im a proud old school pagan i love nature and ive been a practitioner for 22 yrs now and love rpg games im working with the vx ace rpg builder and 2003 builder as well as xp rpg builder and vx ace lite i was in the navy from 1990 to 93 communications and electronics i love to be creative in both games and helping others im glad to be a part of rmn



BlueSkies 2

hi there i installed this game i run win 7 runs great awesome game the only problem im having is that i cant go full screen probably something simple but was wondering if you could tell me what setting to run all others i can run full screen like vx and vx ace and 2000 and 2003 just not xp ?

MageQuest 2: The Lost Voyage (Version 1.8)

hi there great awesome game only problem i had is cant open alex2 i went into charset and backdrop i seen alex3 and other there is there a alex 2 i can paste in ps let me know but so far thats the only problem i see in this game coming out of the forest im to are working on agame haarp of destruction hoping to have a demo up in 2017

Iron Gaia

You need the RM2K/3 font patch. You can get that here:

aw cool thanks i was just thinkin of that thank you tried it fixed the problem runs nice now

Iron Gaia

dll missing and vehickle file missing same with another game out here missing files wanted to try out a few good rpg games but seems gamejolt has less missing files on there site but being different rpg games over on this affillate site didnt know you need a different version of rtp or dll file to play cause i got alot of 2000 rmk games to run no problem i got heroes realm i copie and pasted a harmony dll into folder but did not work like most of the others i come across with the 2000 harmony dll did not fix these ones today vehickle file was the other missing one image gif or what missing ? having same issues with both games hopefully you can tell me the right version of dll perhaps if there is a different harmony file warm regards i like the story line id love to play and rate your game things do happen on missing dll and vehickle image or something

be back later on trying to upload my first game and its having issues with up load rar file

im new at this trying to get the basics down i have one complete game crystalos of mana and want to make my main game number 2 s haarp of destruction on weather control and portals being opened up as a result with a final fantasy type twist and a goverment crashed ecomony kind of were our world is kind of headed to lol

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

so far this final fantasy runs good in fact best one i seen on here with out missing files vx ace is a awesome rpg engine to work with i to am working on a rpg named haarp of destruction with vx ace it to will have a final fantasy type of play hope to have a demo up by september

Final Fantasy: Endless Nova

good luck everyone playing this game i did get it to work but only for a short time harmony dll is one thing you need right off the bat to get it to load then you need a earth png file image i tried in the amanations area and no such luck i had great success with all other rpg games on here but the final fantasy games give me so much trouble i think the earth png is the main one i need straightned out asside of the missing harmony dll cause it didnt work at the start of the game i got all of the rtp have a good day out there

i should have a demo up on a rpg im building called haarp of destruction by aug or september

that boxer is awesome facial expression thats cool

i should have a demo up on a rpg im building called haarp of destruction by aug or september

its been a cover up there still running it up in alaska as missle defense and also with chemtrails to react with the elf waves at 30 billion gigawatts we all havent had any winter very much since then or any thunderstorms we get a blue hole that opens up over altoona pa as its sheered off they also got one near pa up in ontario canada it wipes our net out when they crank up

i should have a demo up on a rpg im building called haarp of destruction by aug or september

yes but with a final fantasy twist and weather control opening up door ways to other deminsions and lots of demons and very crazy climate change weather affects some science reality mixed into the game but the climate and people get possesed and out of control
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