Mapping Standards and Commercial Games

I just had a game denied for submission because of the maps. Apparently the maps are messy...well what kind of attic isn't messy? Do you want my attic to be clean and tidy before I can submit it? -_- Then the other two are pretty empty, and I still get denied for a messy map. I'm pretty peeved.

Generator Issue?

Thank you. :D

Generator Issue?

So I used a character generator, and that worked great, but when I imported it to VX I couldn't select the whole move set for the character, it only gave me a very small slice. Any way to make it pick the whole damn thing?

Sprite Request?

Does anyone know where I can get a monster sprite for VX of a rat with three heads? Like can anyone make one? Or will I have to do it by myself? Can I draw it or will it look totally weird compared to the rest of the game? Too many questions. D: It's the boss of the Marble Forest so it's gotta be pretty BA looking.


That sounds pretty cool, but can you just kill the ally? Or does he heal himself along with the boss?


I know it's empty, but I'll add some crooks and nannies later. :P


The words "YOU OPEN THE CHEST AND!!!!!!!" go before this sad little phrase. ;)


Imagine a really loud piano going DDDUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNN! and causing trees to combust. Oh yeah. It happened. XD

A Game Drive Of Sorts

I'd love to do it. I'm pretty noobish though.

What are you working on now?

Working on the very first boss of my new game. Fun to get things started. :D