to play for free.

I'm a huge RPG Maker fan turned iOS developer. I must say a lot of what you learn in RPG Maker can be applied to development in other languages. So RPG Maker's are great!

A couple of friends and I recently finished a classic "4 heroes save world" RPG for the iPhone or iPad, which is like a short version of Final Fantasy. I am just talking about the play style, it has nothing to do storywise with the Final Fantasy universe.

It's called Tales of Sorceria: The Mad Doctor, and info about it can be found here:


You will notice the familiar chipsets and yup, you guessed it they are done by the famous RPG Maker artist Richard Janes, AKA Inquisitor from RPG Palace. The game should be approved by Apple within a week if everything goes well. We are looking for testers. All you have to do is beat the game (est. 10-15 hours), answer a few questions on our questionnaire, and give us some suggestions. We give you a promo code so you can download the game for free. We only have about 20 codes so please don't apply if you're not really gonna go through with it.

If interested please leave post here or better yet send a mail to wmrpg.cs@gmail.com and you're all set!
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