Generator Issue?

So I used a character generator, and that worked great, but when I imported it to VX I couldn't select the whole move set for the character, it only gave me a very small slice. Any way to make it pick the whole damn thing?

Sprite Request?

Does anyone know where I can get a monster sprite for VX of a rat with three heads? Like can anyone make one? Or will I have to do it by myself? Can I draw it or will it look totally weird compared to the rest of the game? Too many questions. D: It's the boss of the Marble Forest so it's gotta be pretty BA looking.



Basically this is the second time I have gotten Unexpected File Format. Last time I got it no one really cared enough to give me a detailed way to fix it. I am using VX by the way. So this is how it goes down, I open the game and it says unexpected file format. I don't have any backup files :'( mainly because I don't know how to make them. And know I really need someone to play Jesus and save me from this terror! Thanks in advance.

Swimmingly my dear Watson

I'm using VX and I was wondering how can I make it look like someone is swimming instead of just walking on water like jesus. If swimming is really hard what about wading? thanks guys!

Easy Monster Making

What is an easy way to make a monster in battle? Like a battle graphic monster, you know? Thanks in advance.

EDIT: oh crap this should be in help and request shouldn't it? Someone move it!!


In RPG Maker XP the event could be on a sign and the character could access it in the game.
In VX the event has to be near the sign....and this makes it so the character doesn't have to be facing the sign to use it...Is there any way to make it so they have to be facing the right way to read a sign or open a door or any other thing like that in VX!


Umm...so I tryed to open my game today...and it is said "Unexpected File Format" and wouldn't let me open it...anyone got something to help me with? I tryed Yahoo search to find out what was wrong but it didn't help me at all.... ???

So, What are Misaos?

Are they just street cred cause I really don't get them...
crap...I tryed to put this in general discussion but put it in here on accident! Sorry!

Jumping over things

I am trying to make it so I can walk through an event that is following me. How do I do this? I am using VX.


Hey i am new! I have only played a couple of rpg's and have always been interested in them but i have hardly ever played them, but i have to say rpg maker is genius!! I love it all ready even though i have only dabbled for 30 days. I am a nintendo fan and love anything random ;D
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